Day of Debate Special: Bro Interviews Me!


This is a feature my brother came up with— wherein we tackle certain topics on books, young adult or not, and give you guys the low down on our opinions of them (which, mind you, generally differ). I’ll be encoding our conversation, and if you guys have any opinions of your own on the topic, or on the heated discussion, feel free to once again make my day and comment!

My brother is seventeen, a college sophomore, approximately one year and two days older. His name is Juan (that’s pronounced like the number, one), and he’s my best friend. No matter what anyone else says.


Juan: Welcome, dear readers, to another edition of… Day of Debate!!

Jasmine: *clap clap*

Juan: Today I am going to interview someone very close to my heart… someone who’s grown into a stunning, intelligent, and kind young lady. Yes ladies and gentlemen, you guessed right– please welcome Miley Cyrus!


Juan: …Kidding. We’re interviewing someone who’s an absolute pain in the ass. Warm round of applause for my sister.

Jasmine: I own this blog, you know. I could easily throw you out.

Juan: But your readers love me! I generate goddamned traffic!

Jasmine: … Let us just please get on with this. I need my beauty sleep.


Why do you love Young Adult books?

Because they were made for me! If you haven’t already noticed, I’m a Young Adult myself. It’s my genre. I relate the best to the characters in books like these, because they’re closer to my age and their thought processes are similar. They remind me of me, only when they’re not annoying. Plus, all the gorgeous love interests are featured in this genre. And we all know I love me some handsome men.

Okay then, let’s talk about handsome men. What do you know about me?

Well, you’re a lazy,uninteresting, pathetic excuse for a brother, and you annoy me for a living. You’re my best friend, and may even well be my favorite person in this world. Now where’s the part about the handsome men?

I am thoroughly flattened! Err, well. Who’s your celebrity crush?

Logan Lerman. No questions asked. Next.

Since we’re on the topic of Logan Lerman, how far up your rankings is the Percy Jackson series?

Pretty high. I LOVE those books! However, I like them because of Leo, not because of Percy. Though he’s an undoubtedly amazing character, he’s not my favorite, but he comes a close second.

Did you like the City of Bones movie?

More than you did, that’s for sure! I would’ve liked it better if you weren’t whispering criticisms in my ear all the damn time.

In my defense, you dragged me along. I had no say in this.

That wasn’t even a question. Behave yourself!

Oh yeah. Well, uhm… you’re boring. On to personal questions! I am going to grill you so hard, you’ll regret even considering an interview.

You still owe me my question.

What do you think of the economy?

I like how you define ‘personal’, my friend. But anyway… hmm. Well, I think it’s good. Yeah, we’re hangin’ in there.

‘We’re hanging in there?’ Wow. Adam Smith is rolling in his grave this very moment. Next question then! Is there a girl that you’d consider going lesbian for?

Emma Stone. This is awkward.

Forgive me. Did you, or did you not raid the fridge yesterday? I’m missing a very important (and expensive) bar of chocolate.


Would you rather be a dumb hottie, or an ugly genius?

Ooh, that’s a toughie. On the one hand, I’m thinking I’d rather be hot and dumb. People judge a lot based on exterior, and I’d be on pretty solid ground with legitimate assets. Even if I were dumb, at least my IQ would be low enough for me to be unaware of it. If I were smart and ugly, I’d probably over-analyze society and live a short, tragic life. But then again, I’d want to be able to go through the process of reading a book, and that requires some form of brains right? Or would I not care if I never really got to read one in the first place? FINE. I’ll stick with the nice rack.

What’s your favorite boy band?

I don’t have one! I love a lot of them: Before You Exit, One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer, and even some of the all male bands like The Maine, The Cab, The Ready Set, The Summer Set, Marianas Trench, A Rocket To The Moon, All Time Low, Maroon 5– for gods’ sakes you CANNOT expect me to pick just one.

You like a lot of bands beginning with ‘The’, don’t you?

As long as they don’t sound like they’re scraping walls with cheese graters, I’ll listen even if they were called The Poop With The Glitter or something. It’s the sound I pay attention to, obviously.

Why do you like a lot of books with vampires?

Because after Twilight, I’m trying to redeem the idea of their species. So far so good.

What’s the most embarrassing moment of your life?

Well, it’s the kind of embarrassing that I’d put in a box, dig a hole for, and bury six feet under. So no, I am not ready for this question.

You’re leaving the audience empty handed, huh? I would’ve expected better from my dear sister! Well anyway, what’s your dream job? And lease make sure it’s feasible. Don’t say anything like ‘unicorn tamer’ or ‘Ian’s Somerhalder’s foot scrubber’ or something. Not that I’m implying that he has fungal feet, or anything of that disgusting nature.

What do you have against Ian Somerhalder anyway?! Well, I’m actually expecting a lot of people to think I want to go into the publishing world, be a writer, or something, but I think my love for books will only extend to a permanent hobby. I actually don’t have one that I’m sure of, but I’ve always wanted to be a doctor or something. It’s the default kiddie answer, but its true! I like a vocational occupation. Or maybe I’ll just climb to the top of the food chain and become some billionaire business tycoon or something. Ohh, all the books I could buy with the moolah!

What do you think of my singing?

You’re horrible. You sound like a cross between harassed and constipated.

Okayy… since I’m not getting any good answers from you, bookish questions this time! I saw an interesting post on this website about not having enough cultural diversity in YA protagonists. What’s your opinion on the matter?

I’ve actually been thinking about this for quite some time now. A lot of the protagonists I read about essentially are white, with hair color ranging from platinum blonde to jet black, but that’s about as diverse as it gets. I actually don’t think authors are open enough to other races and cultures. I’ve never come across a character of Filipino descent before, how’s bout that?! But to be honest it’s understandable. Most of the people who write are like the characters they write about. I’d love to see change, but it honestly doesn’t bother me all that much.

Who’s your favorite author?

Cassandra Clare, most definitely, but Patrick Ness and Rick Riordan aren’t that far behind. I know a lot of people disapproved with the ending to her The Clockwork Princess, but I LOVED it! I think she’s earned the title just because of that one book, actually. Now you know how much I basked in its glory. But I love loads of other authors! There’s Ally Carter, John Green, Veronica Roth, Morgan Matson, Suzanne Collins, Tahereh Mafi, and the list goes on and on!

Last question! Do you have a message for your readers from all over the globe?

Well… I’d just like to say, thank you. I cannot thank you enough for putting up with my crazy antics, and in behalf of my brother, I apologize (even if I know that deep inside, you all love him anyway). It’s been an eventful, entirely amazing three months, and I think that’s not nearly enough time for me to be poking my head around this wonderful community. You guys are the bomb diggity. Hugs and kisses, I love you all to bits and pieces.

I just won an Oscar.



So what do you think?  Have any suggestions? Criticisms of the constructive variety? Life changing praise?  Comment if you do! 😀

P.S. We’d appreciate suggestions on future topics!

P.P.S. Next week, my brother and I are going to take a quick break from argument– we’re going to interview each other instead! Hope you like what we come up with next 😉



32 thoughts on “Day of Debate Special: Bro Interviews Me!

  1. This was hilarious. Aren’t all of your debates hilarious?!

    Anyway, I’m the bomb diggity? YESS!!

    Oh, and I think it’s pretty cool you want to be a doctor! I grew up in a family of doctors (mother, father, uncle and aunt.. you see where this is going), and for a while I wanted to be one too. I think it depends on where you live though.

    And I’d definitely choose the rack too. Whatever. *flips hair*

    • YAY thanks! But we will never be hilarious to the Reem level, you know that :> And of course you are!! I bask in your glory too 😀 HAHA I have a lot of family members who are doctors, but it’s never really about influence. It’s more about contributing to society and stuff like that. I don’t get it, really, but I’m the kind of deep-seated person who wants to make a significant difference XD And yeahp. I’m kind of lacking in the rack department HAHAHA so I go for that. Agreed!

  2. I would totally bat for the other team if I could date Emma Stone. Or Emma Watson. Jennifer Lawrence, too, now that I think about it. Although being Ian Somerhalder’s foot scrubber has some appeal too…

  3. Can I just say that I’m jealous your brother reads? My brother stopped reading after the Harry Potter series so all he does in contributing to my book love is mock me about it. Brothers! -_-
    And a doctor? You are brave! I can’t stand the blood and the trauma and the guts. Looks like I’ve been watching too much of medical drama!
    I always wonder-What happened to all those Asians and Africans with a story to tell? I’d love to hear their voice!
    I love all your posts! Great job! ^-^

    • Awww thanks! Yeah, my brother reads, but definitely not as much as I do! He’s not very open to my type of books 😀 and brothers are annoying sometimes. I always seem to give mine leeway though. Besides, he puts up with my craziness too! And yeah, I actually have a hard time with blood, but once I’m actually already out there, it gets easier 🙂 I’m more afraid of blood on TV, what with all the special effects :/ but yeah, as long as I can be of help. Thanks for stopping by Lillian!

  4. BAHA! My dad and I banter like this all the time. I think I am more like your brother though, I’m always the one making comments to my friends when we go see a movie xD My friend also loves Logan Lerman, have you seen the Sea of Monsters movie? I hear it was kind of a disappointment. Love Ian Somerhalder. It’s sad they broke up in real life, although it’s nice they are finally together in the show 😀

    • Oh cool! My dad doesn’t read books. As in at all 😦 I usually stay really silent during a movie XD and nope, I haven’t seen it, but I love Logan Lerman! I don’t even care anymore what the quality of his movies are. And yeah, it was sad they broke up– but at least Damon and Elena get together! 🙂

  5. Aw you and Juan are so adorable. (not that I’m questioning your bro’s manliness or anything). Anyways, the interview is hilarious as always. I don’t think I have a celebrity I’d go lesbian for.. Maybe Selena Gomez? I’m not too sure. AND YES LOGAN LERMAN A;LKJASDFLHASDGLK;J

  6. HAHAHA nope, my bro is as manly as it gets 😀 and thanks! Glad you find us funny to say the least 🙂 oh yeah Selena Gomez is gorge too! But the Logan Lerman thing is indisputable :>

  7. Ugh . . your brother has a point. He does provide some traffic for your blog because your Day of Debates are wonderful.

    And now I have confirmation that we are so not going to agree on some authors. I’d better pray a certain post wouldn’t catch your eye.

    • Yeah, well I am eternally grateful for that! I’m glad people enjoy day of debate 🙂 Yeahp, I know. I’ve seen your post before ehehehe XD Each entitled to his own right? No hard feelings HAHAHA.

  8. Ian’s Somerhalder’s foot scrubber? =)))))))))))) CANNOT EXPRESS THE AMOUNT OF LAUGHS!!! I feel you on the dream job thing though. I’m kinda set on getting a medical degree and becoming a doctor myself. But first, I got to survive these hellish academics. *cries* (College is such a pain! Srsly!) I’m with you on Logan Lerman. God, I intend on marrying that boy. (Not sure how, but I’ll find a way to work it out) HAHAHAA! I love Emma Stone but I’d go lesbo for Jennifer Lawrence!

    Looking forward to your next DoD! 😀

    • HAHAHAHA my brother has something against Ian, I can SENSE it! =))))) Being a doctor is a long, excruciating process, but definitely worth the time if you ask me! And aww, I thought I’d get some rest for college. Anyway, we’ll see when I get there 😀 and LOGAN! I’ll marry him too, if that’s okay. We can share HAHA. Oh J Law definitely. She is so adorable!! Cannot even wait for Catching Fire. And thanks! I’m looking forward to the next post too! (my turn to grill him, WOOHOO)

  9. So much fun, you guys!!!

    I wouldn’t judge you for being Ian Somerhalder’s foot scrubber but you should at least aspire to be THE foot scrubber. At the top of the foot scrubbing food chain. Hahaha

    • HAHAHA aww well, we must give credit where credit is due! My bro is amazing (bet he got that from me). HAHA. But thanks! 😀 And YEEEEES. Glad you agree! And yep, I think you’re my spirit animal too 😮

  10. I luuuuuuuuuuurve this. Obviously. How can I not, right?!??!?!

    I can relate to the fridge thing. Snacks when you’re half-awake are the sweetest, right? And I love that you love The Cab ❤ I haven't met many people who know them. And after your analyzing, I think I'd chose being a bimbo, too. At least I'll be stupid and not realize the extent of my stupidity. haha

    And the only girl I'd go L for is Jennifer Lawrence. I think I'm a bit in love with her already *sigh* It happens, right?

    I love your ending speech. I'm feeling (and stealing) the love haha <33

    • YAAAAAY I’m glad you do! 😀 AWW yeah, I definitely get all hungry when I’m trying to compensate from feeling sleepy XD And I love the Cab!! I met them at a concert once, and they were so sweet (especially Joey Thunder). They really deserve more recognition *sigh* And J Law. OF COURSE. I watch all her interviews and stalk her like crazy HAHA. And awwww glad you like that speech! Yep, I am definitely married to the blogosphere ❤

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