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It is up to you to create a Kickstarter for your favorite book! Who are you casting as the main characters?

I think I’ve sounded enough like a broken record to feature The Clockwork Princess yet again, so for this feature, I’ll have to go with a series not necessarily my favorite, but one I adore completely! Rick Riordan’s The Heroes of Olympus has been a dream come true for a Percy Jackson-filled childhood, as was mine, so I decided to create a dream cast for this one, featuring the seven demigods of the prophecy (5, essentially, since Logan and Alexandra do Percy and Annabeth justice, even if the movies don’t). So here it is! Forgive me if you don’t find them that attractive, but the characters weren’t that striking either (except maybe for Jason).

Callan McAuliffe as Jason Grace

callan tumblr

Oh my glob. Callan is easily one of the most gorgeous, charismatic guys to walk this planet. I am aware of the fact that Jason’s blonde, but I’ve seen Callan’s hair dyed in that color (refer to Flipped, 2010, and prepare to BAWL) so trust me. He will make the perfect Jason, if I get past the fact that the character himself was an attractive brick wall.


Kaya Scodelario as Piper McLean

kaya tumblr

Well, come on. She’s beautiful! Piper is too, and I think that Kaya can naturally strike a balance between boyish spunk and gentle beauty. She can pull this off, I know it.


Charlie Rowe as Leo Valdez

charlie tumblr

I haven’t seen Charlie around much lately, and I’ve honestly been missing him– and that’s probably why he popped straightaway into my head at the thought of a cast call for Leo. Charlie’s got that enthusiastic, impish face, the same build, and much the same attitude. He’s meant for that role, I can feel it.


Nathan Kress as Frank Zhang

nathan fanpop

Hmmm. Well I’m not entirely sold on this one, but Chinese-Canadian doesn’t happen all too often. Besides, he’s got a babyish face and a cutesy appeal, so this choice is none too shabby (I can’t even believe he’s already twenty).


Zendaya Coleman as Hazel Levesque

zendaya tumblr

Zendaya is a young, fresh face, and a talented actress at that. I don’t see her much around outside of Shake It Up, but I’ve seen enough of her to know that she can pull pretty much anything off. She usually portrays fun and mischievous, but it would be nice to see clever and secretive, for a change!
Design A

And that ends this feature! Thanks for stopping by~




18 thoughts on “Feature and Follow Fridays (9)

  1. Ooh Nathan Kress looks close to how I imagine Frank! Baby-ish and innocent face with chubby cheeks! (Okay, maybe his cheeks aren’t THAT chubby but he will do! I do agree that even though the movie sucks, Logan Lerman in the first movie looks like Percy when he’s 16 years old!

  2. At last, here’s a book that I can relate to. 😀 I would definitely want to watch Heroes of Olympus but with different film makers. I’ve been disappointed with the movie version of the Lightning Thief so far.

    I agree with your picks for Jason (as long as his hair will be dyed blond) and Piper. As for Hazel and Leo though, I imagine them to have darker complexions. And Frank Zhang to be more Chinese looking.

    New follower via bloglovin!

    Thoughts and Pens FF.

    • Haha thanks! I agree about the filmmaker thing. They should seriously stop with the inaccuracies 😦 and thanks! I think the Leo one is perfect though, but maybe if he looked more tan? :/ I was going for the impish look. Ha! And Hazel too. But I’m not that familiar with other actresses like her :)) thanks for the follow!

  3. Love love love this!!! That picture of Charlie looks perf for Leo. So quirky and cute! Callan and Kaya are both so gorgeous I just wanna cry :(((( And Nathan as Frank- I wouldn’t have thought of that in a million years but contemplating it, he would make a good Frank. I don’t know Zendaya but she’s really pretty! I bet she’ll rock as Hazel! (Weird saying that because it’s my own name) Damn, if this were to be a real movie and this was the actual casting- I wouldn’t even know who to crush on because everyone’s so perfect. Awesome casting skills, Jasmine! 😉

    • YAY YAY YAY. I recently rediscovered Charlie Rowe when I found out he was playing Peter Pan in a Neverland movie (my childhood!!) and then I saw this pic of him, and then it just clicked. LEO VALDEZ OHYES. Haha! Callan and Kaya as a couple? They’d probably be the most gorgeous and adorable one to walk this earth. Nathan is only Frank because he looks Chinese, but hey! He can totally pull it off 🙂 And yeahhh you’re a Hazel too, I remember XD Zendaya is actually really funny and quirky, but I’d love to see a more serious kick-ass side to her. And thanks Hazel 🙂

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