The Standalone-Contemporary Challenge + Other 2014 Challenges


As you may have already known, I am receptive to the fact that it’s the first month of the year (because it says so on my calendar, and I just celebrated the New Year like, 4 days ago and because I’m not stupid, why did I even have to tell you that), so I guess now is the time for me to share with you the various Reading Challenges I endure to partake in, also in the hopes that I may prevail upon you to join me!

Nonetheless, the thing is  that I’m incredibly lackadaisical in terms of facing up to challenges. I don’t have a contingency plan at hand for every obstruction and vicissitude, and honestly, reading challenges frighten me. For one thing, it’s ancillary pressure, and for another, it’s ostensible failure. So I’ve asked myself this question one too many times: ‘Why even bother?’ And that persistent doubt is one of the reasons why I’ve never deigned until this year to try.

Be that as it may, I’m determined to transmogrify 2014 into a year of firsts, and by happy chance, that mindset agrees with my activity for the past three days– I hosted my first set of giveaways, I cooked my first full meal, I watched my first local movie (without protest), and I read my first Adult book (by J.K. Rowling though, so I’m probably cheating with the crossover appeal). And I guess that somewhere along the lines, I must have thought to myself, now would be the perfect time to add to that list of firsts by participating in my first set of Reading Challenges!

But then you inquire, what about pressure? What about failure? The answer to that is (jocosely enough): why even bother? Because you shouldn’t. That is to say, you shouldn’t let the possibility of defeat bother you, because a good challenge pressures you into favorable things, such as the drive and the motivation to keep blogging on, and more importantly, reading on. Additionally, a challenge is healthy once in a while, because life is never as breathtaking without a bumpy ride, and these challenges, as per what I am hoping for, may prove the perfect opportunity for dent in the road, or two.

So what’s it gonna be for me this year?


The Goodreads 2014 Reading Challenge

Pretty much everyone is into this, and I want to be a part of that. I know that I may be setting myself up for downthrow, because I’m aiming towards a three-digit count, but I did get to a hundred last year, so why shouldn’t I this time around? It’s shipshape to give myself  a solid desideratum, because at least now I know how many books I should be reading each week (which is around two, so that’s pretty realistic).

2014 Series Challenge


This is Octavia‘s second ingenious idea for the new year, so kudos to her for being such a creative thinker! The best part is that she’s given us a goal in stages, so to speak, which come in the form of badges, and for this year I’m aiming for the most prominent in  selection, the Platinum badge, which merits me the right to claim having finished a minimum of 12 series (at least until the latest title, if the series ends during a later year). In addition, people may sign up for the challenge and become eligible for entry into a badge-specific giveaway. The main objective, however, is to have fun, and I do give credence to Octavia for an awesomazing job in terms of setting us afoot and giving us incentive. So thank you, Octavia!  In case you were curious, these are the series I hope to finish:


If you have other series to suggest, please don’t hesitate to tell me!

The Debut Author Challenge

If you’ve seen my previous post (and have read it, which of course I am wont to assume if you’ve seen it, haha), you must know that I am, as  a matter of fact, planning on the discovery of at least 50 new authors this year. And though I’m not reservedly informed of the mechanics, once the posts (over on Hobbitsies, if I’m not mistaken) are up, you can be sure to see me somewhere on there, and lurking!

The Standalone Contemporary Challenge


This is in truth, a challenge I’ve had in mind for about approximately 42 hours,  and one I have resolved to reach fruition. I’ve always been a loyal supporter to fantasy fiction, but because I have decided to open up to genres outside of my usual comfort zone, I’ve decided to make it a point to create my own challenge and share it with you: hence the Standalone Contemporary Challenge! Here are the mechanics:

1. The definition speaks for itself, but if you remain caught unawares, the books read for this challenge must be Contemporary YA/NA and must not be in series.

2. Anyone interested may sign up for this challenge, simply by commenting on this post (or on the challenge page once it is up!) and informing me that you are. Sign-ups are open until June 30th.

3. Sometime by the end of the year, I will host a giveaway for the participants. The winner will receive a set of books from my list of reads for this challenge, and the number of entries you earn will depend on the number of books read. The main goal for this challenge is 30 books (though you will earn entries for reading much less).

5. Entries will be verified with your link to a Goodreads shelf entitled ‘2014-Standalone-Contemporary-Challenge’ (or anything similar, for that matter). The books in this shelf must be given a rating and some feedback, even just in one sentence.

6. Participants are NOT required to enter into the giveaway. You may, of course, join in for the simple fun of it, because that’s what counts, after all!

7. This challenge is not meant to pressure you into reading more than you want to, so please read at your own pace and at your own discretion (because this genre just might not be for you). Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!



16 thoughts on “The Standalone-Contemporary Challenge + Other 2014 Challenges

  1. I’m also doing the Debut Author Challenge! This is more because I stalk all debuts on twitter and such! I’m not doing Octy’s because I’m really bad with serieses, but I wish you the best with all your challenges and hope that you totally succeed cos last year, I totally failed. LOL

  2. You give good advice when it comes to challenges.

    I also joined Octavia’s 2014 Series Challenge. The first series I started is the Grisha trilogy and I really, really enjoyed Shadow and Bone. You should definitely include it if you haven’t read it yet. And yes to Throne of Glass, Mara Dyer and Lunar Chronicles! =D

    I also plan to tackle Penryn & the End of Days, Shatter Me and Daughter of Smoke and Bone series this year!

    Also, DAC is being hosted by The Story Siren this year. I don’t think I’ll be joining because I’ll probably be reading more than just 12 debuts this year.

    Excited for Standalone Contemporary challenge, Jasmine! I’m a contemporary girl so I’m excited for this even though I hope to read more sci-fi and fantasy this year. So we’ll see how many I get to read.

    Good luck for all the challenges! =D

    • Oh I’ve read Shadow and Bone, but not any farther than that. I want to get to do so, though! Those are some amazing series Sana! And thanks for the heads up on who’s hosting 🙂 And I’m glad you’re excited for the challenge 😀 I hope all goes well for it too XD

  3. Except for Debut Author Challenge, I’m taking part in all of these 😀
    Yup, your challenge is amazing and I look forward to read many, many contemporaries this year! I love how creative your ideas are! 😀
    I’m aiming for 100 books as well this year! Good luck and let’s accomplish these challenges together! 😀

  4. Good luck with all your challenges. I was a sucker for challenges this year but think next year I will focus on reading what I want. I think I do better with the long term challenges such stage Around the World in 80 books challengeand Classics Club. I did signup for GoodrGoodness challenge too. Last year I beat my 52 book goal by one book. This year I hope to do 55 but I dream of getting through 100. I love finding new to me authors and good luck with hosting your own challenge! Hope you have a great year!!

  5. Failing is the reason why I don’t join year long challenges. I know for sure I’m not even going to reach my goal halfway, so why bother? That’s just me though. I like week-long or month-long challenges instead. I’m more serious about it, and I actually try, whereas year-long challenges, I procrastinate and I just push it aside. I hope you reach your goals! Happy reading. 🙂

  6. Woohoo! Contemporary Standalone Challenge! I read quite a few of those anyway, so I may as well sign up 😀
    Don’t know if I can get 30 though! That’s quite a lot!

  7. I joined Octavia’s challenge and I’m totally aiming for the platinum badge too! *high five* We have a lot of series in common but one of my top priorities that I have yet to start is Cinder. Getting a copy of that one as soon as I see it.

    I’m not joining the Debut Author Challenge but I’m joining two other challenges, namely the TBR Pile and the 2014 Standalone RC. Since I’m doing the latter and since I absolutely love contemporary, I’m def joining in on your challenge! Just a question- do the books included in the challenge necessarily have to be released in 2014 or do earlier books count?

    • *high fives* HAHA the highest of fives. Kinda reminds me of How I Met now, every time someone says it :)) and YES!! Knowing you, I think you’ll completely adore Cinder 🙂 Awww thanks for joining then! 😀 And no, the books can be previous releases. Maybe I should clarify 😀

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