Weekend Recap (September 16 – 22)


This recap was requested by a few of my readers– I’ll be telling you what went down the past week, in and out of Flip That Page, and give you a sneak peek preview of sorts on what to expect for the week to come. Happy blogging! 🙂



I shared ten of the books on my TBR pile for fall.

I checked back in from an uncalled for hiatus!

I interviewed my brother for a Day of Debate special.

I shared my thoughts on international blogging.



I went on a short hiatus. I never wanted to let a day go by without letting you guys hear from me. This week, I went without for three. This of course, bothered me to no end, even if some others wouldn’t even start to consider this a hiatus– three short days, what am I going on about?! But you see, I am very particular when it comes to posting, especially because I am proud of the way I juggle my online activity with school. It’s been really hard on me, but I am trying to get back on track. So here I am! Let’s do this.

I pulled an all nighter and went on an ANTM marathon. I did say I was starting to relive my addiction! I don’t understand why I can manage to tolerate this show, even if I’ve been watching it for eight years like there’s no tomorrow. It’s an unorthodox form of relaxation, but hey, now that they allow guys to compete, I have a better excuse. If you watch this too, Who’re you rooting for?! (Cory + Jeremy for comeback)

I organized my TBR pile and switched to BookLikes. I’ve been ripping my wallet to shreds by stocking up on books, and I needed to give my shelf a makeover. As for BookLikes, I haven’t been in the dark completely. I know all about the drama behind Goodreads’ new policy, and I’m one of the bloggers who completely disapprove. This isn’t to say, however, that I am completely giving up on that site, because I have been linking back to them since day one. But unless they change things up, I don’t think I’ll be checking back any time in the near future.



Top Ten Tuesdays: Books On My TBR List

Review: A Study In Silks (Emma Jane Holloway)

Day of Debate: On  John Green

Blogger Bites: What’s Your Derivation Of Bookish Love? (Tag by Lillian!)

Crossover From This Week:

Review of My Life Next Door (Huntley Fitzpatrick)

Optional: Feature and Follow / News Post



Alena shares some love for Nicholas Sparks.

Anya asks us where we post our reviews.

Arial discusses fonts on book covers.

Ashtyn talks about not knowing the number of a book in a series.

Bec shares her blogging goals and dreams.

Cait shares her thoughts on comparative titles.

Cait and Mime talkwriting on books you’re not passionate about.

Cee talks about prepping blog posts.

Charlotte at Asti’s shares tips on getting your blog to stand out.

Charlotte also discusses recalling books you’ve read.

Chiara at Candice’s discusses book boyfriends.

Chiara also shares her list of blog must-haves.

Christina explains why she thinks fantasy trumps contemporary.

Claire explains why Warner Bros. should hire her.

Hazel shares a list of quirky contemporary kids.

Helen talks about getting overly emotional while reading.

Jessica talks about the voices in your head as you read.

Jillian tells us why she doesn’t request for ARCs.

Kezia discusses that moment when someone hates her favorite book.

Laura at Asti’s talks about reading the blogs you follow.

Laura talks about going digital.

Lauren at Asti’s talks MC’s she’d find annoying in real life.

Lauren also talks about reading the right books at the right places.

Lillian shares the derivation of her bookish genes (and tags me YAY!)

Meggy shares a quiz on bookish quotes.

Mel at Asti’s shares some fairy-tale recommendations.

Mel also discusses experiences with tackling series books.

Melissa shares some tips before hitting publish.

Octavia shares her hatred for people who ban books.

Reem categorizes the different types of writers.

Reem also shares a rewritten ending to Harry Potter.

Renae discusses the social media changes she’s making.

Sandra asks: who are you to tell me what to read?

Shannelle rants on the new Goodreads policy.

Shannelle also talks about the problem with email subscribing.

designAnd that’s it for this week! If I missed anything else, please don’t hesitate to tell me 🙂

P.S. Please pardon me as I tend to go missing in action without prior warning– school has been getting in the way, so it’s been a challenge to find myself time for the blog. But I’ll keep trying, no worries!



6 thoughts on “Weekend Recap (September 16 – 22)

  1. I understand how you feel about your “hiatus”. The longest I’ve been on break has been two days, and even that was killer. But sometimes school just gets in the way, so I have tried to give myself permission to not stress over it.

    I am looking forward to the John Green debate. That sounds so exciting.

    Love your round up list! And thanks so much for including me. I know I will visit lots of other discussion-y posts.

    • Thank you! HAHA yeah, I just don’t like it when I see an empty slot of for posts on my calendar D: Probably makes me OCD, but hey, each to his own device XD and woohoo, me too! I think you’ll have fun reading the John Green debate 😉 And thanks, you’re welcome as well 😀

  2. Thanks for linking my list, lovely! 🙂 Like you, I was on an uncalled for hiatus too. For a different reason though. I messed up my site and it was down for several days. It was devastating but at least it’s up now and I’m back. 😀 Eeep, I still haven’t checked out Booklikes yet. While I do dislike the new GR policy, I really really don’t want to have to switch. 😦 I’m both excited and terrified of your John Green debate. I love and adore him so it’s difficult to read oppositions about him, haha. Nonetheless, I’ll definitely watch out for the debate!

    • No problem, lovelier! HAHA! Anywaaaay, I’m happy for you! As long as you come back, all is well 😀 BookLikes is pretty cool, but it’s not as updated, and quite hard to get around, and I honestly don’t want to have to make the switch either. Goodreads should just fix things up already, and actually listen to what the reviewers have to say *sigh* HAHA hmmm I hope the debate excites you! Everyone loves a little John Green 😉

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