Man-Cave Updates + End Of Year Survey


2013 is almost over, so Jamie over at The Perpetual Page Turner has decided to host at End of Year Book Survey, hence the reference to this very post. If you haven’t already, make sure to join in the fun and link up, as Jamie will also pick a giveaway winner from the links (Deadline January 10th). And that being said, let’s get the party started!design


Best Books You Read In 2013

Contemporary: Just One Day (Gayle Forman). This was one of the latter reads, perchance conferring to the overall impact, though I am given license to believe that by far, this was the best of them.

Fantasy: Daughter of Smoke and Bone (Laini Taylor). Only a trifling count of books can manage to leave me speechless, and Akiva this entire book (pshaaaaw), sure did, which probably manifests in the fact that I owe it a coherent review.

Dystopian: Unravel Me (Tahereh Mafi). Gorgeous cover, eloquent writing, a renegade heroine, an electrifying plot, and not one, but two drop-dead gorgeous love interests– what more could I possible ask for? Oh right, IGNITE ME.

Historical Fiction: The Book Thief  (Markus Zusak). This was probably one of the most emotional and touching reads to date, and mercifully enough, the movie version did not disappoint.

Paranormal: Pivot Point (Kasie West). Definitely a page-turner, and I honestly cannot wait for the release of Split Second.

Science Fiction: Clockwork Princess (Cassandra Clare). I’ve justified myself on this particular title one too many times, so perhaps it can explain itself.

New Adult: No One’s Angel (Kelly Walker). I’m still not completely sold to the genre, but this book wasn’t all sex and no sense (which is usually the way it goes for the NA books I encounter, and dismally so), so kudos to Kelly Walker for pushing halfway across the line of repudiation.

Middle Grade: The House of Hades (Rick Riordan). Now I’m cheating because this was the only middle grade book I read for the year (though I seriously loved it).

Book You Thought You Were Going To Love More But Didn’t

When The World Was Flat And We Were In Love (Ingrid Jonach). The premise had promise (ooh wordplay haha), and the ‘world was flat’ theme actually did fall flat (ooh wordplay x2).

Most Surprising (In A Good Way!) Book

The Distance Between Us (Kasie West). The premise was a little insensate on the surface, and Caymen (who even names their child Caymen?!) was honestly a nice surprise in that she wasn’t such a massive pain in the behind. Three cheers to Kasie West for making it work (once again. *cue heavy applause*).

Book You Read That You Recommended To People Most

Eleanor & Park(Rainbow Rowell). I usually don’t recommend titles unless it’s asked for, as I don’t fancy running the risk of recommending a potentially ruinous one. But of course Rainbow Rowell oversteps my boundaries. She did the first time when she crawled smack into my heart and CRUSHED IT (totes in a good way).

Best Series You Discovered

 The Lunar Chronicles (Marissa Meyer). These books don’t actually function in series, but they do work their own magic individually, and I dig it.

Favorite New Author You Discovered

Stephanie Perkins. I, at first, doubted the fact that her books were any good, because the premise sounded like a first world problem I could neither stand nor care about, but AATFK and LATBD both were touching, relatable, and wholly entertaining reads that kept me on the edge of my seat, and till now begging for more.

Best Book That Was Out Of Your Comfort Zone

No One’s Angel (Kelly Walker). I said it before, but I’ll say it again– I’m not a fan by any means of the New Adult genre, but this novel was clean-cut and interesting enough to earn it some respect.

Most Thrilling, Unputdownable Book

Perfect Scoundrels (Ally Carter). I adore this series, and the last book to the Heist Society series was probably the most suspenseful read of them all.

Book You Read That You Are Most Likely To Reread

Shatter Me (Tahereh Mafi). To give me an excuse to reread Unravel Me, but more importantly, to remember the details once Ignite Me hits the shelves (in 41 days SQUEEE!!)

Favorite Cover Of A Book You Read

Nameless (Lili St. Crow). I have this thing for raggedy dresses– they look extra haunting, and twice as romantic, if you ask me!


Most Memorable Character

Leo Valdez (The Heroes Of Olympus, Rick Riordan). Hands freaking down, you guys! He’s even better than Percy Jackson, and even then by a considerable margin. I’m sorry PJ-natics.

Most Beautifully Written Book Read

The Fault In Our Stars (John Green). You cannot get any better than that, friend.

Book That Had The Greatest Impact On You

Clockwork Princess (Cassandra Clare). I know you guys must be getting tired of me yammering on about how utter;y stupendous this book was (and I also know that some of you happened to have thought this book downright accursed), but despite our differences, the fact remains that Clockwork Princess made me feel all the feels, made me overcome all the fears, and made me cry all the tears. And that says something, friend.

Book You Can’t Believe You Waited Until 2013 To Read

Anna And The French Kiss (Stephanie Perkins). Honestly, I could not get myself to buy the idea of the book despite the recommendations from near and far, and an untold count of allusions to the beautiful Etienne St. Clair, but somehow, curiosity managed to win over, and I am beside myself with joy at the fact that it did.

Favorite Passage / Quote From A Book You Read

I may still be a kid, but this one passage was one that spoke to me of not fearing the day that I stop being one, taken from Before Ever After (Samantha Sotto):


Shortest And Longest Book You Read

The shortest was probably Two Boys Kissing (David Levithan), which of course was still beautiful despite the funsized exterior, and the longest was of course, A Game of Thrones (George R.R. Martin), which I wouldn’t even finished without the pressure from requiring a catch-up to the TV series adaptation. I do not like feeling left out.

Scene That Had You Dying To Talk To Someone About It

No questions asked, Chapter 62 of Unravel Me (Tahereh Mafi). Nothing can get hotter sexier steamier WARNER!! better than that.

Favorite Relationship

It has to be that between Lola Nolan and Cricket Bell. They didn’t exactly see eye to eye at first, but their relationship was the epitome of growth, acceptance, and the true meaning of falling in love (am I dramatic, yet?)

Favorite Book From An Author You Read Previously

Bloodlines (Richelle Mead). I loved the Vampire Academy series, and thought for a time that there was no way Bloodlines could live up to it, but I stand corrected! And by the way, Adrian Ivashkov is as dapper as ever.

Best Book Based Solely On A Recommendation

Under The Never Sky (Veronica Rossi). But this was because it was recommended to me countless times even before I could give myself a chance to manually seek it out. But either way, I was bound to have read it– love the plot.

Genre You Read The Most From

It’s the year of firsts!! Surprisingly enough, Contemporary YA.

Newest Fictional Crush From A Book You Read

This would have to be from the most recent series read, and thence the answer to this would have to be Akiva from Daughter of Smoke and Bone (Laini Taylor). Those eyes, mahn. Goddamn.

Best 2013 Debut You Read

Eleanor & Park (Rainbow Rowell). She wrote an Adult book ‘est 2011, but she debuted in YA only this year. And I HIGHLY approve, you guys. And it even won a Goodreads 2013 Choice Award! Color me proud ❤

Most Vivid World / Imagery In A Book You Read

Clockwork Angel (Cassandra Clare). I hadn’t read any of her books before, so I must say I was impressed with the way she introduced the Shadowhunter world in this series, and am most definitely willing to invest in The Dark Artifices (and who knows, maybe even in The Mortal Instruments!) to further immerse myself in this phantasmal cosmos.

Book That Was The Most Fun To Read

The Raven Boys (Maggie Stiefvater). This was an adventure within itself, and I cannot wait for the third book in the cycle!

Book That Made You Cry Or Nearly Cry

Every Day (David Levithan). It just tugged at my heartstrings and refused to let go. Like the Titanic, indeed!

Book That You Think Got Overlooked

Ignite (Erica Crouch). This book deserves all the recognition it can muster, and then some. Read it, you guys!! I (almost) guarantee that you’ll like it.



New Favorite Book Blog

I like a lot of blogs, and don’t usually go about singling any of them out, so I’ll just break it down into categories:

Viewer Interaction: A Bookish Heart. Asti works her own magic on this blog, believe you me! Original content, insightful reviews, bookish games, travelogs of sorts– she is all you could ask for in a book blogger, and then some.

Discussions: PaperGrey. Eve doesn’t post as frequently anymore, but she remains just as awesome, just as snarky, and just as entertaining. 18 years does her well, my friends. Tea Between Books also fits the bill, because let me talk: ‘Let Me Talk’ is totes the bomb diggity.

Design: Fluttereal Flight – Chronicles. Have you seen her blog? It’s gorgeous! Makes me want to stay forever.

Reviews: The Book Addicts Guide. I just love how Brittany breaks it down (yo!) But no, really, her in depth reviews are winners, in my opinion!

TV/Movie reviews: I see a lot of these around the blogosphere, but Ode To Jo and Katniss takes the cake! She’s an amazing writer.

Reading / Blogging Tips: Nose Graze. Ashley does what she does best, and she does it good. Writer of Wrongs reader tips are are also awesomazing– and pure entertainment to boot! No less from Gilly B, folks.

Bloggy Companionship: Of course, this would have to be Books for a Delicate Eternity, because of Chiara (a.k.a. SOUL SISTAHH), who is also amazing in all of the aforementioned, as well as Lillian at For Books And Cake who is as friendly as her blog is cute (no really, you’ll love it– if you don’t already, that is!)


Favorite Review That You Wrote

I don’t really pick favorites when it  comes to my own works, so taking this from a viewer’s point of view, this would have to be either The Selection or Anna And The French Kiss (forgive me, I am poor on them likes).

Best Discussion You Had On Your Blog

Same rules applies, so this would have to be School VS Blogging for Blogger Bites, and Love Triangles for Day of Debate (still poor on likes in both departments though– sorry!).

Most Thought Provoking Review / Discussion On Another Blog

There are a lot of discussions out there that I love, so it would be hard for me to pick just one!  In this case, I’ve decided to choose a blog I haven’t read anything else from, which I just found out about on Jamie’s version of the survey (the original!), and it definitely made me wonder: has book blogging fallen out of fashion?

Best Event That You Participated In

Eh, I don’t go to a lot of events, so I don’t think I can answer this one! But if we take this out of the bookish context, and make it less formal, it’s probably the Harry Potter movie marathon. Otherwise, it’s the Manila International Book Fair, which wasn’t much (apart from all the awesome books I bought from it!!)

Best Moment Of Your Book Blogging / Book Life

Well frankly, I don’t have much of one to begin with, and I always did say that getting to meet every single one of you, albeit online, has been in itself a life changing experience. So in that light, I’d have to go for meeting my soul sister, Chiara, whom I love to talk to through Twitter and Gmail (and whom I shall meet soon, you’ll see!!), and who just sent over some of the best presents I’ve received in my life (some material + the gift of FRIENDSHIP). This would also have to be getting to converse with all of my amazing Twitter buds / Raven Girls (Lillian, the friendliest blogger extraordinare, cute as a button, Sandra, the snarky one, Eve, the other snarky one, plus Sana, who shares my taste in music).

Most Popular Post This Year On Your Blog

This is by far my Bookish Survey: Cast A Harry Potter Spell!, of which I have seen countless (and even better) versions, both in blog post and video format which is pretty cool when they all think it’s a stroke of genius. Boredom makes miracles, sometimes (thanks again to everyone who participated!)

Post You Wished Got A Little More Love

Well my surveys definitely get their share of attention, as do my discussions and meme entries, and even my weekly recaps, which generate response to the ‘In My World’ segments, so I’d have to go for pretty much every single review. They take ages to write, and wording is a bitch, and it honestly got more than a little disappointing at times. They’ll always be fun to write though!

Best Bookish Discovery

Goodreads (YES, I just discovered it this year), plus the Fullybooked membership discount card (thing) which is on a level of cool that knows no bounds. Oh, and the fact that book blogs exist.

Completed Reading Challenges / Goals

I didn’t set any (lame I know), but I got past reading 100 books this year, which is a lot considering how utterly busy I am these days.



One Book You Didn’t Get To But Will Be Top Priority In 2013

I’ve been looking forward to reading Days of Blood and Starlight, but the reviews have been freaking me out to such an extent that I’ve been putting it off, but I have resolved to read it as soon as is possible.

Books You Are Most Anticipating For 2014 (Non Debut)

A helluva LOT!! Ignite Me (Tahereh Mafi), Isla And The Happily Ever After (Stephanie Perkins), The One (Kiera Cass), Her Dark Curiosity (Megan Shepherd), To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (Jenny Han), What I Thought Was True (Huntley Fitzpatrick), Split Second (Kasie West), Since You’ve Been Gone (Morgan Matson), The Museum of Intangible Things (Wendy Wunder), We Were Liars (E. Lockhart). Whew, top ten to go!

2014 Debut You Are Most Anticipating 

Definitely Side Effects May Vary (Julie Murphy), though I’m not that good at tracking down debut authors, really!

Series Ending You Are Most Anticipating

Ooh, tough one! It’s a toss-up  between Ignite Me (Warndamlette, and every other kick-ass denouement) and The One (Maxpenmerica, and every other lame-ass denouement).

One Thing You Hope To Accomplish In 2014

Well I definitely wish to step up my game and reach 150 books next year (or a few couple hundreds, that depends), and also to try and completely embrace both Contemporary and New Adult genres, as well as finish the series I follow with finale releases come 2014. As for blogging, I just hope to keep it growing and expanding, no matter what pace, as long as I keep meeting new people, and making the old ones happy 🙂


And that’s it for the survey! But what else is up on Flip That Page? Here’s a short run through of changes and expectations for the coming year:

1. I’ll begin reviewing author requests, and accepting more of them to begin with, so keep them coming if you’re interested. I will NOT however, be reviewing any ARC’s without a request to review any of them. In other words, adios Netgalley. It was a blast while it lasted.

2. I’ll be creating monthly surveys and quizzes for you guys, so there’s that to look forward to! I’ll index all entries to a ‘Fun Stuff’ page sooner or later as well. If you have any suggestions for future themes, please don’t hesitate to email me at flipthatpage(at)gmail(dot)com.

3. Expect background changes over the course of the year, as this is the only real way by which I can customize at the moment. My headers and buttons are pretty fine now, and I’m embracing the color scheme, but I think that the background is overpowering somehow, so I may need to pick a less busy one.

4. Though Day of Debate has been temporarily discontinued, it will return as a regular feature for the next year. Due to the circumstances, however, my brother will not be joining us for the debate, as he has decided to focus full time on his social work and his vocation (sad for the blog, but good for him, which is all that matters, really!) So, instead of holding a debate with him, I’ve decided to hold it with you– I’ll be pitching my side of the argument, and you can comment either a supporting statement or an opposing one. I’ll try to make it as fun as possible, I promise!

5. Recaps shall return every Mondays as per usual, and I still do hope to be manage at least four blog post each week. I’ll also focus more on reviews and discussions rather than on memes and other template posts.

And that’s it for this week (or year!) I hope you liked the post, and if you have any thoughts, comments, or suggestions, do tell 🙂



11 thoughts on “Man-Cave Updates + End Of Year Survey

  1. I have used a default background from blogger for my first year. I’m looking to create my own in the new year although I haven’t decided what I want my theme to be. Great end of the year survey. I’m looking forward to all the fun posts you have planned for your blog in the new year. With a 150 books goal it looks like you have a lot of reading to do.

    • Haha yes that seems to be the case! I’m really excited for the new year, and though 150 seems pretty hefty, I’m hoping to be able to catch up with it! 🙂 And good luck with making your new backgrounds 😀

  2. I have a lot to say so hold on, this comment is gonna get long! 😀
    1. This background! I love it! I do!!! I do! ❤ *swoon*
    2. I have so many books to catch up on! I'm sitting here, making notes!
    3. I love how you've done the quote!
    4. Yes, Eleanor and Park is great! And so is The Fault in Our Stars! The Raven Boys is so hot!
    5. We need a Raven Girls' twitter conversation soon!
    6. Thank you for mentioning me!!! A cute blog though? Please *glares*
    7. I really have to try Stephanie Perkins!
    8. Congrats on a 100 books read! *throws confetti*

    That's it! I'm noting down all these authors! 😀 And looking forward to more of your surveys!!

    • Awww thanks I’m glad you like the background ❤ I have to find out who made the pattern though and give him/her the creds XD HAHA ooh I make notes like that too! I'm actually going on an excursion trip to the biggest Fullybooked branch in the country, so I'm excited to get to use those notes 😀 Yep, we do have to have a twitter conversation soon– and also, your blog IS cute! I should probably use a different (yet similar) word for that HAHA and yaaaaay for noting down the authors!! I hope we get to have some conversations on books by these authors soon. It will be amazing 😀

  3. YOU MENTIONED ME. TWICE. Now I feel all dodgy that I didn’t mention our sisterhood in my version of this post. But you should know that meeting you is definitely one of the most amazing things that has come about through my joining the book blogpshere! ❤ ❤
    IGNITE YES. I am so glad you liked it. I lurve it with a passion befitting a crazy fangirl of the umpteenth degree. And I think more people should read it. 😀 Did you ever write a review for it? I would love to read it, if you did.
    I STILL HAVEN'T READ THE INFERNAL DEVICES. Ugh. I even own the first one, damn it. I have so many books to read (see my comment on your rereading post, haha). I think it will be one of the first books/series I read when I am reading for myself again. Hurrah for steampunky olde English times with sexy book boyfriends 😀
    And I am also interested in reading that NA book that you loved. I don't even know if I have ever read a NA book, but since you love it so much, I shall give it a try!

    • Hahaha no, that’s okay, I know you just didn’t want to isolate anybody because that’s how nice you are XD I never wrote a review for it though, because I wanted lots of people to fangirl on it with me before I did, but you know what? Maybe I should write one, if it’s the best way to express my love for it after all 😀 We’ll see, I have a lot on my review plate right now too! And you should DEFINITELY read The Infernal Devices. It is one of the best, if not THE BEST series in my opinion 🙂 And ooh, do read No One’s Angel if you can (I have a hard time finding a copy :O) Kelly Walker is an amazing author, I think you’ve read another series by her too 😀

      • AWWW ❤ Well I hope you saw it that way, haha! Because meeting you is obviously one of the best things that has come out of blogging. Definitely.
        I think you should write a review! I mean – did you read mine? It was me fangirling for about 1000 words. Lots of incoherent sentences and love for that novel, haha.
        I KNOW I KNOW. I am really behind D:
        Aw, no! Maybe I can find you a copy? 😀 Yes! I read her book Cornerstone and it was really adorable.

      • I am glad you think so ❤ Haha yeah I know I saw it of course! And it was funny cause I didn't understand it very much, apart from the fact that you REALLY liked the book, which was all I needed, really! 😀 I will wait for the time when you've read it, then we can fangirl together woohoo! Nahh, that's okay 😀 but if you insist *whistles* HAHA! I am glad you like her books though!

      • Yup I was like that too when I read it 😀 I know right? And it’s an ARC that’s expired — but we’ll see maybe Santa will come up with a New Year’s Gift too XD

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