Asking The Blogosphere (Episode 2): On Bookish Habits, Movies, And Graduation


This is a new feature I came up with, because lately, I’ve had a problem filling in my Wednesdays with relevant posts. It’s a discussion post of sorts, that revolves around books and your life outside of it. At the end of each segment, I ask you guys a few questions, ones you’re free to answer of course!


On Weird Bookish Habits

I recurrently see posts on these all over my news feed, though I scarcely ever find myself disposed towards giving them much regard because I don’t nurse many bizarre habits with regards to books that I, or some others, would consider uncouth or disconcerting. Though indeterminate as to whether or not I should take pride in the fact that I am much a conventional reader, I still do think some of my propensities worthy of the recognition.

  1. I read and reread entire paragraphs until I can paint vivid picture of the scenes in my head. I am, by all means, a visual learner—part of the reason why I’ve never languished for an audiobook, not even for a favorite or a limited edition copy. Whenever I read books, I feel the necessity for an unclouded idea of the goings-on within the recesses of my imagination. Otherwise, I can’t process what I read and will likely never get past the page in question.confused                                           This is getting frustrating, and fast.
  2. I read every dialogue in an American accent, even if the book categorically states that a certain character says it with a different twang. British, Irish, French, you name it. Though purely Asian, I possess an American accent myself, and have grown accustomed to hearing the people around me speak with it. Sometimes, I make a conscious effort to read lines the way the character would have said them, but it just sounds ludicrous in my head if I can’t manage their accent out loud, so I just drop the pretense and revert back to the original. Not everyone can master a gorgeous, Tom-Hiddleston-worthy accent, anyway.vogue
  3. I can read a book in pretty much every setting. I know of a significant number of people who can’t read with music, or unless they’re somewhere quiet, or if someone’s watching them, and any number of other excuses for retreat into their respective natural habitats. Such is not the case for me, however—I simply carry around the book, fish it conveniently out of my backpack whenever I feel like reading, wherever I may be: in bed at night, at a party, in the car, at the cafeteria, in the middle of the road (okay, maybe the sidewalk), with or without music, classic or heavy metal. I tend to just zone out whenever I do so, and as such, external forces have nary an effect on my reading. After all,


What about you? Do you have some weird bookish habits you’re willing to share? Were mine weird enough? Can you relate to any of them?


On Movies We’re Anticipating

I haven’t been watching a lot of book to movie adaptations lately, and have only grown to appreciate a select few:


Many more are set to hit the big screen in the coming months, and I myself am looking forward to a healthy number of them:

Catching Fire. The trailer looked exactly like how it did in my head, and I myself loved the first movie. Jennifer Lawrence can do no wrong—and besides, my sugar cubes are ready, so where’s Finnick? (Odair he is!)

The Fault In Our Stars. I’m not too sure about the casting, but John Green invested in this production enough for me to think it nice to support him by watching it too.

Divergent. Even if I’ve contemplated boycotting this one entirely due to the conclusion to this entire series, I’ve decided not to because I loved the first book, and I do think that Shailene and Theo have chemistry enough to capture the atmosphere between Tris and Four (and Theo is such a darling! You should really try watching his interviews).

The Maze Runner. Dylan O’Brien, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Will Poulter and Kaya Scodelario in a single movie? Sign me UUUUUP. If you don’t know who any of them are what must your life be like?, try watching either Teen Wolf, The Game of Thrones, The Chronicles of Narnia or the UK version of Skins (18 and up only, and yes, I somehow regret making this decision).
poster1 poster2

Other upcoming and speculative book to movie projects I’m anticipating include:

  1. If I Stay (Gayle Forman)
  2. Uglies (Scott Westerfeld)
  3. Daughter of Smoke and Bone (Laini Taylor)
  4. The Giver (Lois Lowry)
  5. The Alchemyst (Michael Scott)
  6. The Knife of Never Letting Go (Patrick Ness)
  7. The Raven Boys (Maggie Stiefvater)
  8. The Scorpio Races (Maggie Stiefvater)
  9. Shadow and Bone (Leigh Bardugo)
  10. Under The Never Sky (Veronica Rossi)

For more information, visit this article.

Despite this exciting premise, I also find myself feeling neutral or apprehensive towards certain up and coming titles:

  1. Ender’s Game. Never read it, and I’m not sure if I ever will– it just doesn’t sound like my type of book. Based on reviews, however, it sounds good. So does Asa Butterfield.
  2. The Book Thief. I’m just not sure if the movie can give the book justice, and I’m not sure if I’m mentally prepared enough for yet another emotional breakdown.
  3. Vampire Academy. The trailer was filth. Scares the bejeezus outta me, because I will not tolerate having one of my favorite series blown up in smokes by some potentially trashy adaptation. And have you guys seen the poster?! It looks way too stereotypical, or hipster, whatever. And it reads, ‘They Suck At School’. Holy crapola.


What are some of the book to movie adaptations you’re eagerly anticipating? Do you share some of them with the titles as aforementioned? If so, which ones?


On  Graduation

If you haven’t already noticed, I am a high school senior and am thus about to graduate. With regards to this thought, however, I do have to admit that I am pretty much torn.

On the one hand, college is an entirely alien realm, and a new experience. I’ll be meeting new people, exploring a new campus, taking new lessons, and enjoying a newfound freedom, both in terms of my schedule and in terms of my abode. Of course, I’m eager to start afresh, because only goodness knows how much I’ve messed my high school life up—don’t get me wrong, it’s been fun for the most part, but the drama is never-ending, and admittedly, I am getting sick and and tired of the whole thing. College just sounds like a more professional atmosphere, and ultimately a less strenuous endeavor.

However, I am apprehensive of having to leave my old friends for new ones, and inevitably so, and in a sense, letting go of the childhood I’ve tried so hard to cling on to. Sometimes, the thought just scares me. In addition, there’s the matter of having to pass the exams for the universities, and though my school’s status is something of an assurance, I still don’t want to get disappointed. So as you can see, the thought of a transition into a new life of sorts scares the living daylights out of me.

Where do I go from here?


Have you ever tried to cope with change? How did you manage? Do you have any tips for a teen undergoing an identity crisis?  


And that’s it for this feature! If you want to share your own answers, please do! Leave a comment and make my day 🙂



16 thoughts on “Asking The Blogosphere (Episode 2): On Bookish Habits, Movies, And Graduation

  1. Like you I like visualising what’s written on a book and I can read in whatever condition too, as long as I’m in the mood. One of my own weird bookish habits is writing on my books. I know it’s not entirely weird because some people actually do that too but it seems like more people think doing so is sacrilege so I guess I’m minority. I just really like making small comments at the side of the pages and bracketing my favourite quotes!

    Catching Fire was out today! Did you watch it yet? I haven’t, ack. *cries* I’m hoping to watch it tomorrow though. I’m super excited! I’d say that ODAIR pun was horrid, but I actually laughed a little so you win, Jasmine. I’m super excited about the TFIOS, Divergent and Maze Runner movies too! Kaya Scodelario is one of my fave brit actresses (because of Skins) so I can’t wait to see her on the big screen! I still have yet to read The Book Thief but I loved the trailer of the movie! I don’t know if I’ll watch The Ender’s Game and the VA movie- I’m just not feeling them. :/

    I think it’s perfectly normal to be a little nervous about graduation. Honestly, I still miss high school a lot. I’ve made more friends during college so far but none of them has been as close as my bond with my high school bffs. I still go out a lot with them though so we catch up with each other. I believe you’re the type who’ll be able to adjust pretty easily in college so I don’t think you should be very worried. I, however, just went through a recent change because I transferred to another (much different) school and I have to deal with people asking me why. It is pretty hard to manage and sometimes I get so tired but I just do what I have to do, you know?

    Sorry for the word vomit! I’ve missed ranting on your blog! 😉

    • And I missed your rants on the blog too Hazel! I’m glad you stopped by ❤ And I see that we have much the same thoughts on the movies we're anticipating! Some of my classmates have watched Catching Fire, and I am feeling so behind right now, even if it just hit the big screen XD And yes to Kaya's awesomeness! She's so talented for her age. And I love that she's with Dylan this time ❤ And SORRY for the Odair pun XD

      And thanks for the words of encouragement 🙂 Even if I really don't know what's in store for me at the moment, I think college is overall an experience to look forward to. And I can always catch up with my high school friends the way you do, after all 😀

      And I don't think it's strange or sacrilegious that you write in your books–it's a way to personalize I guess! 🙂 Thanks for sharing everything with me Hazel ❤

  2. I am SO excited for the Shadow and Bone & The Daughter of Smoke and Bone series to make it to the big screen..though I am worried with the huge number of flops that have hit the screens lately..that the YA adaptation fever will die soon.

  3. I can definitely relate to #2! I try to read a character in their accent but it’s too confusing! I’m Canadian and apparently, we have accents but I’m not really sure about that so I’m kind of lost over whether I read (and talk) in an American accent or a Canadian accent.

    And so excited for Maze Runner movie! I haven’t actually read the book but no way am I passing up a chance to watch Dyl on the big screen.

    Also, go see The Book Thief! I saw this past weekend and it was so good! I felt it lacked some of the depth the book had but still really really good and the cast was exactly how I pictured the characters in my head. Plus, gorgeous cinematography!

    I only just started high school but I’ve been thinking about my future and what I want to do for a long time and it seems as each year passes, I get more and more unsure. And it’s alarming to realize that it’s just four short years before I’m completely on my own. I don’t really think I have the capacity to help you but I do wish you luck in whatever you decide to do! Change sucks but I guess we just have to learn how to deal with it better, right?

    But on a brighter note, I loved the Garfield and Hiddleston gifs! I can always count on you to include gifs that make me smile! 🙂

    • Thank you for the encouragement and for being such a sweetie Annie! ❤ I guess that a lot of us undergo that phase where we're just unsure of where we want to go in life, but I do hope that when it's your turn to come to that crossroads, you'd be sure of which path to take 🙂 I sure hope the same for myself too! 😀

      HAHA I never knew Canadian's had an accent distinguishable from the American one XD And thanks for recommending The Book Thief to me as well 🙂 I'm glad you like the GIFs I've used 😀

  4. I don’t read paragraphs over and over again consistently, but like you I need to have a vivid picture that I create myself. The same goes for character voices! If someone else reads to me, then they’re voice is replaced with what the character’s could have been. I don’t like someone encroaching on my reading experience like that.

    I read in an American accent too, unless the accent is spelled out phonetically like in Huckleberry Finn or the Outlander series.

    I can’t read when someone is watching me – it’s so weird! Mostly because it’s my family that does it, and they always tease me for being so involved in my books. Plus, if I’m reading a steamy scene (HELLO CHAPTER 62) what if I blush??? I don’t need those kinds of questions. If I play music, I stick to soundtracks usually. My favorites are Ender’s Game, LOTR, Avatar, and The Chronicles of Narnia.

    Okay, that was a pun so bad it had me laughing loud enough to call my sister’s attention. And Dylan O’Brien is the only reason I finally picked up The Maze Runner in the first place 😀 And Asa Butterfield LET ME TELL YOU HONEY you need to read that book and watch that movie because DAYUM he is the best young actor I’ve seen in a while he perfectly embodied Ender and I just can’t even English right now I loved his portrayal so much and that book is my favorite too.

    I can’t speak as well as other people as far as college, because I did online school and stayed home while earning my degree. But most of my friends did leave, and I’m not in touch with many of them anymore. But the ones that I am in touch with were the ones I found were true friends. College has a way of weeding out those false relationships, and in the end you’re a better person for it 🙂

    • HAHA I always did find it a frustration that I couldn’t seem to get the accents right, but it’s a comfort to know that I’m not the only one who’s been struggling XD And though I’ve never really had an issue with people watching me as I read, because of that thing where I zone out, I think I’d like to read steamier scenes somewhere less scrutinized as well. HAHA!

      Hmmm I’ll see about watching Ender’s! And Dylan is totally legitimate reason to watch his movie XD Thank you as well for telling me more about college, I guess it would be harder to keep up with responsibilities, but I hope college is fun! And it’s nice to know that it’s a place to meet true friends 🙂

  5. #1? SO me! I do that all the time. It’s like, the book plays out like a movie in my head, and unless I have all the details about how a particular scene looks, it interferes with my concentration. My friend does #2 almost always! Like you, she has an American accent, although she’s an Indian, and has mastered all the major accents like British and Australian too. She reads based on whatever accents strikes her moos at the time. And btw, she’s a Loki fan too 😀

    I’m really really looking forward to Catching Fire! It’s one of the few decent book-to-movie adaptations that’ve been made, and I really enjoyed Hunger Games! I cant wait for it to get released here (Hollywood movies are always released late in India :()!

    Ugh, dont talk to me about VA. I am SO FREAKING FURIOUS about the entire fiasco that is the movie. I know this is premature, but really, after having a look at the trailer and the promo posters, it’s pretty obvious its going to be a vampire-fied version of some prep school movie. WHY does Hollywood have to take completely wonderful book and ruin them? The Host was a disaster too. Blah.

    I’m SO looking forward to TFiOS and Divergent too! And I had no idea about half the movies you’ve listed, but they’re definitely good news. I just hope they do a good job!

    Aw… leaving school can be tough. I feel you, girl. I dont deal well with uprooting, so when I had to leave school, and all my friends, I was pretty torn up about it. But, in the two years since then, I’ve realised that you dont need to be around each other all the time to maintain a friendship. It wont be the same, yes, but I think that’s to be expected, since all of us are just now growing up and finding ourselves independently. And you’ll know, those who stay in touch are the ones who’re your real friends 🙂

    But, on the brighter side, you’ll meet SO MANY new people in college! And know what? People always say that your friends from college are the ones who last for life! And I’ve found that since coming to college, I’ve found a few select friends who have so much in common with me, that we’re almost like soul sisters 😀 So yeah, ultimately, college can be fun. You’re coming out of your comfort zone, getting to know new people, forming more lasting friendships… It’s good 🙂

    • WOW thank you so much for all that input Fahima! I’ll keep that in mind 🙂 And HAHA well I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s a visual learner around here 😀 I don’t like how I can’t concentrate without clear imagery in my head, because it can get to be a hassle, but at least I can get the full picture and fully understand what’s going on in my head. My brother speed reads, so he doesn’t really bother with the mental image, and I honestly cannot comprehend that XD

      And ooh I just watched Catching Fire a few hours past, and guuurl it was BEAUTIFUL! I mean, it ended in a cliffhanger, and everyone who’s read the book knows it did, but I loved it. The graphics were stunning, the actors were top notch and for once in my life, the movie matched the scenery I earlier pictured! Three cheers for a sensible director 😀 But the VA one though…. UGH. I’m not sure if I am underestimating that movie because of the trailer, but I don’t think I’ll be sticking around long enough to find out if I truly did. Not risking it D: I hope the other movies do well though! I have such high expectations for them now 😀

      Well, I am happy that you feel that way about college Fahima! ❤ I sure don't want to leave behind my high school friends when I get to college, but I'll love it if they stay in touch, and I sure hope that they do 🙂 I hope to gain more friends from college too! Hopefully, it will be a blast once I get there! Thank you so much for all of the encouragement ❤

  6. I don’t even know where to start with this comment haha awesome post! I have such respect for the fact that you’re a visual reader. I swear whenever reading about I character all imagine is a blank face with whatever coloured eyes, hair and build. I’m also guilty of defaulting to thinking the books American. Recently I read a book and just assumed until 75% in they mentioned Perth… and it was like, um, Australia? oh… okay! *mind reset*

    I actually started getting a little short of breath seeing your compilation of awesome movies turned books. SO MUCH AWESOMENESS IN ONE POST. I still haven’t seen Catching Fire as well!!! aaaahhh but I also can not wait for The Book Thief, The Spectacular Now, Divergent and TFiOS (omg shailene woodley, you are EVERYWHERE!!).

    I’m not really sure how different American and Australian colleges are, but I found it completely drama-free compared to school. I think it’s because you’re surrounded by people who interests are similar and there’s so much more freedom. Wishing you the best 🙂

    • Thank you Chantelle! 🙂 HAHA actually, the characters in my head have different faces at times, because for me to get an exact face, I have to use an actor’s (which is sad sometimes, cause then they’d have no choice but to be attractive!) except of course, when the book’s been movie-fied already, which makes the job easier. I don’t think I default assume a book is American (though it’s funny how you did HAHA), especially when the author keeps on repeating the place name, like in Daughter of Smoke and Bone. But I DO assume that the characters are American, which is weird, at least for me XD And woaaah Shailene Woodley is everywhere in book to movie these days isn’t she? And so are Miles Teller and Ansel Elgort 😀 Next year is going to be so exciting! And thanks for the best wishes Nara, I do hope I can learn to love college ❤

  7. Dude, I freakin love how the young adult books are taking over the world (err..movies) lol! I’m sooo proud of our authors, book bloggers, and publishers. 😀 Just makes me HAPPY! And I can’t wait to see Catching Fire and The Maze Runner. I’m kind of worried about Divergent because the trailer looked kinda ‘eeeek’ to me.

    • HAHA YES! Even if I’m sometimes scared that the movies are going to ruin my image of the book (especially if its one I loved), but recently, book to movie adaptations have been the bomb diggity. So three cheers for improvement on that front! Those are definitely movies to look out for ❤

  8. Yay, Loki gif! I do number two, as well. Anyway, what I really wanted to address was the college thing. I started college a few months ago and am here to tell you have nothing to worry about 🙂 It is a change, but people are ridiculously nice, such a change from high school your head will do a 180. It’s amazing. People will come up to you and make friends with you and you don’t even have to do anything. Especially since I am really awkward and anti social because of all my bad experiences in high school, college was a great change and self esteem booster! This sounds cheesy, but I am having the time of my life and loving it. My only piece of advice, if you are considering a serious major-be prepared for the massive workload. I still have free time, but it is much, much less and I find myself working a lot harder just to pass by. By all the social aspects, you’ll have a blast 🙂

    • YAY for Loki XD Actually, my high school right now is known for killing its students with the heavy workload– so in terms of adjusting on that front, I think I’m going to do just fine! 🙂 And it’s great to hear that people have matured in college. There is way too much drama in my school life right now, and it’s honestly getting frustrating. But I’m glad that you’re having fun, and I do hope I’ll feel much the same when I get there! So excited ❤

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