A Discussion Post On Discussion Posts


A few hours prior, I paid Octavia’s blog a short visit (Read. Sleep. Repeat.), skimming through her Stop & Chat post. For today she asked her viewers what features they came up with to “spice things up” on their respective blogs, so to speak. This buried me in distant thought—when I asked myself the same things, I realized that most of what I could come up with were actually discussion posts in various formats.

I love a good discussion post. I love expressing myself, sharing my opinions, and listening to what others have to say regarding them. But why you ask, do I rapturously take joy in such content?


1. They’re provide originality.

While I’m not against memes, reviews, blog tour updates, giveaways, et cetera, I delight in a good discussion post because it sets a blog apart. I’m well aware of the fact that I follow a massive plethora of blogs that aren’t into this type of involvement, although of course, I relish in original content. There is more to what makes a blog unique than its design, review archive, or name.

Truth be told, I believe in expressing myself, as a blogger, not just in terms of my latest book hauls, reviews, or the memes I actively participate in. I believe it’s all about exposition through actual thought and communication, and reaching out to viewers to ask them what they think, what they believe in– trust me, they appreciate that. That way, it doesn’t feel one-sided. That way your content may serve as a reflection of who you are, not just as a blogger, but as person or friend—it tells me that you are trying to build the best version of your own blog, not just a subpar copy of someone else’s. It makes me want to get to know you better, and I think that’s more than important.

2. They add variety.

As Octavia would have it, they add a certain “spice to life”. I enjoy reading through heaps of discussion posts, and its always been interesting to find out what new topics other people are able to come up with, and just as thought-provoking to formulate my own thoughts regarding them. Even if they aren’t newfangled ideas, it’s refreshing to look at things from a diversified perspective. A wide array of discussion posts not only interests a comprehensive amount of viewers, but also keeps a blog from getting too repetitive and drudging, instigating a reaction that may look a little something like this:

boringwhat am I doing here.

3. They make me think.

I am fond of commenting on other blogs inasmuch as I fancy and dote over the comments I receive on my own. I usually only do this however, when a certain post has made me stop for a minute to think things through. I’m a very opinionated person, so it’s been a joy for keeps to read a post that allows me to extrapolate my own contemplations and share them with others.

4. They encourage… well, discussion.

While I’m not against bloggers who simply have no time to reply, I do love a good raconteur of sorts (pardon me if you didn’t quite get that– my vocabulary starts screwing loose during endless chatter). As I was saying, discussion posts are great and effective ways to start dissertating, putting heads together, and exchanging views with other people. Though some may take offense when people disagree with their ideas, I, on the other hand, get a charge out of regarding how differently other people see things. I’m not the greatest conversationalist, so I love being able to start an exchange, albeit online.

5. They are mirrors to the soul.

I’m not even making poor attempts at depth—I just mean it. Discussion posts tell me a lot about the person actually discussing it, and it’s terrific to find out more about what goes on in other people’s heads (not necessarily because I’m a stalker). More than the blog, I’m all for getting to know the blogger, making new friends and sound acquaintances, and discussion posts can definitely pave the way.

If you’ve been one of those people I’ve constantly been featuring in recaps due to your amazing discussions, then I love you! You deserve some loving:


Okay, maybe that was scary.


 What about you? Do you like reading and writing discussion points? Do you think about, and comment on them? Do you think they’re dull, or are you indifferent when it comes to the matter at hand? Either way, do tell!



32 thoughts on “A Discussion Post On Discussion Posts

  1. I like the new look! Very fun. I adore a good discussion post. I’ve gotten to the point where I will click over a review in my Bloglovin feed to get to a discussion post. As you indicated, whether it’s a topic that’s been addressed many times in the blogosphere or not, it’s just interesting to look at it from a new perspective. I’ve read a lot of inspiring things this week, and I’ve actually got several discussion posts in the early drafting stages. I wish I could finish them all this weekend, but alas, lesson plans call. I’m thinking of doing my own “blogger bites,” so to speak, because one of my pet peeves when it comes to discussion posts is when they are short. I actually like mini reviews and use them a lot of my blog, but if you are going to bill a post as a discussion, it needs to have some meat to it. Not five sentences and a what do you think? You, of course, don’t have that problem – you’re as verbose as I am!

    • Thank you Kristin! I’ll still have to add the finishing touch to that though– the header has to match the rest of the graphics XD And yeah, I seem to skip over the reviews to get to the discussions A LOT on Bloglovin. And I hope you get to finish yours! I also don’t like really short discussions, because sometimes I have this feeling that they don’t really want to be there. Fortunately, that’s rarely the case 🙂 And yeah, I’m real talkative XD Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I’ve always wanted to do discussion posts but I don’t like it with me alone. With only myself, it feels really awkward and I’d probably make weird noises to try and lessen the awkward-ness. That sounded really creepy but okay O___O I do want to start discussion posts 🙂 Maybe with my friends or something? :/

  3. I like discussion posts, because there is only so many times I can make a comment for a certain item. Like, this book’s been everywhere, and if I try to make a creative comment, my mind just goes kaput.

    And they’re fun, especially the Behind the Blog Mondays I’m doing. Since pretty much no one’s doing it, the content doesn’t really get repeated much and it’s such a blast to come up with answers for it. It’s a great meme, and the best thing is that it can inspire discussion. It’s like a mini-discussion! 😀

    • Yes agreed! 🙂 I love being able to comment creative stuff too, and discussion posts definitely give me that opportunity. Oh, I think I’ve heard of Behind The Blog Mondays! Glad you like it 😀 I think I should check that one out XD

    • HAHA yeah, It makes me feel guilty sometimes, but that’s the way it is XD I read reviews only when they’re on books I’ve read before. Otherwise I’ll be too scared of spoilers D:

  4. To be honest, I’ve been thinking about starting a discussion post myself but I’ve always been kinda scared. Unlike you, I think I’d be weak at them. I’m not good in expressing myself, never have been. But ahhhh, you’ve made such good points about how awesome discussion posts are! I think I’ll give it a go sometime and tough it out.

    • Actually, I at first thought I was too weak to pull of a discussion post myself– but when you get there, it’s not as hard and demanding as you think 😀 Yeah it requires a lot of brain power, but as long as you’re know what you’re talking about and have a stand, even if you rant incessantly (they way I do! HAHA), you’ll find that there are lots of people who are interested in what you’re telling them 😀 And I know that whatever you do, you’re great, so I encourage you to give it a go :>

  5. I like discussion posts but I don’t do many of them because I’m not good at coming up with topics and also not many people visit my blog. It’s not really a discussion post if there’s no discussion. That just makes it a monologue.

    I almost had a discussion/monologue post last week, but someone else posted almost the exact same thing — like, the exact same content IN her post as I was going to have, not just the same topic — and I saw hers before I got mine posted so I deleted it. I knew it wasn’t a new topic in the blogging world, but I didn’t expect for someone else to post on the same topic at the same time. Oh well, I’ll come up with something else one of these days.

    • Awww I see– I guess I understand why you were suddenly scared to post, and I’d probably do the same if I were you, but I think as long as you have your own opinions on the matter, it’s okay to post something similar! 😀 I don’t think a lot of people visit my blog either, and I was surprised to know that some people actually listened to what I had to say XD It’s a refreshing feeling 🙂 And yeah, I hope you come up with your own discussions soon!

  6. I LOVE discussion posts and try to include my own throughout the month. You’re right in that they’re the best way to spark conversations, and when people disagree it just makes for a more interesting, in-depth discussion! 🙂

    • Right? 😀 I just recently saw your discussions, and I think they’re cool 🙂 I don’t feel bad when people disagree– in fact, I think it’s fun in that sometimes it calls for more in-depth thought like you mentioned! Thanks for stopping by Sara~

  7. I love love love discussion posts! One thing I’ve been running into lately though is unoriginal discussion posts. I’m sure that I do the same thing, but there are some discussion posts that everyone thinks of doing and that’s cool, but I can sometimes guess exactly what they are going to say about ratings, etc. They aren’t doing anything wrong, but I’m most excited when I come across a discussion I haven’t discussed before 😉

    • Oh I see 😀 As much as possible, I try do discuss original things, but if the things at the top of my head aren’t, then that’s cool with me too XD Although I do agree that unique discussions attract me better 🙂

  8. Discussion posts definitely provide such variety, they actually get much more comments than regular reviews because everything can have something to say and you’ll see all these different opinions coming up and sometimes it really gets you thinking. I started my discussion posts because I love talking haha and I love pondering on matters so it’s a great outlet for me. It also really helps to get to know more bloggers 🙂

    • Agreed! I love seeing posts that make me think, and lately, yours has been one of them! Discussions are definitely great outlets for our thoughts. I actually love how blogging as a whole has provided me with such an option, to just share what goes on my head with others 😀

  9. Discussing discussion posts is a discussion I’ve also wanted to discuss. I like how easy a discussion post attracts discussions and howmany ccommenters comment on others comments, which in turn makes the discussion both more of a discussion and easier to discuss.

    Heh, I’m in a silly mood today.

    • HAHA woah okay that took some time to process XD anyway, I love how many people comment their thoughts and opinions on discussion posts as well. It’s always fun to learn new things from other bloggers too!

  10. I love discussion posts — both reading and writing them! I think it’s a great way to share your thoughts and I can’t help but laugh to myself because yes… it encourages discussion haha (no way to get around saying it like that!)
    I do love reviews, but I love how discussion posts open our minds up to other topics and maybe think about things that we hadn’t before 🙂

    • Glad you agree! And yeah, no other way to say it but to say it. It encourages discussion and I like that! I love being able to converse with other people, to talk as much as to listen. It’s amazing up till now actually– the whole prospect of being able to socialize with people from around the globe, people who share the same (or different!) thoughts and opinions on various bookish and bloggy matters. I also love being able to open up to new ideas like you mentioned! Thanks for stopping by Brittany 🙂

  11. Discussion posts are the shizzz, man. (Yeah, don’t ask. I need sleep).

    The thing is, without discussion posts, I wouldn’t be able to tell bloggers or their blogs apart. Every one of us has this voice or style of writing, and it only 100% shows when you’re writing a discussion post. Plus, the comments I get on them are sooooo much fun to read! Especially if it’s one of my random posts, and the replies are even random. That’s how I know there are other weird people out there, like me.

    Again, I need sleep.

    • Woah your words seemed slurred a bit there. HAHA! And I love your thoughts on this! 😀 I have a lot of fun reading the comments too. Some people can get pretty random, but they’re more prone to all that over at your blog, I’m guessing. Your posts are so fun and quirky! XD And yeah, there are lots of other weird people out there. Hi.

      Hope you get some sleep soon XD

  12. It’s weird how it feels like a couple of years ago the book blogging world was majorly lacking discussion posts, and now they’re our favorite posts to write. Seriously, writing discussion posts is when I get to interact with a bunch of other people about things that have been on my mind lately. That’s why I always make sure I leave Thursdays open on my blog because that’s the day I get throw in a lot of personality and geek out discussing books and blogging. Great post!

    • Really? Well, I’m new to the blogging scene, so I wouldn’t know really– but of course, discussions have always been my favorite posts to write! There’s a lot of personality that comes with posts like them, and I love being able to show that 🙂 And yeah, I love how you have one day of the week specifically for discussing and geeking out 😀 Thanks for stopping by Laura!

  13. I love discussion posts! It’s so much fun to see what everyone thinks 🙂 It also helps me to get to know the blogger and it makes them stand out more. I’m always trying to come up with something original to discuss, but these posts are definitely the hardest to write. Great point 😀

    • Oh yeah, definitely makes them stand out 🙂 I can actually attribute a lot of the great discussions to various bloggers, and that makes me a whole lot more excited to read their blogs 😀 And I love your discussions! It takes a lot of effort and thinking, but it’s worth the time to see what everyone else thinks. And thanks Mel, you have some great thoughts here 😀

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