Book Badges

All Original

alloriginalfor books with the most unique plot

Author Auto – Approved

autoapprovefor amazing books of authors whose works I’ve only read once

Character Love

character love

for books with the best characters

Deceiving Blurb


for books with blurbs that may be way better or way worse than the actual content

Hilarity Award


for books that crack me up

I Heart Romance


for books with the most heartfelt, romantic scenes

King Of Boring


for forgettable books that move at turtle pace

Like The Titanic


for books that make you cry a waterfall

Not Shockproof


for page-turner books that give you suspense and action

Plus For Poetry


for books with quotable quotes and eloquent writing

Recommended Read


for books I’d like everyone else to try

Red Alert


for horrible books I’d like everyone else to steer clear of

Relentless Villainy


for books with the best antagonists

Swoon Worthy


for books featuring love interests that melt you into sludge

4 thoughts on “Book Badges

  1. I love these badges! They are very unique and cute. I’m guessing you spent some time on PicMonkey!
    You are a creativity machine! ^.^

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