Are We Screwed If YA Books Were Real?


Because it’s a Friday, I was expecting to do a Feature & Follow post. However, the task requires a bit (a lot) of exposure– and we all know that I don’t post pictures of myself on the blog (no, I’m not a cyborg in hiding. And no, I don’t come from outerspace. I’m perfectly human, and reasonably camera shy, albeit online). Therefore, I decided against it, and instead am here to present you with my first news post in what is probably ages πŸ˜€

I came across this interesting article on The Huffington Post, written by Lisa Parkin, who shared some thoughts on why she believes we’d be screwed if Young Adult books, fantastical ones specifically, weren’t fictional after all. Because I couldn’t quite fathom and register the point she was driving at, I decided to delineate her thoughts, spell out my own, and share them with you. If you wish to read the full article yourself, I’ll be sure to leave you with the link below! Happy reading everyone πŸ™‚

designLisa Parkin believes that Young Adult fantasy must remain in the pages of a book. She goes on to telling us that if they weren’t (and she she means all of them), we’d basically be signing up for our own deaths. She states four different reasons enumerated as follows:

1. Teenagers would be responsible for saving the world.

I’m a teen, and I honestly don’t believe that another teen like myself can realistically save human kind from death and destruction, whether or not he’s the next Einstein-turned-Gandhi-turned-Superman. Let-s face it– we’re kids more than adults, and we’re only just beginning to sprout the wings innate in YA book characters since genesis. I’m not against attempting to beat the odds, and I wouldn’t waste a second complaining should Percy Jackson turn up at my doorstep, telling me to pack up and leave immediately because my long-lost father is actually a god, but of course, it would take so much more than sheer force of will and a little magic to overcome the leviathan that is the twisted, scheming, larger than life antagonist we all love to hate in our favorite books.

And if I, for example, were to look around and take in my surroundings, I’d see people my age spreading gossip, talking NBA, making an attempt at parkour or simply lazing their days away in ignorant bliss, and I would find it really difficult to believe that we’re the heroes of tomorrow (and I mean that in a totally kick-ass way). Besides, our parents wouldn’t be willing to let us go that easily even if we did. It all works out well in YA books of course, but that’s because most of the characters are ideal. Let’s face it– that level of perfection is unrealistic in this society. They may be the outcasts in their books, but to us they’re the alphas– and then some. Should Adam Kent or Peeta Mellark have been real, it would probably hurt just looking at them. They don’t even act their age, anyway.

np1I’m 16 (maybe 17) and I’m off to save the world!Β 

2. Everyone’s relationship status would change to “It’s Complicated”.

If every single goody-two shoes girl on the planet suddenly found herself within the reaches of some single, yet ravishing guy (or guys) who otherwise, wouldn’t even spare them a second look and treat them like bubblegum at the bottom of their shoe, then the popular girls would have no place in society, teenage drama would be more than just a breakup over the phone, and love triangles– love tetrahedrons, for crying out loud, would be everywhere (and that’s an understatement). We don’t need to complicate things further.

Honestly, I would prefer sticking to way the social ladder works these days, because ironically, it strikes more of a balance. Besides– all the glorious love interests wouldn’t be as interesting if they usually clung to you like a leech and whispered your name in their dreams. It’s shallow, but I’d much rather preserve how significant and red-letter an actual love life is (at least, that’s the way it works for me). Love triangles are cliche in books, though in all likelihood, they’d be ginormous pains in the ass in reality.

np2Noooo I love you both!

3. Parents would be totally MIA.

Now this issue has punched the clock just recently, as it has come to light on various blogs as I’ve scrolled through. I do agree that there’s too little guidance and parental care in YA books these days, and I don’t agree, not one bit, that parents are unnecessary plot devices that only serve to drive the main characters up the wall. Even if you’re busy saving the world from a horde of man-eating and bloodthirsty tarantulas for example, Β it never hurts to receive support from people who genuinely love and care for you. If parents went missing, teens would miss no time ruling the world and turning it into an endless party. If they’re not around to give us mature and reasonable advice, we’d probably be asking for chaos served on a silver platter– and so it becomes, the only real danger we’ve come to face is ourselves. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

np3Parents, where art thou?

4. Aliens, angels, ghosts and genetically altered humans are hiding among us.

We might as well be someone else’s dinner. We’re helpless humans, defenseless against supernatural forces who want to turn us into vampires, take us to their leader, or just gnaw our heads off on the spot. But that’s not all– they disguise themselves as your attractive next door neighbor, and try to wriggle their ways into your heart by sweeping you off your feet with their killer lines and killer smiles. And just because they’re that splendid, you let them in anyway.

But fear not! They come to love you and realize they’d want nothing more than to be with you forever after, so they’ll stop at nothing to save you from harm. They might get themselves killed in the process, but nothing doing right? As long as you’re safe (even if you’re bawling your eyes out and can’t stand being alone), all is well, and they’ve done their duty. I hate it when heroines in books whine or complain incessantly over boys, but come to think of it, I’m being a huge-ass hypocrite because I would have driven myself bonkers had I taken their place. If supernatural forces lived amongst us, I’d either be a pile of bones on the floor or a lovestruck girl with problems a thousand times heavier than homework.

Or maybe I’d just be one of them. And to think I believed school was scary.

np4I’m not human, but I love you.


In conclusion, YA books are too intense and complicated for me to handle in real life. I like them because they provide excitement and romance and release, but that’s because they don’t occur in day to day life, and believe me when I say, I hope they never do.

It’s now your turn! Do you agree with the article and believe that we’re screwed if the YA books we’ve been reading came true? Or would you be able to handle living the way the heroes and heroines in your favorite books do? Do tell me in the comments! πŸ™‚

If you want to read the article on The Huffington Post, this is the link:



18 thoughts on “Are We Screwed If YA Books Were Real?

  1. If number 1 was true, then we wouldn’t have to worry about the others, because we would all be dead. And you just inspired me to do write a discussion post : D

    Anyway. My favorite is the relationship status thing πŸ˜€ Seriously, can you imagine how many love-triangles there would be in the world? I mean, it’s going to be ridiculous. And if someone sent me a letter, I’d cut him off. No kidding. I want a modern romance, not one that worships the 15th century.

    As for the parents, you know I’m all for this!! Yes, in a perfect world parents would be their kids’s best friends and allow many stupid things, but the world is unfair and it’s been proven countless times.

    I actually don’t mind the genetically altered humans, as long as he’s on the run, his name is Sam and happens to be in Jennifer Rush’s Altered ❀

    • HAHAHA YES make one! I love your discussion posts πŸ™‚ I only like my romance modern, and love triangles would be so painful!! Parents are for guidance and just generally being there for family, but it seems as though many authors think they’re just restricting the actions of the main characters, so they’re set aside a lot D: HAHA well, what are the odds that his name is Sam and he’s on the run and he’s in Altered, right? You go for it, Eve!

  2. Yes I agree but also disagree, I agree that if the world got to the stage it is in some books like Hunger Games, Matched or Divergent we would be in trouble, something has gone terribly wrong and it is a living nightmare. BUT like in the books almost all of the time people revolt and there is always someone to save the day, even if it is teenagers.(now here’s where I geek out) It has been proven that teenagers and adults use different parts of their brain to answer the same question, so that could be why it would be better for teenagers to save the world because they think differently than adults. (I only read fantasy YA) Or it could just be that teenagers are more relatable. I’m not sure that made sense so sorry if it did not.

    • HAHAHA I see πŸ˜€ I think the more deep seated and complicated novels would put us in a lot of trouble, and even just a small complication would really mess things up XD But I guess if you look at it in a way that you compare the capabilities of adults and teens, teens aren’t that far off πŸ™‚ I think I get it XD Thanks for stopping by! πŸ˜€

  3. I like YA books so much because they’re so different from reality I think. It’s like a parallel world where teenagers are mature, parents don’t mind their kids going to a most probably painful death and once you find your first love you will stay together, happy foreveeeer. But yeah, if that suddenly would be our reality we’ be pretty much screwed.

    • HAHAHA exactly! I guess if YA books were more realistic, I wouldn’t be reading them πŸ˜€ But of course the characters have to be relatable somehow! I just don’t think we can handle it if it happened to us, that’s why we admire these characters so much πŸ™‚ Unless I’m completely underestimating the capabilities of teens nowadays XD

  4. I love this post, Jasmine! It’s so true! I mean seriously, in what world can hormone-raging teenagers save us all from the alien/zombie/vampire/whatever invasion? I mean, no offense to you and other teenagers, as I truly admire the passion and excitement teens possess and miss it in myself now that I am well into my twenties, and I do believe they are capable of a lot, but maybe not quite to the extent of the book world.

    • HAHA yes, thank you πŸ™‚ I don’t know if there is ANY universe in which we can save the entire world from invasion, so no offense taken! πŸ˜€ I’m not saying either that we’re all weak and lazy and all that, but we have to admit that no one these days is as strong and independent as the fictional characters we love so much. Besides, I’d rather YA books stay… well, books. I love reading them just because they’re fantastical πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by Amy!

  5. Fantastic post! I first saw the title and was like “YES.” And I was just thinking of the romance aspect, nothing like you mentioned. Great points! I feel like humans would definitely be the new lowest point on the food chain with all these supernatural beings running around. The missing parents thing is such a huge thing in YA. Is it that hard to write a realistic authority figure? Considering most of authors ARE an authority figure?

    • HAHA yeah that’s right! Authors ARE authority figures– but maybe they miss being teens, so they instead focus on writing about younger people XD I don’t blame them, but honestly, I need a little more variety. Parents rarely bug me in books! I’m actually really scared of the prospect of coexisting with supernatural creatures who want to rule the world, because I’d hate to be at the bottom of the food chain! I wouldn’t make it five miles D: But the romance IS quite important too. I just think it’d be so confusing and tangled up if YA books were real. So yeah, agreed! Thanks for sharing your thoughts too πŸ˜€

  6. Haha, yes, we would all be screwed. More than definitely. There’s already enough teenage angst to go around; no need for YA to add more problems to our lives.

  7. I love this post! I think teenagers would step up and save the world if they had to though. Well, some of them. Parents in YA books these days seem so rare that I actually take notice if a character has involved parents. I wish there were more of them. It’s always kind of fun to see how they will be written out each time though. Will they be dead? Busy earning their fortune (or, more understandable when it comes to absenteeism, just trying to pay the rent and put food on the table)? Immersed in their own love lives, completely ignoring the needs of their children?

    Whoa, some of the people who commented on that HuffPo article take themselves the article WAY too seriously. It’s a light-hearted look at the genre, not a serious topic.

    • Yeah, I guess some of us would dare take the lead! But I am seriously scared of the consequences of failure. THEN we’d be dead. Haha! And yeah, parents are nowhere in YA books these days! It’s like they never have time to get involved with the businesses of their kids. I’m not sure either if they’re just busy with their own problems XD And yeah, when I saw the comments, I tried to ignore it. The article WAS vague, but the author had a point, you know :/ Thanks for stopping by, too! Glad you liked the post πŸ˜‰

  8. Uh yeah we’d definitely be screwed. That is why these books must remain fictional. I don’t wanna watch over my back for some blood suckers every time I go out during the night. And if everyone was in a love triangle, it’d be annoying as hell and they would so damn clingy!! Just ugh, no.

    • Haha yep, glad you agree XD Our problems would be astronomical. I can’t even handle the stress of school D: So yep, definitely with you on that. I’d rather not get involved in a love triangle either!

  9. I want to say..yes, we would be screwed, but I will not generalize here. So instead, let me say .. yes, I would be screwed. Big time.

    The thing is, it’s all fun and nice reading about the characters, but would I ever want to be in their shoes? 99% of the time it is a no. Take Katniss for example. Her life is pretty interesting and she has to equally awesome guys vying for her love, and a nation that idolizes here, but if you think about it, Katniss leads a pretty miserable life. Same for Harry Potter. I would NOT want to be in his shoes. He’s lost so many people, and suffers a lot generally. Although, it would be pretty awesome to be a Hoggy Hoggy Hogwarts student.

    • HAHAHA. Okay, okay, nice of you not to generalize XD And yeah, I’ve thought about that quite a lot. these characters have so much on their minds, and compared to what I have to think about, I feel like nothing. Life sucks for them, and that’s hard to grasp. That’s why I adore them so much πŸ™‚ But yeah, if I had to study at Hogwarts, I’d not miss it for the world πŸ˜‰

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