Weekend Recap (September 9 – 15)


This recap was requested by a few of my readers– I’ll be telling you what went down the past week, in and out of Flip That Page, and give you a sneak peek preview of sorts on what to expect for the week to come. Happy blogging! 🙂



I shared ten of the books I wish were movies.

I shared my movie casting skills for The Heroes of Olympus.

I reviewed Gwenda Bond’s The Woken Gods.

I reviewed Kelly Walker’s No One’s Angel.

I asked what type of blogger you are with a nifty quiz!



I attended the Manila International Book Fair. Fun times! I didn’t get to meet that many bloggers after all, apart from the twins at The Twins Read, simply because the venue was a can of tuna at the time, and I couldn’t even find the right stalls, let alone the right bloggers. Either way, there is much time for another event, one that hopefully does not require an empty wallet by the end of the evening!

I contemplated giving up on ARCs. And for common reasons. The deadlines are starting to take a toll, and I am fearing for my request to review ratio. I’m also having a hard time getting over the fact that the best ones are limited to bloggers on the other side of the globe (thus inspiring my next blogger bite post). But of course, I have my doubts. I’ll have to think twice before doing something potentially unwise.

I realized the due date for prom asking is near. Seriously? Who even gives prom asking a deadline?! It’t not as if boys, and girls (oh, the badassery) can just ask someone out overnight, after mustering the courage enough to do so. This is a long, painstaking process I know, and I am aware that most of us, admittedly or otherwise, want a date for a night to remember. So come on, no pressure need be added. I heave a huge sigh.



Top Ten Tuesdays: Books On My TBR List

Review: My Life Next Door (Huntley Fitzpatrick)

Crossover From This Week:

Day of Debate Special: I Interview My Brother!

Blogger Bites: On International Blogging

Optional: Feature and Follow / News Post



Amanda shares uncomfortable truths about blogging.

Asti’s mom talks about Asti!

Brittany talks reading from a male point of view.

Charlotte explains her absence last week.

Charlotte talks about reviewing the reviewer.

Chiara asks us about how we found our favorite books.

Christy discusses deciding what to read.

Eve talks about books that make her cry.

Hazel shares a list of things to do to make the MIBF a fullfilling experience.

Helen discusses reading slumps.

Kelly talks about note-taking while reading.

Kezia tells us about how blogging changes us.

Laura tells us more about her thoughts on ARCs.

Leigh asks us who we blog for.

Lili rants about fake swearing in young adult books.

Meggy and the blogger panel give some awesome advice for newbie bloggers.

Meggy also takes over A Bookish Heart to debunk reading myths.

Nara also shares a quiz on the finer details of characters.

Reem shares some awesome pick up lines, reader edition!

Renae talks reader and author interaction.

Sandra tells us more about how she’s changed as a reader.

Sandra also talks listening to music while reading.

designAnd that’s it for this week! If I missed anything else, please don’t hesitate to tell me 🙂

P.S. Please pardon me as I tend to go missing in action without prior warning– school has been getting in the way, so it’s been a challenge to find myself time for the blog. But I’ll keep trying, no worries!



17 thoughts on “Weekend Recap (September 9 – 15)

  1. Sigh I really want to go to something like MIBF. Glad you had fun! And that’s one of the reasons I don’t think I will ever request ARCs. There’s the point where I would have time to read them before the publishing date AND I think there are already so many books that were published that need reading that reading ARCs seems like a bit of a waste of time.

    • It was fun! Come over and have fun with us 😀 Yeah, sometimes its really stressful, but it’s a huge perk, and something I’m not quite ready to give up on 🙂 But that entirely depends on your preference. I have nothing against reviewing released books. Makes for some great discussion!

  2. Am glad you enjoyed MIBF, Jasmine! Though we didn’t see each other. :((( Next time, yessss? While I’m not thinking on giving up on ARCs, I definitely see where you’re coming from! Why is there a deadline for prom asking? When is your prom anyway? Oooh, thanks for linking my list! *hugs*

    • Yeaaaaahh we didn’t see each other *sigh* I’m giving myself more time with ARCs 🙂 And I don’t know!! It’s something for fun, not a requirement, so why the due date? 😦 Our prom is in February. They should change the deadline to before prom night at least. HAHA. And you’re very welcome! *hugs back*

  3. Hala! I was so surprised after receiving a pingback notification. Thank you, Jasmine! MIBF sounds really fun even if it’s a money draining event. xD If only Luzon isn’t that far from Min…

    And yeah, I understand you about ARCs. I contemplated about giving them up too due to other reasons but in the end, I settled to only request 1 ARC per month. ARCs are powerful so it’s almost impossible to get away from their clutches.

    And yay to prom. I have never attended one myself when I was your age. I’m such a partypooper and anti-social. And it didn’t help that there are no good looking boys in our class (but that’s just my opinion. xD). Good luck, though!

    Thanks again, Jas!

    • You live in Mindanao? :O I’ve always wanted to go there!! Come visit. It’s crowded, but fun. Haha! And yeah I loved your post! Had to link it up to spread the love 😉 Woah you have amazing self control when it comes to requesting! I think I’d have to avoid NetGalley like the plague for a while when my shelf gets too extensive D: And AWWW why not prom? 😦 It’s a really fun, twice in a lifetime thing. But there are lots of other parties to attend! The dancing is the best part :> And why no good looking boys? D: They are abundant over here. Haha! And thank you Charlotte, you’re welcome as well 🙂

  4. We really ARE soulmate bloggers ❤ I am contemplating giving up ARCs, as well. I just feel so swamped with them, and pressured by the time lines. I mean, I've had some ARCs sitting around for MONTHS, and I literally have no idea when I will get around to them due to all my other commitments. It's actually stressful, and I don't want reading or book blogging to be stressful, that's not what it's about.
    So I've decided, after this batch, I am having a break. Sure, I'll still check out upcoming tours and releases on Net Galley, but unless I am DYING to read the book, I won't request it. I miss just reading a book because I want to, not because I have to read it by x date. 😦

    • Oh glad I’m not alone on this one!! I love how you always find a way to relate to my experiences. Haha! I don’t think I’ll even send feedback anymore for due ARCs, since the publishers can do nothing about the books they’ve released already 😦 Sometimes, I have to push back books I really want to read farther down my TBR pile to make way for pending ARCs *sigh* It’s probably my own fault for being such an impulsive requester though 😦 But I think I’ll finish this batch first as well, and see how I feel by the end of it! There are some titles I really want to read, like Ignite, Sia, A Study In Silks, and its sequel. After that I might take a break, unless of course there’s a really good to-die-for book out there!

      • Yeah, quite a lot of the time, my ARC reviews are late, and then I wonder if the publisher hates me, haha. But I would feel uber bad if I never left a review…
        Yes, exactly! I’m missing out on books I have wanted to read FOR MONTHS because of deadlines 😦
        You need to read Ignite. Definitely. A Study in Silks was pretty good, and I have a copy of Sia from the author, and it looks really good.
        After this batch of tours and ARCs, I think I am going to have a break, though. I miss reading for mood!
        Yeah, of course. I’ll stick check in on NG, and see what’s there. I don’t have that much self control 😛

      • HAHAHA yeah that’s gotta be a problem too XD But deadlines you know! Extra pressure you and I don’t need 😦 And okay. I think I have been excited for Ignite for a long time now. I also love myself some Sherlock, so maybe A Study in Silks / A Study in Darkness is right up my alley! But yeah, maybe it won’t hurt to let go of the perk for a bit. My TBR pile seriously worries me :O

      • Hopefully they don’t! 😀
        Yes, exactly. I’m already swamped with deadlines for uni, and then ARCs just add to it D; I’ve been telling review request people that it may take some time for me to get around to it because I am so busy, though.
        Read Ignite first ;D I wanna see what you think! ASiS wasn’t as Sherlocky as I had hoped, but I still wan to read the sequel.
        Yeah, exactly! I want to read some of my books, haha.

  5. I’ve been on a NetGalley ban for quite a while because I have so many books to review haha. But sometimes a book pops up that I just HAVE to read, so I may break the ban at times…hehe. Like for The Iron Traitor. And Wild Cards. And Where the Stars Still Shine. Oh gods, I’m terrible at this ban thing…

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