Asking The Blogosphere (Episode 3): On Breaking Free, Falling In Love, And Favorite Fictional Love Interests


This is a new feature I came up with, because lately, I’ve had a problem filling in my Wednesdays with relevant posts. It’s a discussion post of sorts, that revolves around books and your life outside of it. At the end of each segment, I ask you guys a few questions, ones you’re free to answer of course!


On Breaking Free and Junior-Senior Prom

Almost two weeks ago, my school held the annual Junior-Senior Promenade at Crowne Plaza Ortigas, organized and sponsored by the Batch 2015 Junior Students and Parent Teacher Association. And in spite of the fact that I wasn’t even half as frantic and eager this time as compared to the first, the event itself was, beyond the shadow of a doubt, one hell of a night to remember.

Because come on you guys, it’s cause for celebration! We had cocktails, and barbecue, and piles of delectable, and not to mention free food, and there are photo booths purveying and catering to vanity (and we love that, because how many times a year can one even dabble in guiltless ostentation?) plus a massive, open dance floor, and let me just tell you, I’m a completely different person dancing to the beat of heavy music—I can assure you major-ass flailage (credits to Nara for coining the term!)

But the thing is, I’ve never really been the type of girl to party—at least not until the recent years. I’ve always culled to standing in the shadows of the limelight, never reaching out. As a kid, my life revolved around anime and school, and I never really made friends out of my small, eight-person circle, and honestly, I would have become an outcast had I not driven myself to popularity joining all sorts of contests and quiz bees. So I guess you could say that people looked up to me, but I never once felt that I ever really had a friend.

And I guess that’s why when I stepped into the jungle they fondly call high school, I decided to embrace the comfort that books could offer—whenever I read, I was detached and in traveling light, but I was never solitary, desolate, alone. I enjoyed the company of all sorts of fictional characters, and it was as if I existed in some universe between mine and theirs, where I could meet and interact with these people born from ink on those pages I so lovingly held pressed in between my fingers.

And for a time I was happy. Hell, I even made a blog to have something to show for it!

But I guess at one point I realized that I couldn’t keep on holding myself in abeyance within the confines of my shell– I wanted to fracture the perimeter of my hypothetical limit. So somewhere along the way, I learned to break free from reticence and inhibition, and that’s one of the most important things in life that I will forever be grateful to high school for. I’m graduating in less than two months, so you can hardly blame me for all this drama, but really. Reality has never felt this liberating.

So back to prom and how I shamelessly raised the roof at one point by then: well needless to say, I made the most out of the occasion. I decided to enter the venue in style, and while I give no credence to mastering a runway walk swanky enough, mine along the red carpet was worth it. And lookie! I found a good shot with a friend to show for it.

pic1Congrats for figuring out which one I am!

And then after the program, my friends and I decided to utilize the photo booths (though it took us approximately ten million years to reach the end of the line), and were even honored with guest appearances by our Prom King and Queen. I was capital S Starstruck, gotta admit.

pic2I’m obviously the prettiest one (lawl)

Hahaha I kidd, both of them are my close friends (and I’m proud to call myself their legitimate matchmaker).

And then of course, who can forget the heavy dancing, and hands in the air, everyone singing along to the earsplitting music (not even caring that our voices sounded like nails screeching against an uneven concrete wall), and it was tons and tons and tons of fun.

pic3With my fourth year buddies! 🙂

And then of course I realized my feet were bleeding (don’t worry, this is a metaphor), and I was getting a little lethargic, so I made my way to the lobby and paused to wait for my parents to arrive. So like I said, overall it was a night of reverie. Just another item to add to the overflowing list of items to cry over when all is said and done.

Have you ever felt that way? Like you want to leave high school and grow up, but not really, at the same time? It happens to me constantly, and it’s getting really confusing. But I’ll figure that out sooner or later. I have another formal event to attend on March the 28th (the Graduation Ball!) and because I’m extra excited for that, I’ll show you the inspiration for my dress, a Jovani ballgown number (I love their designs):


Of course, I had mine embellished, because I can’t hope to wear another tube top without worrying about it accidentally falling off, but I hope it looks amazing once I get to see the finished product.


On Falling In Love

Meanwhile, let’s forward track to the present day: here I am, eating from a bowl of double coated Tim Tams (they’re heaven on earth, I super swear), cramming my Physics concept notes, my head spinning and my heart recovering from having recently read Tahereh Mafi’s Ignite Me.

AND MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS WAS IT FANTABULOUS. You don’t need a genius to figure out how much I loved that book. And GUUUURL does Mafi know how to turn your engines up with those sexy times! No seriously, I can’t even count how many times Warner just Dave Franco’ed in my head like,


I know you want a good taste 

Which of course meant that


But I’m not going to spoil the rest of my review today, so I’m going to take a different approach for the time being. In fact, I’m going to start with a question that had me at a loss for good minute or two as I read through the book:

Do I know what it feels like to truly love someone? Have I ever been in love?


Beats me.

Well the answer I currently have to both is neither. I’m not exactly into delineating terms that lead to trite remarks, but I just couldn’t stop thinking that because I’m around Juliette’s age, if only a year younger, I should be asking myself the same questions that have been gyrating through her head.

I mean, I’ve been in a relationship (or two, or three), but they were never official and were nothing like sparks flying and hearts intertwining and feeling as if nothing will ever be the same again in dearth of my better half. And that’s why in a sense, I’ve always been a little jaundiced by the heroines in books, because they’ve experienced a love so pure and infernal, and have loved without stopping to think twice about having meant it. So I guess I can never surmise a definition unless I’ve felt love in non-platonic tenor, and if you ask me about ever having been in love, I guess the definite answer to that is one big fat no.

But I still have my whole life ahead of me, so the thought is probably a little too premature, haha.


On Love Interests In Fiction

And of course that got me thinking.

Why does it seem like a paltry endeavor for a fictional character to find the perfect guy? And no matter how Plain Jane these heroines are, in terms of appearance and personality alike, why do these guys succumb to attraction and fall head over heels in love with them?

Well I guess the answer to that is pretty simple. They were written to fulfill the fantasies of a predominantly teenage audience. In reality however, none of us are lost princesses, or superheroes, or average girls with cryptic and esoteric powers, so of course it’s hard to come by something that exciting.

As for me however, I choose to remain content with my collection of book boyfriends, and just because I’m feeling generous, let me share with you my favorite of the bunch at the moment:






If you can button down the character by virtue of his features and quotes, well then, congratulations! Feel free to fangirl at your leisure. (Well, Hunter Parrish is a dirty shade of blonde, and he doesn’t have naturally green eyes, but he is the face of every Warner on Tumblr, and honestly, I’m pretty happy about that!)

But now it’s time for you to take the stage and tell me all about your opinions on the matters I just presented!


What are your thoughts on prom? Are you ever excited for it? How did it feel, if you’ve ever experienced it? What is love, and do you think that you’ve ever fallen in love? Who are some of your favorite book boyfriends? And who would you cast for Warner if they turned the Shatter Me trilogy into movies?

And that’s it for this feature! If you want to share your own answers, please do! Leave a comment and make my day 🙂


26 thoughts on “Asking The Blogosphere (Episode 3): On Breaking Free, Falling In Love, And Favorite Fictional Love Interests

  1. EEEP! You are so pretty! *.* I’m so glad you had fun and made memories that could go a long way! 😀 We don’t have prom (you know that! XD) but Farewell is fun. We dress up and walk the ramp and its next year so I’ll be excited then! 😀

    Yeah, up until recently, I was always in the shadow and I think blogging really helped me to gain confidence and just go out into the world. We are so similar! 😮 I used to rely on books too and never had a particular friend. I was happy and then I made the SAME realization as you did and opened up more. Found friends. And I guess I am glad to have both worlds now.

    Ooh! I can’t wait to see you in your Graduation Ball dress! It’ll definitely look good with the shoulders!

    Haha, I can relate to your thoughts on romantic life as well! I haven’t had a single relationship of that sort. I don’t think anyone has ever shown any such affection towards me.(I might be just oblivious about them too) Don’t get me wrong: it isn’t pitiful. I don’t think it is a priority in my head. I always think it’ll happen when it does. Till then, I have so much more to do! :p

    Yeah, Shatter Me isn’t giving me a good impression of Warner. I hate him. I’m really trying to see the good parts Julliet tries to but.. 😦
    *gasp* I LOVE DAVE FRANCO! ❤ You can't make me like Warner through him! 😮

    I shall now always go crazy…. I mean um, like Hunter Parrish ❤ *goes off to google him*

    • HAHA awww well I’m glad you think I’m pretty! XD I can’t say the same for myself, but at least someone thinks so 😀 AND I EXPECT PICTURES OF FAREWELL! Let me just go ahead and declare that now, haha! I hope it’s awesome for you as prom was for me, Lillian! 🙂 Aww I am so glad to hear that you’ve begun to open up more like I have 😀 Yup we’re similar aren’t we? Haha! It feels nice to be more confident and have more friends, definitely! 🙂 High school has been a blast. And yeah I hope the dress looks okay :O Haha Dave Franco should have wooooorked XD

      ….okay, ain’t stopping by from googling Hunter ❤

  2. I got a mention! *fistpumps*
    I definitely get what you mean about the high school dilemma. I mean, I’m at uni right now, but back when I was at high school, it was exciting to finally be able to go into uni and “grow up” but at the same time it was like leaving the safety of the nest, so to speak. Scary stuff.

    In Australia (or in Adelaide, at least), we don’t actually have “proms”, we call them “formals” instead and there’s not really that much dancing. Like, it’s basically an event where you stand around in lines waiting to take photos and have dinner and stuff. It’s really more the afterparty that people like (and not being much of a party animal, I usually go home after the actual formal and don’t go to the afterparty #antisocial haha). We don’t have prom king/queen either.

    You know, I can never answer these “casting” questions. I’m not a very visual reader, so it’s kind of hard for me to picture characters and scenes in my head. I also don’t really know that many young actors lol so it’s like :/

    • HAHA yeah you did XD *fistpumps back*
      Yeah it’s definitely a little scary to think about what the future may hold, but I’m almost there so I hope it will be fun! And ooooh I see, I think formals are your version of prom (but I think they have prom elsewhere in Australia. Chiara attended hers!) but I dunno, I’m not an afterparty type of girl XD People might get tipsy and stuff by then, so I’d really rather not, haha! But but…. Prom king/queen is something of the best part D: Oh well. I think it’s fine that you can’t think of anyone for Warner. I still believe Hunter Parrish is the perfect one though 😀

  3. We don’t have prom where I live (Belgium) but it seems like fun! I’m glad you had a good time.

    I’ve never fallen in love but what I feel for some fictional characters gets really close to that haha. I still have to read Ignite Me (next month hopefully) but I’m super excited for Warner! I haven’t thought about who I would cast as him though.

    • Yes it WAS fun! I wish you could experience it D: I hope you do experience something similar though! And yeah, I think it’s easier for me to fall for fictional characters, haha! And I look forward to you completely loving Ignite Me :>

  4. We don’t have proms, but we did had high school dances where we had to dress up pretty. You looked gorgeous and I’m so glad that you had an awesome time. I’m proud that you broke free, because I still struggle with it myself. I know for sure that I’ve ever fallen in love, because I’m still feeling it 🙂 How it feels.. It’s like, you always want to be together with that person and when you’re not, you’re thinking about them. When you are together with that someone, you feel complete and it’s like the whole world only consist of you two. My favorite bookish boyfriends, that’s tough. I really like Duval, Sturmhond, Chaol, Hector, Beast, Valek, and I can go on for a while, haha.

    • Oh I think our prom is much the same thing 🙂 and thank you! I’m glad to have enjoyed too 😀 And it’s quite alright, I’m pretty sure that blogging has helped you reach out even in someway because I think you are super awesome for being so friendly and amazing ❤ Awww well I only hope for the best for you and your boyfriend ❤ I hope I can feel the same things you have again, because it sure was liberating the first time, haha! And YAAAAY thank you for sharing those 😀


    AHHH I haven’t read Shatter Me but I will definitely start it this year! Maybe in a month or so when I’ve finished Cinder and Daughter of Smoke and Bone 😉

    Stay awesome, Jasmine! 😀

    • WHAT O_O Seriously half of my comment got deleted somehow.

      Okat sooooo I said:

      We don’t have prom here in Indonesia but WHAT A GORGEOUS DRESS!! I’m sooo glad that you had a great time! I think we’re almost the same — I used to be so quiet back then. But ever since I entered high school, I’ve become more open and in fact, I think I’m more talkative now LOL!! Starting a blog has definitely increased my confidence cause I feel accepted. Plus, my friends at school have a completely different taste from mine >:

      • AWWWW D: Well at least you somehow retyped it YAYYY! I ❤ you for that 🙂 Anyway, I think it's a little sad that a lot of places don't have prom D: But yeah thank you, I did have a blast 🙂 And I'm glad that you've become more open too! I'm fine with anyone talkative, cause they're the most interesting to talk to 🙂 And I really do think starting a blog helps on that front! I've met a lot of amazing people online from mine, people like you! 😀 And yeah, my friends don't really dig YA either 😦

    • Thank youuuuu! 🙂 You MUST read Shatter Me! I can almost guarantee that it will rock your world. and OOOH finish those series first though. Both are also real good 😀 Stay awesome too Kezia!

  6. You look so pretty! I didn’t go to both of my proms so I missed out on the getting dressed up part, I suppose. Ah, well.

    When I was in high school, I couldn’t wait to get to college and be “free” but I think now that I’m where I wanted to be all those years ago, I miss parts of high school. I don’t think I’d want to go back and relive those years though, hahaha. I’m glad that you’re having fun and have fun while you can! 🙂

    In terms of love, I don’t think I’ve ever been “in love” and I’m similar to you in the way that I’ve never really felt the love that are written so ardently about in books. Life is long so we’ll see. ^^

    Looking forward to seeing pictures of you in your graduation dress!

    • Awww thank you ❤ And why did you miss out? 😦 Oh well, that's in the past though so I guess we should move on, but I hope there are other opportunities for you to get dressed up! Planning an outfit is loads of fun (at least for me) especially when you get to see the finished product 😀 I think I'm gonna miss high school quite a bit too! Never been the smoothest ride, since there are tons of stuff to do, but it's been fun 🙂 I hope to have more fun through the years too, and the same goes for you, of course 😀 I guess we'll just have to see about love then, haha! I have much ahead of me. Thanks for stopping by!! And yes, I shall post pictures of my grad ball dress ❤

  7. ❤ this post!

    I'm still in middle school so there's isn't prom. I've got grad at the end of the year. For me, I have huge insecurity issues with wearing a dress because I'm not like…skinny. I don't want to be scrutinized and I bet all of my friends don't even have this problem, lol.

    I'm probably going to go nuts during Grad because that's kind of who I am, lol.

    But I loved how you added books into the post even though it was more about RL.

    • Well I’m glad that you like it ❤ Oooh you still have a lot ahead of you! I think you're just a year younger than I am though, so you have longer to wait for high school prom, but it's tons of fun so you can look forward to it! And that's okay, I get why'd you be insecure, but I see a lot of my not so skinny friends totally rocking their dresses! You can always have one custom fit anyway, or like with sleeves if you have arm issues 😀 They're all very pretty during prom~ Yeah, I might go nuts for Grad too D: And well we have to make it book relevant! XD

  8. “And that’s why in a sense, I’ve always been a little jaundiced by the heroines in books” THIS. No worries, I’m around your age and think about this all the time. I haven’t been in love either, and I feel like books/shows/movies have all ruined men for me xD I always think “No real person can live up to ‘so and so'” Le sigh. Glad you had fun at prom! I know what you mean about the photobooths-THE LINE. SO LONG.

    • HAHA yeah fiction can get very… fictional, sometimes XD I don’t think my image of men is ruined, but I do think it would be ten times harder to find the perfect guy now that my standards are high HAHAHA. Well anyway, I’m glad I had fun too! The photobooths were totally worth it 😀

  9. OH MY GOD JASMINE WHO IS THAT LOVELY MAN HE IS THE PERFECT WARNER *smooshes face against laptop screen* I need one. And wasn’t Ignite Me just flawless?! I can’t stop thinking about it. I seriously need a re-read of the entire series.

  10. You and your friend both looked beautiful and like you had a lot of fun on your prom night! I was staunchly in the “prom is lame” camp for a long time, but changed my mind towards the end of my junior year, and didn’t attend that year but got to go to prom twice the next year since my boyfriend (aka my now husband) and I went to different high schools, and it was fun! Senior year can be fun in so many ways and it’s a little bittersweet to see it all end, but there’s so much ahead too!

    Ah, love… So first off, as someone who did fall in love early, I’m still going to say most people don’t. YA books portray young love all the time, but it’s really pretty rare. And while passionate love is exciting, I believe that you know you’re really in love when the excitement has settled and you and the person are true companions, and what they want is more important to you than what you want. Hope that makes sense. But yes, you have plenty of time to find love, so don’t worry about it! 🙂

    • Oh thank you, Amy! 🙂 Yes, it was definitely tons of fun for me 😀 And I STILL find it so cool that your high school sweetheart is your husband! I used to think maybe the same could happen to me, but I’ve realized that I’m still too fickle minded for something like that XD I know that senior year will be bittersweet when it ends, and I can actually see myself crying over missing classmates and all that, but I definitely look forward to whatever it is that college may bring 🙂 And yes that made sense! THANK YOU for explaining it to me like that– I think it makes sense to want whatever is best for someone you love even if it means a sacrifice on your part. And no worries, I’m not exactly worrying yet XD And thanks for stopping by Amy! ❤

  11. Okay, that is a really hot guy for Warner. Like, hot guy alert. *fans self*

    Branching out has never really been my thing. I don’t think I’ll ever be fully comfortable with my classmates, And you know trees. They branch out, some branches will have to be torn down, and as an introvert, I want to avoid that at all cost.

    And ooh, prom! My school’s absolutely anal, so I don’t have prom. And that Jovani dress, whatever it is, looks wonderful. Like, I love how in between the beads, there’s still cloth. It kind of reminds of those kiddie fake plastic crowns made of beads, only not kiddie.

    But moving on to the very important question. ARE YOU THE ONE IN THE BLACK OR WHITE DRESS? I don’t know at all. I’m assuming you’re the black one because she’s the one shorter than the white one, but I don’t know at all, because all I know is that you mentioned you were short. And this is really important for me to know BECAUSE IT’S ABOUT TIME WE MEET IN SOME EVENT. And I want it to be perfect.

    • HAHAHA then go Google Hunter Parrish! He is definitely worth the search effort, hahaha! He’s always been Warner in my head XD

      Oh I see! I think there’s nothing we can do if you’re an introvert, because I do think I have my tendencies too (after all, I like to lock myself up in my room every weekend to read) but making friends is a lot of fun! I hope blogging has helped you make lots of friends, too 🙂 Oh I’m glad you love how the gown looks! ❤ YAY for approval 😀 But WHYYYY no prom?! 😦 It's the night of a lifetime, so it's important to me XD Maybe in the future you can attend one or two (or who knows, you might get invited soon) and then you can show me your dress too, if ever, haha! And yeah we WILL meet soon (I'm going to the signing this April), and I want it to be perfect too! 🙂 I'm the one in black 😀

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