What Type Of Blogger Are You?


This is admittedly a product of my boredom, although I did invest much time and thought into this post. I’ve also been wondering for a long time– what are the different types of bloggers we encounter on a day to day basis? Have you given much thought on what type of blogger you are? We vary in terms of our content and interests, and so do our blogs, where our personalities shine through.

As such, I made a quiz of sorts for you guys to figure out where you belong! There are 5 statements for each, and you can score yourselves based on how many per header you can relate to. Afterwards, you can tell me how you’ve figured!


1. Your archive is your best friend.

2. You review every single book you read, immediately after you’ve read them.

3. You organize your thoughts and divide you reviews into sub categories.

4. You fangirl or fanboy while simultaneously critiquing. You regret nothing.

5. Your rating system is intricate and detailed.


1. You participate in Stacking The Shelves, or other memes of a similar variety.

2. You never walk out of a book store empty handed.

3. You ignore the cries of your wallet, and never miss out on Book Sales.

4. Your book hauls generate the most views because they are To. Die. For.

5. You were out shopping for books on Amazon, Fullybooked (et cetera, et cetera, you’re everywhere). And just like, five seconds ago.


1. Your discussion posts are your babies.

2. You always seem to have something important and deep-seated to say.

3. You leave mini-essays on comment boxes.

4. You love initiating meaningful conversation with people from around the blogosphere.

5. You consider yourself immensely opinionated and you love to engage in friendly debate.


1. You’ve attended every single bookish event the world (or your country, at least) has to offer.

2. You’ve taken photos with numerous authors, at least without passing out, completely starstruck.

3. You collect swag and signed copies of books.

4. You are perpetually on Twitter.

5. You reply to your comments, and return visit if you can help it.


1. You host giveaways once in a while.

2. You never try to rectify statements you disagree with.

3. You don’t comment on negative reviews of books you like, or positive reviews of books you found disgusting.

4. You plaster a smile onto your face during blogger forums or meetups.

5. You live for the advancement of society.



Where do I fit in?

The Reviewer: 4/5

The Collector: 1/5

The Philosopher: 5/5

The Socialite: 2/5

The Nice Guy: 2/5

I guess it’s safe to say, I’m both a Reviewer and a Philosopher! I’m pretty cool with that 😉


Now it’s your turn! What type of blogger are you? Are you a combination of two or more like I am? Do you think there are other blogger types I may have missed? Comment, and  make my day! (And share your results with me, too!)