Day of Debate Special: I Interview Bro!


This is a feature my brother came up with— wherein we tackle certain topics on books, young adult or not, and give you guys the low down on our opinions of them (which, mind you, generally differ). I’ll be encoding our conversation, and if you guys have any opinions of your own on the topic, or on the heated discussion, feel free to once again make my day and comment!

My brother is seventeen, a college sophomore, approximately one year and two days older. His name is Juan (that’s pronounced like the number, one), and he’s my best friend. No matter what anyone else says.



Jasmine: Nobody cares about your sorry ass.

Juan: I will stare daggers at you until you take that back.

Jasmine: Okay, okay! Everyone missed you. And since they did, it’s your time to shine! You’re on the hot seat, bro.

Juan: Fun times ahead my friends. Now bask in my glory.

designWhat do you do in your spare time?

Ehmm… Well, I watch a lot of anime, read a lot-ish books, and you know, nerdy stuff. I philosophize on the meaning of life to no avail. I have not come to an acceptable conclusion, and now my very existence seems pointless.

LOL kidding! But you know the drill. I eat, sleep, brush my teeth, do something for leisure. Annoy the living hell out of you, for example. Then I run to my room, hide, and build a fortress. I listen to music, meditate. Then I hibernate till the next day. It’s an endless cycle.

Sounds fun. NOT! Anyway, would you rather get trampled by one elephant sized duck, or by one hundred duck sized elephants?

I go for the hundred eleducks / duckphants. Sounds like it hurts a lot less.

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck would chuck wood?

About a hundred logs. Don’t ask me how I figured that out.

No intention to! Okay, Why are you still single?

Because of the girl I like. She has yet to declare her undying love for me, and I ain’t making a move till that happens. In layman’s terms, I’m stuck in the friendzone. FML, kiddies.

AW. I’m here for ya, bro. Let’s talk Hollywood! Which celebrity would you go gay for?

Ooooooh, Justin. And I mean Timberlake, not Bieber.

Don’t you even ask why gurrrrrrl. *flips hair*

Describe yourself in three words.

Extremely handsome and smart. Oh wait— that’s four words. Well, the undeniable must be spoken in whatever fashion.

What is your current jam?


*Jasmine starts shifting in her seat uncomfortably*

Oh. Wait, you meant music? BAHAHAHA. Well then, anything indie. Radiohead and Imagine Dragons, maybe? Sometimes, I even listen to soothing, sleepy music. And no, I don’t mean Mozart. I meant something more like Lana Del Rey’s Pawn Shop Blues.

Why do you like watching anime?

Well it’s a solitary pleasure for a loner like me. And I love the culture.

Why doesn’t your crush have a crush on you?

Because she is blind to my Logan Lerman-esque good looks, my Albert Einstein-esque genius, and my Mother Teresa-esque kind heart. Not to mention my 8-pack abs. OF PURE STEEL.

You scare the crap outta me sometimes. What do you want to be when you grow up?

When I grow up, I wanna be famous , I wanna be a star, I wanna be in movies. When I grow up, wanna see the world, drive nice cars, wanna have groupies.

Hahaha no. Really I just wanna work with disabled kids while making a decent living.

You touch my heart! Anyway, Why don’t you read books as much as I do?

Because I have other concerns and have to secure myself a promising future. And because you sniff books like goddamned crack.

Trivia time! Did you know Frankenstein was actually the mad scientist, and not the monster?


My whole life is a lie!

Yup, pretty much the same reaction here! Okay, what is your favorite book?

The Sea of Monsters, The Bridge to Terabithia, Nineteen Minutes. Lots of different genres.

Who is your favorite author?

Jodi Picoult for court drama, Harlan Coben for mystery or action, Haruki Murakami for random, deep shit, J.K. Rowling for young adult fantasy and my all time favorite! E.L. James for adult fantasy (I’m obviously kidding).

What do you think of book to movie adaptations?

I don’t like them very much. The media are just too different.

What is your opinion on the upcoming TV series ‘Beasts and Other Magical Whatnot’?

It has a terrible PG-13 title.

…Oh, that’s not actually the title? Sorry, ‘Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them’, I think it’s called. And well, it’s great then!

Can you write me a romantic story in 5 sentences or less?

Once there was an ugly barnacle. This barnacle was so ugly it lived in seclusion. And then a pretty barnacle visited it and said he was a handsome barnacle. The barnacle was happy and gave her a big wet barnacle kiss.

The author of this story is a genius.

That was the most uninspiring heartfelt piece of utter crap literary genius I’ve ever had the displeasure honor to call myself a part of! I’m not even proud to call you my brother. So, If you could be a blogger for one day, what would your blog title be, and why?

“Books For A Delicate Eternity”. Oh wait, that’s taken? Hows about “ I Read and Tell”? No? Oh darn that’s taken too. Well “Paper Sanctuary” sounds good, although “PaperGrey” sounds more like me. Is that taken? Yeah? Well, shit. Hmm.

AHA, stroke of genius!! I’d go for “Flip That Page” YAAAAAY. 2.0 baby.

Do you have a message for all of your fans out there?

Work hard, play hard. Believe in yourself. Value the people who love you.

*Insert endless stream of random clichés here*


So what do you think?  Have any suggestions? Criticisms of the constructive variety? Life changing praise?  Comment if you do! 😀

P.S. We’d appreciate suggestions on future topics!



27 thoughts on “Day of Debate Special: I Interview Bro!

    • AWW haha 😀 Yeah, we mess around a lot. We’re not usually like that in front of other people. We’d annoy everyone we know, for shore! XD anyway, I was so shocked at the Frankenstein thing when I heard it too. Mind blast. Completely 😮

  1. Ha! Guess I beat him to my blog’s name. Sorry. Seriously, though, I can read your guy’s interviews for like.. eternity! They’re hilarious. You guys should have like a talk show where you throw one liners at each other for 30 minutes. It’ll be golden.

    “What’s your current jam? Strawberry. ” <– This is gold, right there.

    • HAHAHA yeah you did! Is okay though, he’s not seriously planning on blogging, which I think is sad because he’d be great. Anywaaaay, im glad you think we’re hilarious!! Maybe not as awesomely as you are, and I do wish we could be a little more like this for reals XD but hey, debates are fun! And yeahhh, my bro is a bit slow on the uptake when it comes to jam of the non strawberry variety =))

  2. My whole life has been a lie. Now I can’t hug little Frankie anymore. Kidding, I don’t have a Frankenstein stuffed toy. Mom hates stuffed toys.

    And man, I wish I could have met you guys at MIBF. Think of all that fun we could have. We would have terrorized the mall.

    • HAHAHA right? I totally freaked when I heard it XD But hey, at least you don’t have a stuffed toy called Frankie, and for realz! And YES. I will make sure to catch you there the next time there’s an event. I think it’s this January (and I hear a blogger party for Christmas is in the making!) so I shall see you by then 😉 And yep, terrorizing the mall, you me and my bro. We would have been unstoppable. HAHA.

  3. Besides the fact that your relationship with your brother is one of those adorable ones that you only hear of, and never actually witness, you guys are hilarious.
    When I read Frankenstein, I realised that it wasn’t the name of monster, and I was pretty shattered, too. Nevertheless, I still call the monster Frankenstein out of a) pure laziness, and b) habit. On another note, have you read it, Jasmine? It is one of my all time favourites ❤

    • HAHAHA thank you Chiara! 😀 My bro and I aren’t like this in real life. I think we just unleash our inner awesomenesses on the blog =)) In reality though, we do hold debates XD but that’s about it. No making other people laugh. We just get eyes rolling at us. Haha! Hmm… are you an only child? I forgot if you had a brother or sister too XD And YES I have read it! and I loved it D: I don’t remember why I didn’t know it was the scientist, but I guess there was always just that other notion. And haha, my brother did always tell me how catchy your blog name was. He reads it too, on occasion! The discussions mostly 😉 And yes, we love you 😀

      • I bet you ARE like this in real life, and you’re just lying haha. I can see it all in my head – the bestest brother and sister ever 😀
        I would definitely laugh. We have the same sense of humour!
        I have a brother, but we don’t get along as well as you and Juan, hahaha.
        YAY! Society conditioned you to think the monster was Frankenstein. BRAINWASHING, JASMINE!
        AW MAN. I feel so special now. *waves at the brother*
        I love you, too! ^.^

      • HAHAHA hmm. I dunno, we’re kind of not compatible, but that seems to be the case even online so somehow I’m not so sure anymore :O Brothers can lighten up moods, but only when they’re not trying to annoy you. My bro and I don’t get allong all that much either (debates wouldn’t be as fun otherwise!) XD You know, I really want to meet you, as in pronto D:

      • Yep, he is, but he and I disagree with A LOT of things. Which is why it makes it all the more special when we get along! I think it would be way less exciting if we agreed on everything XD HAHAHA yeah, Australia is like the amazing next door neighbor that you can’t quite reach D: But at least it’d be easier to send stuff your way, whoopee~

      • Ah, I see. I see. Agreeing on everything would be boring. There would be no awesome debates on the blog, for one!
        I KNOWWWWW. True. I hope the postage isn’t too much – I think I looked it up, and it wasn’t that bad – YAY!
        Even so, it would be way more awesome to meet you D:

      • HAHAHA yeah, I love debating with him! And he postage isn’t bad at all. Thank goodness you Aussies are semi accessible! 😀 I will surprise you one day when I get there :>

        Yay for semi-accessible-ness ;D
        Aw, man. Yes. This is happening. This is not just a ‘yeah, we’ll meet up and it will be epic’ thing, this is a ‘we ARE meeting up in the nearish future and it WILL be epic thing. Big difference ;D

      • HAHAHA soon! I am still in the process of gathering pics, but it will get there! I’m just kinda busy right now, what with school and yearbook responsibilities 😦 and yes. I am seriously serious about the meeting thing! If I get a scholarship to the school I want, maybe I can fly to Australia in the next three years 🙂 WE SHALL BE THE BEST FRIENDS EVER

      • Aw, no, that’s okay. It’s only the anticipation of hearing from my favourite blogger that’s killing me slowly. I kid, I kid 😛 I know how busy you are!
        YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! You better win that scholarship, Jasmine!

      • HAHAHA HEEEEEEEY YOU ARE BACK!! *perpetual hugs* and update from the mancave: I am ALMOST done with your guest post ❤ I shall email it to you this day 🙂


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