Top Ten Tuesdays: Christmas Wishlist


This is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke And The Bookish πŸ™‚

The Christmas season is of course a time for good cheer, but of course, we all have something cooking on our wishlists for the year. And while I’m a firm believer in the fact that Santa Claus is the figment of an innocent imagination, I don’t wish to completely discount the possibility that he’s out there somewhere and his reindeers are making it snow. So in the occasion that he comes across my humble blog– it’s my wishlist for Christmas πŸ˜€

Happy reading πŸ˜‰


The Never Availables


1. Angelfall (Susan Ee)

I’ve always embraced the idea of an angel, but the whole protect-the-human-race spiel is honestly getting old, and fast. So who else is up for a bloodthirsty world-demolishing version?! Additionally, this book has been commended to me one too many times now, and it’s honestly starting to give me a headache. Coupled with the fact that this book is at no time on the shelves (and I thought Fullybooked was my best friend!) Santa Claus is probably my only hope of ever getting to read it. Or a sponsor maybe (call me).

Real reason, though? It starts with an ‘R’ and ends with an ‘affe’. Nice guy.

2. Throne of Glass (Sarah J. Maas)

And yes, I torture myself by looking at reviews to this book, even if it always seems to slip right through my fingers (seriously, they always ‘recently run out of stock’ when I ask for it). Though the premise itself doesn’t interest me as much as it should, I think I’m sold by the simple fact that it’s been met with critical acclaim, and even won an informal poll on the blog on ‘what to read next’. Besides, if my instincts fail me at times, it sure won’t hurt to proceed from the wisdom of others.

Real reason, though? It stars with a ‘Captain Westfall’ and ends with a ‘Prince Dorian’. Nice guys.

3. Half-Blood (Jennifer L. Armentrout)

I think the author says it all. JLA is one of the few I consider legends, and her works are one of the few I consider masterpieces. While I do agree that it shares an uncanny resemblance to Vampire Β Academy, I still do think that this book is an experience unique even in ways the latter isn’t, so if truth be told, I don’t mind. And besides, I loved VA to death, and would honestly celebrate a reincarnation of sorts.

Real reason, though? It stars with an ‘A’ and ends with an ‘iden’. (Hmmm, there seems to be a pattern here).

4. These Broken Stars (Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner)

Well the thing is, my news feed has recently been flooded with reviews to this book, and I’ve read Every. Single. One of them. Like I said, I’m something of a masochist (not really), and the fact that this title cumulates generally positive feedback makes me want to see for myself what the clamor is all about. As a matter of fact, These Broken Stars has been sitting on my TBR pile for quite some time now (it was one of the few WoW picks until I surceased to participate), and now that it’s been released, I am hellbent on reading it.

Real reason, though? It starts with a ‘T’ and– TARVER.

5. Cinder (Marissa Meyer)

I’ve actually read this one, but I don’t have my own copy, which sucks for a reread craving. In addition, this book never seems available in paperback, and I never buy hardcover versions, as I can live without the extra protection (and thus choose to be practical). I’m a big fan of fairytale retellings, and this was honestly much better and way more bad-ass than the original (sorry, Disney).

Real reason, though?

HAH gotcha! Honestly, of course, these hotshots aren’t the real reasons (they’re added bonuses, yes?) Still, I’d give a limb for a chance to read these books.Β Β Well, someone else’s at least πŸ˜€


The Not Yet Released (Hey There, 2014)


6. What I Thought Was True (Huntley Fitzpatrick)

While I wasn’t the biggest fan of My Life Next Door, I was nevertheless still a fan to an extent. In the recent weeks, I’ve learned to completely embrace the Contemporary genre, and do believe that this book will prove much potential. In addition, Huntley Fitz (who follows me on Twitter!!) is a deservedly celebrated author, and because she’s auto-approved in my book, it follows that her works are too– the premise is interesting, the cover is gorgeous, the wait is excruciating.

Work some miracles, Santa! I believe in you (even if you’re probably just a parent sneaking toys into socks at night).

7. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (Jenny Han)

Now THIS, I’m a fan of. Jenny Han’s works have captured hearts for a long time now (mine, at least), and still continue to do so, and I am beside myself with hysterics at such independent work coming about. The premise is unique and the cover is Β stunning, and the idea of Jenny Han’s new book is honestly a little overwhelming, so I don’t blame myself for psyching out over this one.

The WAIT though!! It’s going to hurt like a motherfather, I feel it.

8. Alienated (Melissa Landers)

I’ve never really been into the idea of aliens, and the fact that this one is even better looking kind of pushes the buttons a little too far for my taste. However, curiosity is a bitch sometimes, and because this book has also been highly recommended by the lucky few who have gotten to read it (JLA being one of them), I think that this is going to be hard to pass up. Additionally, I may be able to relate to the heroine, who sounds a lot like me and owns a blog a lot like mine, which of course only serves to aggrandize the disconcertation.

But of course, you don’t have to be an alien to be that good looking (aren’t I right Logan Lerman?)

9. Side Effects May Vary (Julie Murphy)

I hadn’t heard about this book before I found it on Goodreads, and am about as familiar with the author as I am with the aforementioned side effects– the synopsis and the snippet along were enough to draw me in, however. Reminiscent of The Fault In Our Stars (though probably not much like it), this book may just prove to be the next tearjerker-comedy-relief for the coming year. Can’t wait!

10. Don’t You Forget About Me (Kate Karyus Quinn)

Are you into unicorns, charming princes, and happily ever afters? Well then, this scary-ass book on human extermination is probably not for you. I however, can work with both. The 5th Wave was an enjoyable, apocalyptic read, and while I didn’t particularly enjoy Quinn’sΒ Another Little Piece, I’m hoping that this book will change my impression of the author to an extent, and for the better. I hope ‘murderous cycle’ in this case will roughly translate to ‘suspenseful and beautifully written read’.


So what do you think? If you have any opinions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to comment and tell me!

And P.S. Santa? I’ve been a good girl. SO PLEASE OMG THESE BOOKS!!



32 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesdays: Christmas Wishlist

  1. Amazing wishlist Jasmine! I absolutely loved These Broken Stars, I really hope you love it too. I’m starting to get into Jenny Han which is good! The authors you’ve mentioned with upcoming books are totally on my radar! I hope you have a lovely Christmas! πŸ™‚

  2. There’s a lot of similarites between our wishlists lol! πŸ˜€ Angelfall and ToG have been recommended to me tons of time and I’ve also heard that the sequels are fanfreakingtastic. As for Cinder…I haven’t read but like you, I’m a big BIG fan of retellings and people said that this is a badass Cinderella. Like, who the heck won’t be interested simply by that?! I’ve never read Jenny Han, though I HAVE to admit that her new book cover is adorable! :3

    There are also some books that I’ve read but haven’t bought like Antigoddess and This Song Will Save Your Life — which were AMAZING btw! Perhaps if you haven’t read these two you should add them to your list, Jasmine! πŸ˜‰

    • Yeah, and that’s why I REALLY want to get to read them πŸ˜€ And I always did like Cinderella… but hey I welcome a bad-ass version XD And yeah, Jenny Han’s new book cover is the bomb– can’t deny, makes me even more excited πŸ˜€ And THANK YOU for those recommendations Kezia! I’ll check those two out as well πŸ™‚

  3. Ooh! These Broken Stars is must bought for me as well! And I cant wait for Side Effects May Vary! πŸ˜€
    Let’s just say you’ll be getting the one of the first books soon! πŸ˜‰ hehe

  4. I hope you get to read Throne of Glass, it’s such a great book filled with everything- magic, royalty, romance, scheming and of course the amazing Celaena Sardothien. The sequel is really great as well! I hope Santa brings me Angelfall too! πŸ™‚

    • Haha yes indeed! πŸ˜€ I’ve heard a lot of great things about Celaena and can’t wait to get to read about her πŸ™‚ Let us both for hope for Santa bringing Angelfall– sounds amazing πŸ˜€

  5. Great list! Throne of Glass, Cinder & Half-Blood are all such amazing reads! Coincidently, my ordered copy of These Broken Stars is set to arrive anytime now, kind of like a Christmas present to myself! I really hope we’ll both enjoy it because the synopsis is just so engrossing. Merry Christmas and may Santa (or some lovely people) gift to you those books you’ve listed! πŸ™‚

    • Oh, that’s nice! I hope you like These Broken Stars just as much as I hope I will (and I hope to like the rest of the books too) πŸ˜€ Merry Christmas to you as well, Adelena! πŸ™‚

  6. Raffe is a perfectly acceptable reason to want Angelfall πŸ˜‰ And I have These Broken Stars on my wish list as well!

    I have Alienated on my list as well – I think Santa needs to work some magic and get an ARC under the tree for me πŸ˜‰

  7. You have a great list here, Jasmine! Since I am from Gensan, I have a lesser opportunity to buy any of these books in paperback editions. We don’t have Fully Booked or Powerbooks here. Our city is currently monopolized by three NBS branches. xD And you know how incomplete their stocks are. So most of the time, if I want to buy a book and it’s not available at any of our NBS branch, I always opt to get the e-book format either from Amazon, Smashwords or Kobo and sometimes, from TBD. Maybe you can also do the said approach.

    Angelfall has been on my TBR for ages but haven’t got the time to read it yet. I’m planning to get into it come 2014. I hope it will live up to the hype.

    And yes to Cinder and These Broken Stars. Both books are awesome. They’re two of my best reads for 2013. Can’t wait for Cress to come out.

    Have a blissful Christmas, Jasmine! I hope Santa will be able to grant your bookish wishes.

    • Oh, but Gensan seems like a lovely place though! Even if NBS is incomplete sometimes D: And thanks for the advice! I don’t have an e-reader, or a credit card for online transactions for that matter, so I guess I’ll stick to the physical copies for now πŸ™‚ It does depend on what’s more convenient πŸ™‚ And yes, I hope Angelfall lives up to the hype! I think it will though. These Broken Stars too. Can’t wait!! πŸ˜€ Have a blissful Christmas (and holiday break!) yourself πŸ™‚

  8. Obviously you understand the importance of getting Throne of Glass (I’m so glad I accidentally sent myself the copy instead of my aunt! I mean I had to go buy another for her, but now I HAVE it!). And reading the back blurb on it, I can completely understand why it doesn’t draw you in right away. Trust me, it’s worth it. And if you aren’t head over heels, wait til Crown of Midnight!

    You know, I’ve not read any JLA, but people seem to hard core love her, so I’m thinking I should probably see what’s up with her. Any recommendations for where to start?

    I’m also kind of new to liking contemporary YA – sci-fi/fantasy is definitely my jam, and other than Deb Caletti who I adore, I rarely regularly read it. I read Jenny Han’s The Summer I Turned Pretty this summer and OH MY GOD. I seriously did not expect to love that! It was so good! So I really need to finish the series, and if the love continues there for me, definitely check out her other books.

    • Accidentally sent yourself the book, huh? Hmmm well that sounds suspicious, but suspiciously cool! And kudos to your auntie for being the kind to read books like Throne of Glass XD I hope I like that book enough to wanna read Crown of Midnight, and I probably will πŸ˜€ Oh and about JLA, I do think you’ll love her lots! Her Lux series is a good start. definitely! πŸ™‚ I loved the Summer series too, and I hope to love the new books. Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Good call on Angelfall-I was sick of angels thanks to the whole save-the-universe crap too so Raffe was definitely a breath of fresh air. πŸ™‚

    And Throne of Glass-For some reason this one keeps missing my to-buy lists too!

    To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and Side Effects May Vary are on my wish-list too – The synopsis and covers for both books are just compelling, right?

    Hope you get the chance to read these soon-I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! πŸ˜‰

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