Weekend Recap (October 7- 13)


This recap was requested by a few of my readers– I’ll be telling you what went down the past week, in and out of Flip That Page, and give you a sneak peek preview of sorts on what to expect for the week to come. Happy blogging! πŸ™‚



I shared ten of the best and worst series endings.

I reviewed Stephanie Perkins’ Anna And The French Kiss.

I also reviewed Rick Riordan’s The House Of Hades.

I shared my thoughts on striking a balance between school and blogging.

I held a debate with my brother on the author John Green.



I came back from a week long hiatus. This should be evident in the fact that I haven’t posted a recap since September 23rd, which of course makes me feel lonely. However, I have resolved to stick to my blog and work my ass off to provide you guys with quality content daily, and so far I think I’ve been holding up the way I want to.

I went through a week of Yearbook photoshoots. I’m a graduating student, and this is definitely one of the highlights of my senior year. It was an entire week of chaos, where the batch gathered in the auditorium to get hair done and makeup fixed and pictures taken– basically, we shared the spotlight as make-believe celebrities. The group shots were the best part, as we got to round up all our previous cliques and circles of friends from all four years of our miserable yet exhilerating high school lives (the Filipino term being ‘barkada‘), and take trips down memory lane with them through pictures. Needless to say, I was breathless in anticipation for the printed copies after I finished.

I contemplated self-hosting. This one stressed me out quite a bit. I’ve always been happy with the way my blog’s been run, but recently, I’ve been considered my better options. Self-hosting seems like capital-F Freedom, and I’ve always wanted to be in total control of my blog, and not have to worry about it shutting down due to external issues. However, it’s quite a bit of work to transfer all of my accomplishments from one blog to the next, and I’m honestly not sure if right now, I’m prepared for that sort of pressure. What do you think?



Top Ten Tuesdays: Top Ten Books I Was Forced To Read

Review: Lola And The Boy Next Door (Stephanie Perkins)

Day of Debate:Β Is There Too Much Romance In YA?

Blogger Bites:Β The Reviewer’s Dilemma

Optional: Feature and Follow / News Post



Alice-Jane talks about the importance of design in the age of e-books.

Anya discusses the new blogging platform Medium.

Asti talks about social media and her blog.

Asti also shares experiences from her first author event.

Charlotte admits her fear of talking to other bloggers and authors.

Charlotte also asks us who reads our blogs.

Chiara shares her review must-haves.

Christy talks about how she organizes for her blog.

Eve discusses the hardships of reviewing books.

Genevieve talks about becoming a book snob.

Hazel talks giving discussions a go.

Helen asks us which horror book we think she should read.

Holly talks about DNFing books.

Kayla discusses the statistical probability of DNFing a book.

Kelley talks about comment exchanges.

Kelly discusses the guilt of not posting.

Kristy and Melissa talk about writing negative reviews.

Meggy shares what she thinks every sidebar should have.

Meggy also shares which fictional inventions she wishes were real.

Lili talks about the do’s and don’ts of blogging during college.

Reem has an interesting conversation with an imaginary publisher.

Sandra shares a list of the things she looks for in a blog.

Shannelle asks us what would happen if Feedburner was to say goodbye.

I write a guest post over at Chiara’s about bloggy best friends and how I met mine!


And that’s it for this week! If I missed anything else, please don’t hesitate to tell me πŸ™‚



23 thoughts on “Weekend Recap (October 7- 13)

  1. I’ve been considering self-hosting, as well :O We are always thinking of the same things, haha.
    I would love to have my own website, rather than a blog – it would just be so awesome. But then there’s money, and transferring, and the whole thing seems kind of terrifying, haha.
    I WANT YEARBOOK PHOTOS. I expect them in my inbox πŸ˜€

    • Yeah we are. More proof of soul-sisterness! Yeah, I’ve been thinking how awesome it would be to have my own website, but I’m just not sure if I’m ready for that. It kills my wallet enough to buy books, and I’m just really not sure if I want to go through the whole process of transferring D: HAHA you’ll get them when they come out πŸ™‚ For now, you must make do with the lame Facebook quality photos XD

      • I know, right! It’s uncanny.
        Yep, you pretty much summed up my feelings right there, haha. Maybe I will look into it a bit more once I am not so uber stressed with uni -.-
        YAY! πŸ˜€ I bet they were fun to take! Did you get to wear pretty clothes? Or do you guys wear a uniform?

      • Yep, we can just get to that later. And together please? It’s less stressful and terrifying if you share your sentiments with your soul sister. HAHA! And YES!! I had one grad shot, with the toga on, and one formal, in a pretty dress, and then a creative shot where you can wear pretty much anything that represents you as long as its decent πŸ™‚ It would be SO boring in just a uniform D:

      • We should definitely do it together! It would reduce the stress, and make it way more fun πŸ˜€
        Aw, man, that sounds like so much fun! Now I definitely have to see them ^.^
        Our yearbook shots were just the school photos from that year, so we were just in our uniforms, which kind of sucked.

      • HAHA woohoo for stress reduction! And AWWW but why D: One day we shall go to this photo studio and have our pics taken together. And then you can superimpose them to your yearbook pics πŸ˜€

      • HAHA it will be ridiculously long, but nowhere near enough to cover for the time when I do go visit πŸ˜€ And yeahh we could pretend like we’re high school buds XD

    • HAHA it mainly stresses me out too, but I like to balance that out with something recreational– in my case, letting my brain fry as I edit writeups XD Yearbook Committee is fun! But maybe that’s just for my weird inclination towards nazi-ing the works of others. Ha! But the photoshoots are really enjoyable though. One of the only times I can get my creative juices flowing with photography πŸ™‚ The senior year will be epic, just you wait!

  2. I guess being on wordpress makes self hosting look better, because of all the things you can do then. I mean, don’t get me wrong, Blogger is terrible, but for now, it does it job. I have thought about making the move from Blogger to WP, but ughhhh.. it’s too much work. And I’m lazy. you do the math.

    But hey! You’re back, which is awesome! πŸ˜€

    • Yeah it does! WordPress gives really tempting deals when it comes to this stuff :O Any sort of transfer seems like a lot of work and pressure. Maybe I should organize a bit more before I try for an upgrade πŸ™‚ And yes I am back! πŸ˜€

  3. I think you won’t be sorry if you go self-hosted, but you seem pretty busy right now. Maybe wait until you have some time off school (I don’t know what the schedule is like with breaks there) and try it then. Transferring isn’t difficult at all, but I know I wanted to check EVERYTHING and make sure it went smoothly. But if you’re like me, once you get the idea into your head, you can’t wait! I paid for a year of hosting upfront so I don’t have to worry about paying the bill every month and I didn’t buy any extras like a custom theme or UBB to keep the costs down.

    • I see πŸ™‚ Thank you! And yeah, I was sorta thinking maybe I should try self-hosting once I have the time and the money both (neither of which I have, not really. HAHA!) But thanks for telling me that it’s not that difficult. Definitely reassures me πŸ˜€

  4. I want to self-host sometime, but I’ve decided to wait for the time being. When I do self-host I will probably be revamping my blog and changing its focus a little bit, and now isn’t the time for me to do that… and plus I’m cheap, so free is good. πŸ™‚

  5. Thank you for this amazing recap!
    And congratulations on graduating! And I can’t really comment on self-hosting, as I came into Book Nerd Reviews when it was already formed – but I say go with whatever you feel most comfortable with (even if there is work initially).

    • You’re very welcome πŸ™‚ And thank you as well! I haven’t graduated, but I hope I will come March next year πŸ˜€ yeah, I will have to take some more time to think about it though. Self-hosting is a tough subject. Thanks for the encouragement!

  6. Self-hosting: every blogger’s dream. Even though I’ve thought a lot about it, I don’t think I can see myself with a self-hosted website in the future! For one, it’s too expensive — I’m only a teenage girl struggling in a growing world — and secondly, I’m kind of all right with the current WordPress blog. I mean, SURE there are tons of limitations (and most of them annoy the hell out of me as well!), but I don’t think they really warrant a move much. That’s just my opinion, though, and I’ve been known for being quite stingy. πŸ˜› But if you do jump aboard the self-hosted train, then I wish you all the best! And I’ll keep an eye out for the changes on your blog that are sure to come.

    Also, thanks for mentioning my posts! It’s always so encouraging to see that people out there value them enough to mention them. ❀

    • Haha, yeah it’s all about the freedom. But it doesn’t come without a literal price! Being 16 and all, doesn’t really give me much of an avenue for the cash D: but one day, even if not too all too soon in the future. For now I am quite happy πŸ˜‰ And thank you Meggy! You’re very welcome as well. LOVE your discussions ❀

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