Feature and Follow Fridays (10)


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What are some of your favorite magazines?

I used to read a lot of magazines, before the content became repetitive. However, I still do find heaps of pleasure in reading fashion magazines for teens and women both, because I revel in a good outfit. I never really get to order any of the items from the magazines as they are, because they usually require a four-digit stash, in dollars. Either way, one can always settle for a more pocket friendly version, without compromising the style and quality of course 🙂


P.S. I was supposed to feature a few interior design mags, because I LOVE those– however, most of what I read are local titles, which is understandably unfamiliar to a widely international audience.

And that ends this feature! Thanks for stopping by~




20 thoughts on “Feature and Follow Fridays (10)

  1. I buy those magazines at Booksale! Especially the ones with my girl crushes on the cover! I used to buy Candy magazines every month but I stopped last year because it got too boring. I enjoy reading “indie” online magazines as well, especially when they feature art, photography and music! And craft- I read craft magazines too! 🙂

    • YES! I love Booksale ❤ I used to love it like, 10x more, because I really invested in magazines way back when. And I LOVE Candy! Anything with pretty pictures and fashion is definitely on my radar. I don't think my tastes are as artistic as yours, but I do remember having lots of fun with craft mags as well 🙂

  2. I love how colourful your blog is. I’ll definitely visit more often from now on 🙂
    And as far as magazines go, apart from Seventeen, which I don’t think is sold in the UK, we have most all of them in common. I rarely read them though, my TBR is towering way over my magazine stack. So I tend to focus on that.

    Cheers, Katarina 🙂

    PS. I added you to my wordpress reader because that’s where I tend to look for updates. If you’d like me to follow via bloglovin or so, just give me a shout.

    • Really?! AWW yay thank you ❤ And yeah, I used to collect lots of fashion magazines, but now I've toned down to give way for books 🙂 And that's alright– you may follow me anywhere that it's more convenient for you. I'd wanna be able to hear more from you too 😀

  3. Teen Vogue and Seventeen are my favourites! My friend recently got a free subscription from 17 to give to her friend (me!) and well, I have a feeling we’re going to be good friends for a while! I have to admit I still love reading American Girl magazines and from time to time, I might grab an InStyle which I LOVE. And maybe a Girl’s Life when I’m bored. Anyway, great choices! I haven’t flipped through most of them but now I’m curious! 🙂

    • I don’t know the last two you mentioned! Hmm… maybe I should check it out XD I’m a lot into fashion, so I read them from time to time, though definitely not as much 😀 Seventeen was amazing though!

  4. Argh! These are high end magazines, Jasmine! And being a lowly Filipino citizen, I could never afford them. Ahahaha.

    If you ever catch me reading Seventeen or Marie Claire, I am in a hair salon having my hair cut and I’m reading one to ease the boredom. Well, if I think of it, I will just have to visit our local salons to read 17 or MC because they always have endless pile of these two. They’re old editions though.

    And sorry for this ultra late reply. Books and life got in the way.

    • HAHAHA these are RARELY available here in the Philippines, and I only read them when I go to salons as well, or when I have money to spend (which is also rare). But I always did love reading them 🙂 I can read 17 or MC even if they’re old editions, because fashion rarely goes out of date, at least for me. I find something nice once in a while 😀 And that’s okay! I’ve not been around for long either, so I TOTES understand how books and life can get in the way. Still, thank you so much for stopping by! 🙂

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