Bookish Senior Superlatives

bssThis post is one of the Friday Fun Features thought up by Jamie over at the Perpetual Page Turner. It’s basically a bookish yearbook of sorts– where one nominates a certain book or character for a category one thinks they fit in! I hope you like my choices, because I do 😉 Happy reading everyone!



Most Likely To Change The World: Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games). She’s done it once before, essentially. Why not twice, if she can help it? (She can).

Cutest Couple: Amy Curry / Roger Sullivan (Amy And Roger’s Epic Detour). I was covered in ants and developed susceptibility to diabetes because of how sweet they were in this book.

Class Clown: Leo Valdez (The Heroes Of Olympus). I was practically in hysterics every time he said something funny! my favorite demigod, hands down.

Most Likely To Become Famous For Their Athletic/Musical/Artistic Abilities: Mia (If I Stay). She’s the only one I remember who fits into this category (forgive me). I do think she’s extremely talented though! So, why not?

All Around Good Person: James Carstairs (The Infernal Devices). Trust me on this one. He can do no wrong.

Biggest Flirt: Declan Lynch (The Raven Cycle). This is probably the least of characteristics Ronan uses against him. I don’t get it, because Ronan is a thousand times more attractive.

Most Likely To Be Fought Over: Maxon Schreave (The Selection). Well uhm. People are actually fighting over him. Team Amerixon / Maxerica, anyone?

Most Likely To Be Friends Forever: Harry Potter/ Hermione Granger/Ron Weasley (Harry Potter). Forever after. Harry will just have to third wheel perpetually.

Most Likely To Have Their Own Reality Show: Kenji Kishimoto (Shatter Me). His lines are the bomb diggity. I MEAN IT.

Most Unique: Cinder (Cinder). I’ve never come across anyone quite like her. And she’s not even human, really, and I like that. Unique is the way to go!

Most Likely To Survive An Apocalypse: Cassiopeia (The 5th Wave) She’s already making progress in this aspect. Who knows? She just might, after all.

Most Likely To Be A Villain: The Darkling (The Grisha). Well, I just knew it. I KNEW IT.

Most Likely To Break Your Heart: Willem de Ruiter (Just One Day). Just One Year is my only hope of putting the pieces back together.

Biggest Wallflower: Charlie (The Perks Of Being A Wallflower). Well, he did admit it.

Most Changed: Aaron Warner (Shatter Me). My thoughts on him seriously did a 360. Please refer to Unravel Me. Chapter 62. He was just. OH GOD.

Most Likely To Get Arrested: Dante Walker (Dante Walker). Arrogant bastards get into loads of trouble. I still don’t disprove of him, though.

Self-Proclaimed God/Goddess: Dante Walker (Dante Walker). Arrogant bastards get into loads of trouble. He is clearly the most bad-ass, anti-hero motherfather I have so far come across (I try to lay low on the profanity, but you guys should know I adore his character despite this. I don’t even get it. So yeah, you go Dante! Drop it like its hot).

Best Person To Bring Home To Mom And Dad: Simon (The Mortal Instruments). I don’t even understand what this means. But just because I’m having a Robert Sheehan hangover, I’m going to have to refer to him somehow in this post.



Most Likely To Make You Cry: Second Chance Summer (Morgan Matson). It made me cry. You might not be any different, assuming I’m not that sensitive.

Dares To Be Different: Love Is All You Need (Deb Caletti). It’s a two in one, you guys. Never seen anything like it.

Best Dressed: Across The Universe (Beth Revis). Covergasm for this one.

Most Likely To Make You Swoon: Where She Went (Gayle Forman). Because it makes me swoon. And monumentally so.

Loveliest Prose: The Fault In Our Stars (John Green). Classic John Green. It took me two seconds to figure this one out.

Most Likely To Be A Favorite of 2013: Allegiant (Veronica Roth). Hoping against hope.

Books You Are Most Likely To Keep Putting Off: The Mortal Instruments (Cassandra Clare). Until the last book is released, at least!

Most Likely To End Up As A Christmas Gift For Everyone You Know: Eleanor and Park (Rainbow Rowell). Just call me Santa Claus, you guys. Cause I got some serious goodies.

Most Likely To Be Thrown: September Girls (Bennett Madison). This isn’t even a “most likely”.

Most Likely To Be Reread More Than Once: The Raven Boys (Maggie Stiefvater). So much love, it hurts. And yes, I am rereading it this very second.

Most Likely To Make You Read Through An Earthquake Because It’s That Engrossing: Heist Society (Ally Carter). This was a page-turner. Like, legit.

Most Likely To Be Passed On To Your Children: Percy Jackson And The Olympians (Rick Riordan). They will love him, I can feel it!

Most Likely To Break Your Heart Into A Million Pieces: Requiem (Lauren Oliver). Never read it, but people say it wasn’t the ending they had hoped for.

Most Likely To Brighten Up Your Day: Anna And The French Kiss (Stephanie Perkins). Never read this one either, but I feel like I am seriously missing out. I was going to buy it last week, but my mom snuck a peek into the title and told me she disapproved. I don’t think she understands.

designAnd that’s it for this post! So now, it’s your turn! Do you agree with my picks? Who would you pick for this post? Tell me in the comments below 🙂



28 thoughts on “Bookish Senior Superlatives

  1. Anna and the French Kiss is totally the best book when you need a pick me up. Actually, ANYTHING by Stephanie Perkins would do. They’re just so cute. Like the bookish equivalent of a teddy bear!

      • Very D: I felt guilty for feeling that way, because America and Aspen had a history, and wouldn’t have been that easy for either of them to just let go, but their relationship was so toxic! It was hard to understand what one wanted from the other D: Meanwhile, I thought Maxon and America were sweet and had real chemistry 🙂

    • I keep rewatching the movies just to see some more of them. HP never gets old! 🙂 And yes for Cinder and The Darkling! My opinion of the latter didn’t change after his villainous acts. I think I loved him even better actually! Am I weird HAHA.I have to reread TFiOS too 😀 Allegiant is out soon! SOOO excited~

  2. I think a lot of people put Mia as the answer in the artsy question because she’s one of the few (or the only one) they could think of. I know it applies to me : D

    And ugh! How did I not think of Jem as the good person? He really can do no wrong *sigh*. I went with Adrian Ivashkov as the biggest flirt; Declan wasn’t that much in the book and when he was, he was a jackass. And yes, Ronan is much better. Aww, Harry, Ron and Hermione ❤ I think I need to re-read the books and watch the movies again. Not that I don't do it often. And Cinder IS the most unique one. AHHHHH, DANTE! I so love that bastard's humor. I'm starting The Liberator tonight, actually xD

    I still have to read Where She Went. It might happen in mid-September. And it's from Adam's point of view, so win-win, right? Ohh, Eleanor & Park. One of my favorite book hangovers. Those two were so cute!! And you should totally read Anna and the French Kiss ASAP! This book always makes me feel better ❤

    • Yeah Mia was the only one that crossed my mind for that one :/ I was gonna put Adrian too, but then everyone else seemed to think he was the biggest flirt, and I guess I wanted to be different XD Declan’s had lots of girls, so I guess that worked for me. I agree though, I don’t like the way he treated Ronan. At all! Ronan all the way 😀 Yes, relive Harry Potter with me! And really? Tell me what you think of The Liberator! I had mixed thoughts on The Collector, you see XD Yep, Where She Went was better than If I Stay if you ask me. And yeah, I am definitely checking out another Rainbow Rowell book after Eleanor & Park! Okay then, I shall take your (and everyone else’s) word for it! Anna and The French Kiss it is 😀

    • WOOHOO for Maxon 😉 And I am glad I didn’t even get to Pandemonium. I absolutely detest any series that ends badly D: I’d feel betrayed. Wouldn’t even hesitate to throw it across my room! HAHA.

  3. I could name a few more characters most likely to be famous for their athletic/musical/artistic abilities! Joe Fontaine from The Sky Is Everywhere (musical genius), Lucy Larson from Crash (awesome dancer) and Karen Campbell from Letters To Nowhere (excellent gymnast)! I so wanna read The Raven Boys and Dante Walker! Great answers, Jasmine! 😀

    • Hmmm… I have NOT read any of those books D: I miss out, Hazel 😦 And YES read The Raven Boys and Dante Walker! I have yet to read the sequels to those though 🙂 And thanks!

    • Thank you! 🙂 And yeahp, I have a strong feeling Allegiant will blow me off my rocker 😀 HAHA, but at least Harry gets his own happy ending! And yeahp, I haven’t even read Scarlet, but I cannot wait either! 😀

    • Oh, I used Picmonkey for most of the effects, such as the header, the headers on the sidebar, and my blog button 🙂 I designed my own background from Colourlovers with a premade pattern! 😀 But I think what helped the most was the WordPress theme. It basically did all the formatting for me XD

  4. Leo definitely provides plenty of humor, especially since we don’t get to see the often-snarky chapter titles and Percy’s commentary from the first series. 😀 Kenji is just as entertaining, so I would definitely watch a reality show about him, and I don’t even like reality shows most of the time! I’m kind of terrified for Second Chance Summer, though – I plan on reading it, but books tend to make me at least tear up pretty easily, so I have a feeling I will sob while reading it!

    • Oh yeah, I actually thought Leo more than made up for Percy’s absence 😀 HAHA I don’t watch reality shows either, but Kenji hosting one would make me waste no time catching it on TV 😀 Hmm… Second Chance Summer is definitely THE tearjerker, but it’s a really nice story with a more deep seated theme. Don’t be afraid, it’s a beautiful novel! 🙂


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