Blogger Bites: Why Do YOU Read?


Disclaimer: This post has very little to do with the blogging process, but it will be fun nonetheless! Of course it is.

A few days prior, Lillian and I had a short, yet meaningful discussion over at Twitter (where short is perpetual, and meaningful is rare). She and I talked love for books, and how unearthed ours—she of course, inspired by the conversation, decided to put up an amazing post of her own at For Books And Cake, regarding the “derivation of her bookish genes”, tagging me in the process! So of course, I’ll be sharing a Throwback Thursday rip-off of sorts, but this time with words instead of pictures! I seriously hope you prefer the latter, because books are ALL about words. So who’s in? If you are, please do leave a comment and share your own stories!


I don’t come from a bookish family. My mom reads books on occasion, but she prefers them either spiritual or adult, neither of which appeal to me in passing. My brother reads as well, but not even close to half as much as I do, since he already has more than enough on is plate with college (or uni, as you may prefer to call it), constantly burning the midnight oil, such that it’s a wonder he can manage a Day of Debate post. My dad avoids books like the plague. He’s sort of obsessive compulsive in that he won’t start a book he can’t finish in one sitting, and unless he’s amassed enough sleep and coffee (he hasn’t), it’s not gonna happen.

I have loved books since pre-school, but have been collecting them since the blog only. My shelf is a lackadaisical attempt at calling itself a shelf, and I can attest to that because of its size (or lack, thereof). I’ve been reading for as long as I can remember, and I can remember pretty far back. However, I only used to do so whenever I had the money, because my parents trained me to save up for my own luxuries at a tender age. Unfortunately, I never really had much to spend in the first place, since I was always running around in school, and consequently always hungry. I was probably the cafeteria’s most frequent customer. Therefore, I couldn’t read as much as I would have wanted to.


A lot of the people I call friends are readers. And for this, I am eternally grateful. Before the blog, my recommendations were in receipt of my classmates, usually in the standard format “JASMINE YOU HAVE GOT TO READ THIS MYGOLLY HE WAS SO ATTRACTIVE”. This usually worked. My brother also helped cement my love for literature, fanboying with me in terms of Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and Percy Jackson.

I used to read a whole lot of manga. A lot of people still do, and truth be told, I haven’t completely gotten over this phase just yet. Even though it sometimes seems weird that I am attracted to graphics and CGI, I console myself with the fact that as of the moment I am attracted to a few words on paper, tailgated by a vivid mental image of my celebrity crush. Now however, I have stopped collecting manga (I used to read anything CLAMP) and have instead begun establishing my collection of books. And for this, I hold no regrets.

My bookish habits have changed over the years since Flip That Page. I don’t enter a bookstore and leave empty-handed anymore, for example. I read one or two books each week, instead of the usual one or two each month (home reading reports inclusive). I have known for a long time that a book is a krabby patty, and I, a resident of bikini bottom. I never really used to act on impulse, buying books more than I should have (and we all do, admit it! Tell me your pile isn’t just behemothic, and I’ll reconsider).

readingBiting off more than I can chew. And I love it.


So, for the derivation of my bookish genes, I’ll have to consider the three most significant factors due its envisage:

  1. My habit of reading manga, which got me started on the concept of fangirling.
  2. My classmates and brother, who unremittingly recommended and read with me.
  3. My innate reader self, a steady flame that has since been burning from the out within.

Now here comes the fun part: What’s the derivation of yours? 😀

Do tell! Sound off in the comments and make my day 🙂



28 thoughts on “Blogger Bites: Why Do YOU Read?

  1. I’ve never tried manga. My cousin eats my head off talking about anime and I’ve always thought the two were related.
    Anyhow, your GIFs make me melt! Seriously! ^o^

    You were part of a cultural and social transmission of hobby! And genes. Reading is in your blood. I can tell. Not that I have your blood samples…(Sounds creepy, doesn’t it?)

    I should leave before you put a restraining order against me!
    Thank you fellow Raven Girl for replying! 😉


    • HAHAHA manga is great to an extent, but I think I’ve somehow graduated from all that 🙂 It doesn’t feel the same when I read anymore you know? I’ve found a new (and hopefully permanent) hobby 😀 And thanks! Tumblr is a great gif source, right XD And haha no, that’s okay! I am what you say I am. And no restraints here! I welcome weirdness with open arms. Thanks for commenting Lillian, my fellow Raven Girl 😉

  2. Dad started me reading the Lord of the Rings at 8 years old. I didn’t have much of a chance xD And even before that, before I could even read, I’d pick out all the picture books and sit on the floor surrounded by them, just staring at the pages.

    It’s pretty much in my system from the beginning! But with college (I totally sympathize with your brother) I had to stop reading so much – after I graduated though I got back in to it, and especially now with the blogging I read 2-3 books a week 🙂

    • …. I have yet to read the Lord of the Rings. D: I have watched it though, and those movies we some serious cool beans XD I don’t remember being a kid, but my parents keep telling me that I used to read before I could read read. As in, stare at the pages lovingly or something. HAHA! And I’m kind of apprehensive of losing time to read for college, but I think college is going to be more relaxed for me, so the situation is going to go in reverse 🙂 so yeah! I love blogging.

  3. I really didn’t start reading until I was already in my twenties and the only reason I stared then is because a co-worker shoved Twilight at me and told me that I had to read it. I was very hesitant at first, but I’m so glad that I gave it a try because it really brought about my love of reading.

    • OOOOH late bloomer, like me! XD I have loved reading since day one, but I never really started to truly invest in it until this May, when I began blogging 🙂 its truly opened up a lot of doors for me in terms of reading, because my parents are now more tolerant of my buying habits. And I love blogging seriously, but of course not just because I get to read books more often. It’s a lovely community 😉

  4. You know, there is not a time I remember not reading. Yesterday I was watching old pictures of me and I’ve seen a lot of photos with me holding books :p even when I was too young to read them, I was trying to.

    My mother and father also read bedtime stories every single day. I still know how much I loved that 🙂 It made it easy for me to fall asleep, because it gave me something to start dreaming about.

    Reading for me is everything. It’s something I love so much and I’m truly passionate about it. There is not a dream where I not read and try to talk about it. It completes me as a person. It gives me the opportunity to leave the real world for a moment, to go to another place, make friends, fall in love – and after that I’m able to fangirl with other booklovers 😀 It’s such a warm community.


    • Really? I wish I never stopped being a reader either– sometimes though, its just to hard to find the time 😦 I remember being read bedtime stories though! I think I loved it a whole too 😀 And it’s great to see how passionate you are about this, and it certainly manifests with the blog. Books are definitely otherworldly, and I love how they can stir emotion in me the way even reality can’t! So yeah I am with you on the book love ❤ Thanks for sharing!

  5. I come from a family of readers. My parents are both teachers so they encouraged us to read a lot. We didn’t have much money when I was a kid but they were always buying us books (new or used, it didn’t matter), and we got a lot of hand-me-downs from older cousins too.

  6. I don’t think I come from a reading family. My bro and dad both avoid books like plagues. My mom used to read tons of books each week because she was studying linguistics. But that’s about it. I started reading when I ordered Percy Jackson from the school’s scholastic catalogue 🙂 And that’s all I read (millions of re-reads) for a year. From there, I started YA. I wish I could have a job that has to do with books in the future! Great post, Jasmine 🙂

    • Oh it’s nice to hear that you independently developed your love for books, in a sense 😀 I ADORE Percy Jackson, and I think I was in a bit of a year long reading slump before my cousin introduced it to me 🙂 so hooray for that! And I hope you get the job of your choosing too– you’ll get there, I just know it 😉

  7. CLAMP! Man, i love their art and their super complicated plots.

    I’ve been reading ever since I was a young child, mostly due to this birthday present I got. Maybe receiving a book just somehow affected my childhood forever. I also spent a lot of time in the library, way back when i never understood how poor the selection was.

    Oh wait, that’s the high school library . . .

    • YES! Till now, when I’m not such a big fan anymore, I still find their art really amazing. People complain about the disproportionate limbs, but I find that I don’t much care 😀 and cool, life changing present HAHA! Well I’m glad to have met you here, so thank you to whoever gave you that gift XD I have never really read from the library. *sigh* in terms of my school’s library, poor selection is an understatement D:

  8. My mum is a super avid reader and she brought us up on books (which I’m sooo thankful for). I totally understand what you mean about your bookish tastes changing over the years, though. Same! I read anything YA now, whereas a few years ago I wouldn’t touch contemporary romances. Now they’re kind of nice. ^_^

    • NICE! My mom reads, like a lot, but I just wish she were more into the things I like to read XD but yeah, I’m thankful that I became a reader like her 🙂 I used to really dislike contempo, but now that I’ve given in to numerous recommendations, I think the genre is finally starting to grow on me 😀

  9. From a young age my parents have cultivated reading into me, they’ve always encouraged me to read but when I was a kid I always stuck to the same few authors, I didn’t like change. So now after blogging, I’m willing to try out new authors and my parent’s only complaint is that I buy too many books xD

    My friends aren’t really readers, they do but not as much as I do. This is why book blogging is so perfect I find, it’s letting me blog about something I’ve loved my entire life and it just feels at home here 🙂

    • RIGHT! I always used to buy the same books from the same authors, but now that I know a lot more of them, I’m way more open to change, like you are! My parents don’t usually complain about my buying habits though– it’s my money I use anyway XD and I have loved every bit of blogging ever since I got here. I can seriously hardly imagine quitting 😮

  10. I love this! I don’t come from a reading family. I was the kid who wrote stories (to the point the principal would ask for copies of them and read them) and I would spend my summers reading Sherlock Holmes when I read all the Nancy Drew books. Even as an adult, I’m always with a book, but there was a time when I didn’t pick up any. I went through a phase of not reading from about 16 to 22. The summer, I picked up books again. I was working on an important research project and stressed out since I had the summer to research and write and haven’t looked back since.

    As a blogger, I’m a bit more picky on where my money goes for books. If I really liked that ARC I reviewed, I’ll purchase a copy. I also notice my TBR list is 10 times bigger than a few years ago.

    • Thank you for sharing! 😀 And I’m happy you like this post YAY ❤ I love Nancy Drew. I never really got to collect a lot of them, but the books I did read were GOOD. And boy am I relieved you got back to reading! My TBR pile is now massive too D: School prevents it from getting any smaller 😦 But I will catch up one day, and you will too!

  11. First and formoste I stumbled across your blog a few weeks ago on bloglovin and followed instantaneously, I love your blog! Your layout is beautiful too!

    My bookish Genes defiantly came from my mum who is never without a book and complains that she never has time for TV (but we all know its because of how she prefers to read at night!)

    I started to read the Harry potter series when I was eight and the rest is history! I read a lot before then of course but from there I remember being hooked on fantasy worlds and fantastic beasts! There have been times when I’ve read less since but ill always have at least one book on the go and after 13 years my sister has also finally got into it too!

    We are definitely a big reading family and my friends are all readers too my best friend is an even bigger reader than me and is never short of recommendations not that I’m ever short of books!

    Once again I can’t tell you how much I love your blog!

    Love Kim x

    • AWWWW ❤ Thank you so much for the loving! Aww I wish my mom liked books more than TV! I mean I love her to bits and pieces, but sometimes I just wish her tastes were more like mine XD HAHAHA definitely Harry Potter was one of the books that started it all for me. I finished the last books recently, but I followed the movies with devotion. *sigh* it seems to be nice to be part of a bookish family! I am happy that you are 😉 Once again, thanks for the love ❤ ❤ ❤

  12. Haha, I’m addicted to manga too! Though I actually became addicted after I became a book-reading fiend– manga is just something I read whenever I don’t feel like reading walls of text 😛 Or you know, when I’m in the mood for manga.

    I got into reading when I was in first grade and found out about the Junie B. Jones series. I don’t even know if I would still be a bookish person if I hadn’t read Junie B!

    Would it be okay to write a post inspired by this? It’s just that this is such GREAT post 😛

    • HAHAHA nice! I don’t read manga now, because the feeling just isn’t the same, but it will always be a part of my past that I embrace 🙂 I KNOW what Junie B. Jones is and I’ve read a few of those XD And nooo, I would love to see a post like this on your blog! Thank you for that, and for stopping by Lesley ❤

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