Which Team Are YOU On?


As you may, or may not have noticed (and that depends on whether or not you genuinely cared for my existence), I went on a week long hiatus from the blog, due to school-related responsibilities. Why did I? I love the blog too much, and remember that episode where I wrote a thousand-word long post on a three-day hiatus, which, by the way, already seems less than significant? Back then I had time enough on my hands to spare, so it made me feel more than just a little bit guilty. This time however, I simple did not have a choice.

So here I am, back from the dead, buried in missed deadlines for a substantial amount of entries. So for the next few hours or so, I’ll be checking Twitter updates, reading feed from Bloglovin’, writing posts for awards, guest posts, discussions, reviews, plus a two-week long recap, not intending to exclude the week I missed.

Heavens help me.

The good news, however, is that my absence meant in no way that I was quitting.  Tell me that’s a good thing! I am going to try, as hard as is humanly possible, to leave you guys a post once each day, and am going to adopt a new strategy—queuing posts for emergencies, that is. It seems like a hassle, but it’s hopefully nothing I can’t handle. So there’s that! But what else is there?

My brain is still a bucket of sludge, as it has assumed that forme for the week, de facto. And have I mentioned the never-ending pictorials for our yearbook, wherein the entire batch gathers inside the auditorium, trapped like goddamned sardines as we fight over a better time slot for each photoshoot? Chaos ensues, believe you me. But what is that as compared to amazing memories kept through time, and friendships treasured till ever after, right? It was well worth the wait and the effort.


But of course I’m not leaving you guys bare! I have, as a matter of fact, been contemplating for the past week now: where do you stand in terms of love triangles? Cliché, I know, and I can practically hear the mental sighs (of utter disgust) right now. Truth of the matter is, I’m getting tired of them too, because its so refreshing to read books with singular love interests nowadays. Yet, my curiosity remains piqued. In the case that you’re interested, take the time to answer this quiz!

It’s pretty simple, really. There are twenty questions, and twenty opportunities for you to choose between two teams from various young adult books: A for one, and B for the other. For the purpose of clarification, I am not asking you to pick the team that you think will win (or has won, in the case of completed series). Instead, I am asking you to choose which side you were/are on, winning or otherwise. In the case that you are undecided, your answer for the question counts as a C. If, on the other hand, you have yet to read all of the books listed (as I certainly have!) simply exclude that question from your total, thus lowering the denominator. By the end of it, tally your choices and compare them with the results below. Feel free to share them with me, as I’ll be sharing mine in return. Happy reading!

I sure damn hope you missed me.

1. The Infernal Devices (Cassandra Clare)

A. Team Will            B. Team Jem

2. The Selection (Kiera Cass)

A. Team Maxon             B. Team Aspen

3. Shatter Me (Tahereh Mafi)

A. Team Adam            B. Team Warner

4. The Iron Fey (Julie Kagawa)

A. Team Ash            B. Team Puck

5. Uglies (Scott Westerfeld)

A. Team David           B. Team Zane

6. Unearthly (Cynthia Hand)

A. Team Tucker            B. Team Christian

7. Heist Society (Ally Carter)

A. Team Hale            B. Team Nick

8. Matched (Ally Condie)

A. Team Ky            B. Team Xander

9. Vampire Academy (Ritchelle Mead)

A. Team Dimitri            B. Team Adrian

10. The Mortal Instruments (Cassandra Clare)

A. Team Jace            B. Team Simon

11. Halo (Alexandra Adornetto)

A. Team Xavier            B. Team Jake

12. Twilight (Stephenie Meyer)

A. Team Edward           B. Team Jacob

13. Blood Of Eden (Julie Kagawa)

A, Team Zeke          B. Team Kanin

14. The Vampire Diaries

A. Team Stefan            B. Team Damon

15. Soul Screamers (Rachel Vincent)

A. Team Nate            B. Team Tod

16. Delirium (Lauren Oliver)

A. Team Alex            B. Team Julian

17. The Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins)

A. Team Peeta            B. Team Gale

18. Hex Hall (Rachel Hawkins)

A. Team Archer            B. Team Cal

19. Covenant (Jennifer L. Armentrout)

A. Team Aiden            B. Team Seth

20. The Chemical Garden (Lauren DeStefano)

A. Team Gabriel           B. Team Linden

Now tally your scores, and here are the results!



You’re all for the original love interests, and are almost sure that through all the risks and leaps of faith, the guy and girl ultimately find themselves wrapped snugly in each other’s arms anyway. Duh. Sometimes, you don’t even notice that there’s a love triangle to begin with– the girl obviously has eyes for one guy only, and is simply welcoming new distractions to keep her life exciting. And that’s fine with you! Most of the time, you’re on the winning team, and such there is little room for complaint. Young Adult must be your new best friend.

Sample lines:

“He is so going to get the girl.”

“So there’s another guy in the picture. Oh pleaaaaase.”

“YES! I just knew she’d be picking him!”



You tend to go for broke, and pine for the anti-heroes, the devil-may-knows, the bad boys in the background, the overlooked childhood friends, the lovers with feelings more often than not unreciprocated. It doesn’t matter if heartbreak is inevitable, for both you and the guy in question. You genuinely believe that the “underdog” not only deserves the girl’s love, but needs it. Though you team wins less often, you decide to sink with the ship regardless. Your team had waaaay more chemistry, anyway– who cares about a stupid happy ending?

Sample lines:

“I am now officially a convert.”

“Oh come on, gurl. Take a risk and live a little damnit!”

“Excuse me as I go stab myself to make up for someone else’s big mistake.”



You’re not sure of where you stand. You think both the guys are equally adorable, equally deserving, equally in need, and equally drowning in perpetual sex appeal. Yummy. You don’t care much for teams, as twice the love is the way to go. Choose one and then the other, it doesn’t matter. Hell, the three of them could even escape into the horizon in polygamous bliss, and you’d still find yourself contented. You’re all for the safest bet: either way, your team wins and you’re happy, unless one of them dies a cruel, unforgivable death, in which case your wrath shall be unleashed upon humanity.

Sample lines:

“I am literally unable to even.”

“How does one even choose a goddamned side?!”

“Nooooo. They’re both too dead sexy to let go of!”



My Teams

(7A, 5B, 0C)

So that tells me I’m an Original-Underdog hybrid, inclined towards the Original side! How’s bout you? Comment and tell me, because I missed you too!myteams



38 thoughts on “Which Team Are YOU On?

  1. I know all about being busy, I have so much homework and stuff to do right now that most of the time I don’t even have time to read! So I’m impressed with your plan to write posts for every day – I hope it goes well and good luck 🙂
    I’m mostly team original too, somehow I just always like the “winner” in the love-triangle. The major exception is, however, The Infernal Devices where I was totally rooting for Jem all the way! But honestly, I’m a bit tired of all the love-triangle things and look forward to the day when it doesn’t seem to be required in YA.

    • HAHA relate, right? XD And thank you, I hope it works too 🙂 I totally fell in love with Jem the first time I visualized him playing the violin, and he was SUCH a gentle person who cared both for Will and Tessa! But yeah, love triangles in YA seems to be required, but I hope one day it won’t be this common.

  2. Wow, that is a lot of love triangles. I just realized that Cassie Clare’s two series have love triangles.

    As for Shatter Me, I’m giving my decision once the final book is out. Warner’s a jerk, and Adam’s sweet, but Juliet doesn’t really have much reason to like Adam, except that he was nice to her in the past. She has more in common with Warner, but nope, i still do not like.

    • HAHAHA isn’t it? And that’s just the filtered list. I decided to use the more popular ones, but they are everywhere!! Warner WAS a jerk, but after Destroy Me, I don’t think he IS. But we’ll see! I hope Ignite Me does not disappoint because if it does, SHIT WILL BE FLIPPED

  3. Love this! My teams 7 – A, 4 – B & 1 – C

    I am currently undecided on Team Tucker or Team Christian! I was Team Tucker in Unearthly, Team Christian in Hallowed and I haven’t read Boundless yet so I don’t know which team I will be on when the trilogy is over 😀

    • Nice! Hmmm, it seems most of us are on Originals! I have yet to get started on Unearthly, as a matter of fact, but the love triangle there seems intriguing, definitely the type to leave you undecided! XD Somehow that scares me, but I really do want to get to read the book 🙂

  4. Oh yes, you are completely right with this quiz. I picked 5 B’s and 4 A’s and I definitely recognize myself in the Underdog team. Most of the times, I always seem to pick the one the MC never ends with. But hey, at least he is free for me :p Haha.

    The A answers: Tucker, Jace, Alex & Gabriel.
    The B answers: Puck, Jacob, Kanin, Damon & Cal.

    • Really? Aww thanks, that’s great 😀 I don’t really regret picking the underdogs, but it definitely gets sad when they don’t get the girl 😦 But you’re right– then again, they’d be available for me. Haha! I was actually gonna say undecided for Puck and Ash, because Puck was so genuine and adorable, but *siiiigh* sometimes love triangles make it so hard for me.

  5. I am so glad that you are back! I understand all about busy schoolwork, so I guess I can forgive you. 😉
    As for my results:
    3 A’s
    3 B’s

    I guess I don’t mind new love interests coming in to the picture, but I thought for sure I would be more of an “original” type. The only love triangle where I really love the new interest over the original is in the case of Shatter Me. I am Team Warner, which I know he is a villain blah blah blah, but Adam is especially whiny in the second book.

    Generally, I can’t stand love triangles, but some are written pretty well that they don’t bother me. A good example is Throne of Glass by Sarah Maas. Have you read it?

    • Aww thank you! 🙂 HAHA yeah school is really stressing me out, but boy am I glad to be forgiven XD And YES on Warner! I wasn’t open to the idea of him after Shatter Me, but Unravel Me and Destroy Me completely changed my mind. He’s more than a jerk, definitely, and I have this soft spot for anti heroes sometimes XD I don’t really like love triangles nowadays, because they’re so common and frustrating, but they still get exciting when done right 🙂 And no, I haven’t! Maybe I should, because I’ve seen loads of rave reviews. A good love triangle doesn’t sound too bad either 😉

  6. Well, if I’ve learned one thing from list list, it’s that I have not read enough of these books! Time to hit Barnes and Noble (what a shame)!

    10. A – Team Jace
    12. A – Team Edward (Like seriously just leave Jacob alone in his happy sunshine world and go mope with your sparkly self-loathing vampire)
    14. B – Team Damon for sure! Although I’m not sure how I feel about him in season 4…
    17. A – Team Peeta. My dandelion boy.

    • HAHA! I haven’t read all these either, but you definitely have to try more out 😉 Aww I only half-share the teams with you. Oh no D: But DAMON! I mean, I was getting a bit tired by Season 4, but I still prefer him 🙂 And Peeta. HAHA Of course ❤

  7. Sorry you’ve been so busy! It’s good that you’re back, though. .:)

    3. B – Team Warner
    4. A – Team Ash
    8. B – Team Xander (though honestly neither of them do much for me)
    9. A – Team Dimiri
    12. A – Team Edward
    13. B – Team Kanin
    16. A – Team Alex
    17. B – Team Gale
    20. A – Team Gabriel

    I seem to have a mixture of As and Bs, so I’m not sure where I fall in your 3 categories (well, definitely not C lol). Nice post.

    • Yes, I am glad that I am! You’re a hybrid! You’re more of Original though, like me 😀 I don’t know bout Xander, because I haven’t read Matched, but oooh you’re Team Gale XD And yeah, I think a lot of people are decisive when it comes to teams 😀

  8. Welcome back, Jasmine! I’ve been largely absent myself lately, so I understand popping out of the blogsphere for a spell! I’ve only read three of these books, so I just had two A’s and one B (Maxon, Xander, and Peeta), not enough to determine much, except I think (OK I know) I like nice guys who are upfront about their feelings. 🙂 Fun quiz idea!

    • HAHA aww really? Well then, let us both hope we can keep catching up with the blogosphere! 🙂 I hate missing days for posts 😦 HAHA oh, well that tells me you’re more an Original, but that doesn’t determine much, like you say. Well then, you MUST go read more! And YES to the nice upfront guys! I am so tired of the bad abusive boys *sigh*. And thank you 😀

  9. Welcome back and taking a hiatus is always good because that means
    a. You’re not quitting 😀
    b. You’re more inspired to blog after coming back from a hiatus (well, that’s how I feel).
    I took a mini-hiatus 4 days hiatus too 😀 Well, I didn’t even know I took a hiatus because I was very busy with school this past week 😦 I still am though BOO!
    For the love triangles, I am so OVER them! Some love triangles makes sense but others are just WHY THE HELL IS THERE A LOVE TRIANGLE!?
    Here are my teams:
    I have not read the other books 😦


    • HAHA right! I decided not to think if them in a negative light anymore, since hiatuses seem to get me pumped up for blogging too 🙂 And yeaaaahh love triangles do get tiring! Unless done right of course, in which case it excites me ❤ We sort of have different teams but you're more on the Original side like me, it seems!

  10. LOVED this, Jasmine! I’m a Team Underdog though! I couldn’t really decide between Puck and Ash for that one point, because I ADORE Puck to an infinite degree, but I still love Meghan and Ash together!
    I’m so glad you’re back! No, you’re presence is definitely a gift, and never think otherwise! I’ll be looking forward to more of your posts then! 😀
    Great post, and thanks for telling me which Team I am! ❤

    • Awww YAY! Glad you liked it Emily 🙂 HAHA yeah it took me quite a long time to decide between Ash and Puck, because Puck is so ADORABLE. But then I always did like Ash :O This is why love triangles get really agitating sometimes! And yaaaaay you are so sweet :”> HAHA you’re welcome as well, happy you liked the quiz 🙂

  11. Of course we missed you! But it’s always good to take a break if you feel overwhelmed and such 🙂
    8As, 5Bs, 3Cs
    So mostly originals haha
    As- Will, Maxon (tables will be flipped if she doesn’t freaking end up with Maxon), Ash, Edward, Zeke, Archer, Aiden, Gabriel
    Bs- Warner (he’s insane but I love him), ADRIAN (love, love, love Adrian. More than Dmitri anyways), Simon, Tod (is he really the underdog? when he emerges as an actual love interest, he kinda becomes the main one), Julian
    Cs- because I don’t really care who the MC ends up with: Ky/Xander, Tucker/Christian, Peeta/Gale

    • Awww 🙂 I’m glad I took a break though 😀 Oh hey you’re Originals too! And we totally agree on Warner’s awesomeness and simultaneous insanity. I always did love Adrian, but not so much as a love interest unfortunately! And hmmm. I’m not too sure about Tod, since I haven’t read his series, although based on the synopsis, Nash seems to have been the ‘original’ you know? XD So I had to put him under underdog 🙂 Same happened with Jem actually, he emerged as the main at some point. HAHA I have only read about Peeta/Gale in your undecideds. I have to go read the rest! Thanks for sharing Nara, I missed you too!!

  12. Hey, school is important! We know you’ll be back : ) I hope everything is okay ❤

    1. Umm both? I liked both Will and Jem. It's impossible to decide.
    2. Since I'm currently reading this one, I can't say much, but I think Maxon (A) is better.
    3. I'm Team Kenji (C). Adam became whiny and I don't like that Warner, despite everything he did in Shatter Me, was romanticized.
    4. I haven't read the book(s).
    5. I haven't read the book(s).
    6. Team Tucker (A). Christian can go eff himself. Bastard.
    7. I haven't read the book(s).
    8. I haven't read the book(s).
    9. TEAM DIMITRI (A) ALL THE WAY! Even though I do love Adrian, too.
    10. Team Alec (C). I don't like Jace and it was obvious Simon wasn't getting the girl.
    11. Neither. Both were dumb as hell. And I DNF'ed the 2nd book as soon as I realized Lucifer was called "Big Daddy". Ew. (C)
    12. Team Charlie Loads the Shotgun and Goes On A Supernatural Killing Spree. (C)
    13. I haven't read the book(s).
    14. Team Stefan (A). I know everyone is Damon-crazy and I still like him sometimes, but he keeps screwing up. He killed Elena's bro in the 1st season and if he had stopped antagonizing Klaus, Stefan wouldn't have had to make a deal with K to save Damon's life. Which ruined his relationship with Elena. So, yes. I do blame Damon : D
    15. I haven't read the book(s).
    16. I haven't read the book(s).
    17. Team Gale (B). Sue me.
    18. TEAM ARCHER, OF COURSE. (A). Cal pissed me off. He needs to learn about the Bro Code.
    19. I haven't read the book(s).
    20. I haven't read the book(s).

    Obviously, I've read almost nothing from your list : D
    As – 5
    Bs – 1
    Cs – 4

    I'm an Original Shipper. It feels original. But not really : D

    • HAHAHA yeah I knew I couldn’t just quit this thing. NEVER EVER EVER XD But everything is going splendid, and I do hope to catch up! And I love how you took the time to break down your answers for me! ❤ And that's okay, I've only read about half of these books too XD Well, you're Original like me, but somehow undecided since you don't really care about some of the triangles (me neither! GO KENJI). So yeah, thank you for sharing Eve!!

  13. I FEEL SO BAD NOW BECAUSE I NEVER REALIZED YOU WERE GONE FOR A WEEK AND WAAAAHH. I feel like Dobby after he’s said something bad about his master. But if it makes things better, I missed your presence! 😦 Gah, I feel horrible, but I’m going through the same thing, too, only I’m too dedicated to my blog to give up on it — even for a week! It’s great to have you back, though. Don’t let school get you down too much (easier said than done, I know).

    But anyway, this post reminded me so much that I still have so many books I want to read! That’s why my total score came up to 2 A’s, 3 B’s. Guess I’m Team Underdog, though lol, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I like bad boys in the background. No sir, no bad boys for me. Ever. 😛

    Thanks for putting together such a fun quiz! And, uh, I’ll make sure to pop by your blog more often so I don’t miss out on any of your goings-on!

    • HAHAHA nahh, that’s fine 🙂 I think there are bloggers out there who go on hiatuses and I don’t notice either! There are so many goings-on in the blogosphere right now to notice everything. But boy am I glad you stopped by anyway!! HAHA that’s okay, I haven’t read all the books on here either. We all need to catch up! And yeah, I like a lot of boys who stay in the background, but ‘bad boy’ makes me sort of hesitant XD And you’re welcome Meggy!! Thank you so much too, but really there is no need. I already feel the love ❤

  14. Welcome back — and oh, what a fun idea!

    So this quiz really surprised me. First, because I could only answer 6 out of freaking 20 (obviously I haven’t read enough paranormal YA?)!! Secondly, because I ended up with mostly A’s (well, 3/6), which means I’m normally on the side of the original love interest. This is surprising because I wrote a whole blog post a while back about how that wasn’t the case for me! Hmmm… >_>

    Anyway, so much fun! Now I’m tempted to make a chart to expand on this, for series I’ve read but aren’t on your list!

    • Thank you Kelley! 😀 HOORAY for quizzes XD I haven’t read a lot of these either, but I’m on Original too. I think this quiz wasn’t as accurate for you since you only used 6, but hey, I hope one day you do get to read more of these! Some of them are seriously great. And I think the chart idea is fantastic! Pull through, pull through 😀 maybe it’d be better if you used series that relate better to you 🙂

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