Blogger Bites: When Is It Okay To Reread?


Here’s a modest divergence: I’ve never been the type to reread books.

Well at least, not until I realized that it wasn’t much of a profuse act, after all. I used to think that I’d have to go cavalier before I could welcome the practice, and I thought that because I had already previously acquired the general thought on the sequence of events, it would render reliving it (at least within the confines of my vivid imagination) a colossal misuse of my time. What was the point of reading towards a predictable conclusion, when I could be investing the same amount of time on reading something new and cutting-edge?

I know of a lot of bloggers doubtful of the benefits of rereading for much the same reasons. But of course, there are some things in life that overstep boundaries, which means that though there seems to be too inconsequential a point to rereading for one to invest in it, there also are certain reasons why in some cases, it helps.


Reread the book if it’s that good. There’s nothing wrong with indulging in something you’re into! If you think that a particular title deserves a reread, then don’t hold against yourself the opportunity to do so. In much the same way that some people have watched Titanic or Fight Club at least twenty times over the course of their lives, it’s alright to reread your favorite volume of Harry Potter or Percy Jackson if it genuinely interests you, and if such interest doesn’t decrease exponentially after each successive run through. You can watch it a hundred times over, in immediate succession, and you still adore it as much as you did the first time, so it’s still nothing to feel guilty about.


Otherwise, you’ve got a problem.

Reread the book if you want to give it a second chance. Maybe you just couldn’t appreciate it the first time around because you had such a hard time understanding the context, but now that you’re older, wiser, more mature, and under any other circumstance that involves change, maybe you’ll get it, and consequently, take a little more delight in it. Or maybe you couldn’t get into it the first time because you weren’t open to the genre and it was out of your comfort zone, but if you’ve embraced the genre and opened yourself up to new things, your opinion of the title might just be contradistinctive to the original assessment (not to mention better, if things are looking up for you).

Reread the book if you want to remember how it went. This is extremely beneficial in the case of books in series, because if you’re anything like me, then more often than not, you’re likely to forget the details from the antecedents. Likely, it will make you feel a just little more than


once you get to the books next in line, and rereading the previous titles will serve as an effective refresher course if it’s just in time for the release of the sequel. There’s nothing worse than coming into a book you’ve long since waited for all perplexed and out of your element, after all (well I can think of a few worse things, but you get the picture).

As for me, the one title I’m most likely to reread is Shatter Me, the first in the series with the same name, which is also half an excuse to read the sequel, Unravel Me, which of course, I’m looking forward to rereading due to the fact that it was an amazeballs read, but mostly because




But of course, there are also times during which a reread is not recommended, especially if you could be doing something more productive, or something less against your will.

Don’t reread a book you don’t want to, in the hopes that by some force of nature, you’ll like it better. Because nine times out of ten, you don’t, and once you realize that you’ve wasted time and effort on something you can never come to love, it’s obviously too late.

ohnoyoudidntI tried to tell you, friend.

Reread only the titles that you want to, whether or not you liked them the first time. There’s no 100% guarantee to liking it, and not just in terms of books, but at least it’s something you’re amenable to. Read something you think you’ll love, and unless you’re adventurous in the way that compels you to put up with a series or a book you’ve never had the taste for, try to focus on the books that won’t potentially disappoint you.

Don’t reread a book immediately before you see its movie. Because otherwise, you’re likely to be hyperaware of all the little details, and will come to notice most of the things the movie changed about the book, which to a reader can get offensive, and make you feel just like,

killOh no you didn’t.

 Try to watch a movie without a refresher, because then you’ll be able to see the bigger picture, instead of become unnecessarily critical of the anomalies and idiosyncrasies (because face it, we’re control freaks in that way. Remember the Percy Jackson movies? Yeah, I don’t want to either). I watched Catching Fire a few weeks prior at a block-screening-slash-charity-event hosted by my school. The movie did switch a lot of things up, and partly because I didn’t reread the book, I thought Sam Claflin the movie was smashing.

Don’t reread a book if you see a trend, and it involves a decrease in overall appreciation. This happens sometimes—you read a book for the first time, and think that you can’t live life to the fullest if you don’t read it more than once. And then you do a second time, and you start noticing all the loopholes, and the shortcomings, and the protagonist gets annoying, and suddenly, it’s not as good anymore. If this happens with every reread, don’t provoke yourself and do it again. Cut the book some slack, and unless by divine intervention, or some other form of instinct you think you’re doing the right thing by not giving it a break, I highly encourage you to do so.

And that’s it! Of course, different people will have different opinions on when to reread, and when not to, so it’s your turn: Do you think that rereading is a good thing? When is it a good thing, and when isn’t it? Disclose your thoughts and opinions in the comments below and let me know what you think! I’ll see you next time 🙂



41 thoughts on “Blogger Bites: When Is It Okay To Reread?

  1. I really wish I like to reread, but honestly, I have NEVER EVER reread a book in my entire life. I just feel like there are so many books out there that instead of re-reading a book, I’ll just read a new book. That’s why while reading a book, I make sure that I really know what’s going on and I understand everything so that I won’t forget. I have a good memory with my exact feels of the book… maybe that’s one of the reasons why I don’t re-read. I suck at memorizing character names though. 😦

  2. I love re-reading books 🙂 Sometimes it’s indeed for a second chance, but most of the times I just want to return to my favorite books. I’ve re-read HP countless times, the same with The book thief and The seven waters series. I’m actually planning on re-reading a complete series in 2014, just for fun 😀

    • Aww I’m glad that you do Mel! I think it’s GREAT that you read for the sake of returning to your favorites– I do that a lot too 😀 And ooh, I have to check that Seven Waters series out– never heard of it! And I definitely think it’s an awesome idea to go for rereading a complete series– just for fun sounds like lots of fun to me! 😀

  3. Before book blogging, I reread quite frequently. I love revisiting worlds and characters and relationships that I have loved dearly beforehand. But, I have not had one reread since book blogging. Mainly because of my mammoth TBR. There are books that authors have given me, books that publishers have given me, Net Galley books, and the books that I just want to read for the sake of reading. I think I would feel incredibly guilty if I reread a book I had already given time to over one of the books I mentioned before. Which is kind of sad, because reading shouldn’t feel like a job, or make me feel guilty. But that’s just the way I am. Sigh. Soon, though, I intend to finish all my review books, and then cut down on them a LOT. I want to read for me again. Of course, I will read author requests and publisher review copies if they look like something I would really enjoy – because they are the perks of book blogging – but I will enjoy my return to reading books when I want 😀

    • Oh, I totes understand that! 😀 I get that you have a mammoth TBR, because I have SEEN it (mammoth is RIGHT!) but I guess that unlike you, I haven’t opened myself up to review requests, so I don’t have much of an obligation. I usually ignore requests, because most have unappealing premises, and I usually go for self published authors, and as for publisher-sent books, most of them aren’t willing to send over to the Philippines, so I haven’t gotten any because I’ve never solicited 😀 I think it’s great though that you have the resolve to cut down on your review books and read for you again! It does feel like a heavy weight lifted off your shoulders, which was kinda like how it was after I quit messing with NetGalley XD But of course we must read requests we accept too! But I do look forward to you reading the books you just want to as well 😀

      • Haha – I know, right! It’s near 1500 or something *heart stops*
        I have liked most of the books that authors have requested that I review. And it’s exciting when an author makes the request personal, you know? It makes you feel special 😀
        Aw, no. That’s so sucky. D:
        Haha, NG. I love that site, but I can see why you gave it up.
        Yeah, me, too! I will still read ARCs and all those other ones, but I will also focus on the books that I want to read, as well ^.^

  4. I always re-read book that I’ve enjoyed. Even though I know what’s going to happen, I just wan’t to re-live that initial feeling!
    And I always make the mistake of re-reading the book just before the movie. I’m an idiot.
    I really enjoyed this post. (:

  5. Whenever I re-read, it’s because I want to return to that world and the characters. I have a pretty good memory if I say so myself, so refreshing isn’t necessarily most of the times. I sometimes give a book a second chance, but I’ll never re-read if I hated it the first time.

    • Me too! I have a bad memory for the details, so I reread for the sake of remembering quite a lot, but I reread more often to just return to a world and characters I love 🙂 I NEVER want to reread books I hated the first time, so I never reread those either XD

  6. This is such a good discussion topic. I don’t often reread for many of the same reasons as you. This past year I reread The Time Traveler’s Wife, which is one of my favorite books of all time. I picked up more from it the second time and loved it all in the same. I’m hoping to reread three books this year. We will see if that happens or not.

    • Thanks, glad you like the topic 😀 And I hope you get to accomplish that rereading goal of sorts Rachel! And I also read The Time Traveler’s Wife and loved it ❤ Movie wasn't as good though XD

  7. The closest I usually get to re-reading is when I page through “coffee table books” again. Recently I did my first real reread, of The Little Prince. I last read it almost twenty years ago, and I was tiny then, so I felt the need to remember what happened.

  8. I rarely reread books, even ones that I really love. There are just so many books out there in the world, that I would rather read something new. However, when I’ve reread a book, maybe due to encountering it in a class or book club, I will reread it with a bigger sense of purpose to discover something new about it. I think it’s “okay” for people to reread books, but it’s not something in which I relate.

    • Well I guess if you put it in that way, you could say that there are just too many books for some people to EVER want to reread. Which is fine, because the one real criteria for rereading is wanting to 😀

  9. I rarely reread. If I do reread, it’s usually books from my childhood. I’ve also read some of the Harry Potter books twice. For the most part, though, I can’t be bothered. There are too many books I have yet to read to go back and read something I already read. I delete books from my Kindle after reading them, although I guess I could always redownload them from my account I wanted to.

    • Haha well maybe if you had a massive TBR pile, there’s really not much you can do about it! And I’ve never had a Kindle, but if I did, I’d probably delete some of the old reads too, but especially the ones I don’t like 😀

  10. Oh my god there’s a gif for chapter 62. What a time to be alive

    And Sam was freaking fantastic I’d watch that movie again just for him ❤

    I personally love rereading books that I've really enjoyed in the past. If I'm stressed or had a rough day/week, it's kind of like getting wrapped up in a warm blanket. The Harry Potter books do that for me – they're old friends now 🙂

    • HAHA you know, it’s nice to see that you’ve come to like a book (or even just a chapter of it wahaha) partly because of my recommendation :> And yes!! Sam Claflin all the way ❤ I've actually never reread any of the HP books more than once, but I have rewatched the movies like, several times over. Best feeling in the world, going back to that old friend, Harry Potter (especially with a warm blanket!!)

  11. When I was a kid, and I didn’t have a lot of books, I kept rereading everything. And it was nice, like coming home to a friend.

    Right now, I’m actually considering rereading Shatter Me and Unravel Me because I’m torn over what I feel about it. Some parts are good, some parts are just plain bad, but I can’t warite a proper review about how I feel about it because I don’t know how I feel about it,

    • Coming home to an old friend– hey I like that 😀 And yeah, when I was small, it was just the same books over and over as well 🙂 I think rereading those books is a great idea if you don’t know what to think. I hope you figure it out the second time around, though!

  12. I rarely reread, unless it’s Harry Potter or a book that I’ve read and I then received it as assigned reading for a class. Or because I’m teaching it. But I really want to reread some of my favorites in 2014 – especially Little Women, Jane Eyre, and The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – and also read some of the books that I was assigned in college and (oops!) never finished because I couldn’t get into them *cough* Pride and Prejudice, Beloved *cough*. Anyway, we’ll see how that goes since I usually get distracted by shiny new books. 🙂 Great post!

  13. There’s only 3 reasons that I reread a book and you mentioned all of them; a book or series that I love, can’t remember what happened or trying to give a book another chance. Actually Pretty Girl 13 and Spiders Bite were both DNF for me the first time around but when I read them again, I loved them!

    Great topic, Jasmine!

    • Ooh NICE! Well I’m glad that you’ve already been rereading right even before I said it 😀 And it’s AMAZING how DNF’s suddenly become awesome reads! And I’m glad you liked this topic as well, Christy 😀

  14. These are some really good points! I have to say that I reread books quite often- mostly it’s to pick up on details I might have missed on the first read. Most of my favourite books I’ve read at least two or three times each (or sometimes a lot more *cough Speechless*). I guess the way I see it is that the first time I read a book, it’s for plot. The second time I read it, it’s for detail 🙂

    • Thanks Nara! And yeah, I think a lot of readers reread for the purpose of remembering all the details they may have missed (like me!) And I like the way you see things with plot first and detail second– come to think of it, that’s probably the way it goes for me too 😀

  15. Re-reading is a tricky business! There have been some that I’ve loved, no matter how many times I read them (Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Just One Day), some I’ve loved more the second time around (Mockingjay) and there are some I really did mean to re-read but was afraid to because I wouldn’t appreciate them much the second time around.
    I actually usually do re-read before a movie! I think it’s good to put a little space in between the book and movie though and not like… the DAY before haha!

    • HAHA definitely been loving Harry Potter, Hunger Games and Just One Day even if I’ve read them for umpteen times already XD and there are some books that I’ve also come to love the second time I read them, but I did like Mockingjay the first time 🙂 And I think it’s okay not to reread if you think you won’t like it the second time. As long as you don’t want to, it’s all cool 😀 But yeahp, I’m a big believer in not rereading immediately after seeing a movie. I used to do that ALL the time, and it ruined a lot of movie experiences, because I’d always go like, ‘NO they did it like THIS and not like THAT’ XD Dark times, haha. At least we know better!

  16. I totally agree about the movies!! I realized about a year ago that every movie that I loved as much as the book (Memoirs of a Geisha, Princess Bride, Stardust) I’d watched before I read the books. And that’s when I came to the grand realization I was NOT doing myself any favours by reading the book right before the movie. I think if I’d read any of those books first, I’d likely only have loved Princess Bride as much, to be honest. But that might have a lot to do with my unhealthy obsession with Cary Elwes haha

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