My Current (YA) Life In Book Titles


This was a Friday Fun feature that was started by Jamie over at The Perpetual Page Turner! She is an amazing blogger with loads of cool ideas for blogger fun, so I hope you enjoy this one! The original title for this feature is “My YA Life In Book Titles”, but since I’m still a Young Adult, I’m going to have to address you in present tense and replace YA with Current. So there you have it, and hope you enjoy this little sneak preview into my (not so) private life 🙂



How would you describe your 16 year old self? Geek Girl. Well I’m actually 16 at this very moment, and yes, I’m quite the geek!

When you look into the mirror what do you see? Pretties. I never really like to think I’m ugly. It’s normal for a high school teen, but there’s bound to be some false humility. I’m not that pretty, but I like to comfort myself, thank you very much.

Your 16 year old outlook on life/motto:  Let The Sky Fall. Don’t be afraid to fall, pretty much. Just stand back up and redeem yourself. Got me through loads of shit, that one.

How you think people would describe your personality: Emotionally Weird. I have lots of mood swings, usually ranging from happy to ecstatic.

Describe an insecurity in high school: Is Everyone Hanging Out With Me? I honestly care too much about what other people think of me. I should probably stop D:

Describe your worst trait as a teen: Untamed. I’m a rebel most of the time, and it’s honestly driving my mom nuts XD

Describe the contents of your diary or journal: Confessions of An Angry Girl. I don’t have one, but if I did, I’d probably pour forth all pent up emotion and spill some top secret beans. Okay, now the idea of this  is starting to sound suspiciously tempting.

Your biggest fear: Crossing The Line. I’d hate to displease anyone.

You excel at: Perfect Chemistry. And I mean the subject. I don’t like a lot of science, but this is a significant exception.

You are always concerned about: Pride & Popularity. I’m not much of a socialite, but I befriend a lot of people. I’d like to leave the school remembered after all! I’m not the mean girl type though. My pride is easily hurt.

You think your life is: Something Like Normal. Nothing extraordinary outside of the blog, really—I’m still waiting for something life-changing to happen.


Love Life

How would you sum up your high school love life? Beautiful Chaos. It was toxic, but I enjoyed every moment of it (yes, family, I had a love life. Deal with it. I still love you). No hard feelings, needless to say.

Describe your most serious boyfriend from high schooll: Fifty Shades of Grey. No, this is not a provocative reference—trying to tell you that he was unreadable, and had about fifty different versions of himself. I’m not even sure if you can classify him under ‘boyfriend’. Probably not, but he was the closest I had to one.

Describe your first kiss: Wicked Lovely. I actually liked that kiss. It probably lasted way too long for a simple peck, but at that moment I don’t think I cared.

Your philosophy on dating/love: Boundless. Let it last, I guess. Love knows no bounds.

Describe your worst breakup: Catching Fire. Okay, perpetual disclaimer. Not sure if you can call it a breakup, but just so I have something to talk about. Anyway, I was burning up at this point. With hate, or anger, or overwhelming sadness, I don’t remember. But I probably bawled for a time right after.



Your relationship with your mom as a teen: Toxic. We’re at each other’s throats almost every day. Either way, I love my mom!

Your relationship with your dad as a teen: It’s Kind Of A Funny Story. This was even more of an emotional roller coaster. It’s indescribably intermittent, really.

Your relationship with a sibling: Pandemonium. See Day of Debate.

What you think about your parents rules: Going Too Far. My parents will kill me. HAHA. I’m pretty much toast if they find their way to this post.



Describe you and your best friend at 16: Best Friends Forever. Totally cliché, but I pinky swore on my life to remain her best friend forever (And I will, you wait and see!)

Your social status: Light In The Shadows. I’m well known, but I don’ thrive in the spotlight. I like to keep to my group of friends, so in that way I guess I stay in the shadows, though every so often, people like to talk about me (rumors in high school spread like wildfire).

Describe your group of friends: The Disenchantments. We’re all quite eclectic—we’re well known, but we don’t quite fit in with the in-crowd. We’re everywhere, and nowhere at the same time, somehow. That did not make any sense.



Your perception of high school upon entering: Truly Madly Deadly. I think it felt like hell to me. I didn’t think I belonged—at least not quite yet.

Your relationship with academics: Out Of The Easy. Definitely NOT easy. I’ve pulled countless all- nighters and failed countless exams. At least my grades remain above average.

Your weekends are: Return To Paradise. These are definitely the best snippets of high school life. Nothing like a good book on a Satuday morning (or a Friday night!)

If your high school life was a movie it would be called: Days of Blood And Starlight. It’s chaos and destruction, but I seem to manage. There are lots of things to look forward to, even if I get stressed out periodically.

A class you wish high school offers: How To Be A Woman. I’m a little girl. I want to be mature enough for my own age, but sometimes it’s hard to live independently when you’ve been sheltered since day one.

Your senior year is: That Time I Joined The Circus. It’s been crazy, so far. I’m actually having lots of fun!


The Future

How you feel about the prospect of college: Across The Universe. It seems like a totally different world. New school, new subjects, new schedule, new set of friends, new set of teachers, new me. It’s nervous excitement, really.

How you think your life will be at 27: Picture Perfect. I like to think happy thoughts.


I can’t answer the “Your Life Now” portion, because I’m still a high school student. But maybe in 11 years, I can revisit this post and update it! So now it’s your turn– if you want to do a post like this, don’t hesitate to do so (grab the banner, if you wish). I’d love to know more about you 😉



37 thoughts on “My Current (YA) Life In Book Titles

    • HAHA aww thanks, and I’d love to see your version! Do one…? HAHA! And thanks– It was actually funny, because I had that motto before I knew there was a book with that title 😀

  1. Awe, I’m glad you still did this survey even though you’re 16 🙂 I like your answer for how your school is going now… Out of the Easy could describe my relationship with academics since elementary, haha. I’m glad your year is going well though! Sometimes I miss the fun I had in high school — but then I remember that I’d have to re-do university all over again, and I quickly get out of my “I miss high school” slump.

    • Yeah, definitely NOT easy for me. It used to be easy when I was in elementary, but it’s been increasingly challenging since then 🙂 And yeah, I’m having quite a lot of fun! Oh, really? I always thought I’d love university better, because high school is CRAZY and just so stressful XD But we’ll see! I think I’m going to miss high school too 😀

  2. Hahaha, I’ve read so many versions of this survey, but so far, yours is my favorite!!! Especially this: If your high school life was a movie it would be called: Days of Blood And Starlight.

    I was thinking about doing this survey, but not really sure ;D Everything would be a disaster for me (I’m a very negative person at least 80% of the day).

    • Really? AWW thanks! 😀 That’s one of the lines I’m most proud of :> Oh, I don’t think you’re that negative. But if you’re projecting just your coolness and positivity on this blog (seems like it), then I love you ❤ Though I'd LOVE to see your version of it. I can already imagine it being so clever and entertaining 😀

  3. This is such an interesting survey. I love to know more details about bloggers I follow. I might do this one myself, but I want to take some time for it. I liked that you answered it being a teenager. Should be fun to look back to when you are older 😀

    • I know, right? Jamie is so good at making these sorts of surveys and whatnot 😀 Yeah, this one does take time, since it’s pretty lengthy. And I just HAD to do it! I couldn’t wait till I was 27 XD Yep. One day I will look back to this and see what else has changed 🙂 You should do one too Mel! I’d love to see it 😀

  4. Love this post! I love reading the answers and seeing what all you bloggers come up with as your answers. Some of these book titles are seriously unique!! I like that you’re proud of who you are. Wonderful post. 🙂

    • Aww thank you! I love reading posts like this one too! It’s one of the simple pleasures in life when I get to look into the lives of fellow bloggers 🙂 And yeah– I used to have zero self esteem, but it’s more satisfying to live this way XD Thanks again for stopping by!

  5. Every time you do something like this, and post all your awesome answers, I have this urge to join in, haha 😛
    I wasn’t going to do this, but now I think I might. I just thought it would be terribly hard to find book titles that describe my current YA life D:
    I love all your answers. How did you become so witty at your age, Jasmine!

    • Then you MUST join in Chiara! I can already sense the sheer awesomeness to your post :> Yeah, it was definitely a challenge, but I like a good challenge! It took me about an hour or something, and I wasn’t even doing anything else. It was SO satisfying to see it completed! 🙂 I really suggest you do one heehee~ And thanks! I’m not sure, but I guess the witty came with a constant exposure to books 😀 You’re witty too you know, which supports my theory XD

      • I shall join in then! Hopefully I can get it down today – and hopefully it IS awesome, haha >.<
        Yeah, most of these kind of posts take me about an hour, too, though you really wouldn't think it D:
        I think I'm more of a kind of lame-funny-witty rather than the funny-funny-witty. There's definitely a distinction between the two types of witty, haha 😛

      • WOOHOO! I can imagine posting a comment-essay on that post claiming how similar we are, once again XD Yeah, I really didn’t think it took you an hour. You’re always so diligent with your posts, so I kind of thought it was a breeze for you to put them together :O And if lame-funny-witty is Chiara-funny-witty, then count me in 😀

      • I shall look forward to your essay comment, then 😀
        It’s a breeze for me to put together the easy ones that don’t have a lot of writing. but with TTT and surveys, and stuff, it takes me ages D:
        Aw, yay! Someone thinks I’m funny, haha 😛

      • Alright 😀 And yeah, the shorter ones are the ones I accomplish in heartbeats, like simple questions to answer. But TTT’s and everything else take me as much time as it does you! And yep, here I am and I think you’re funny XD We’ll see in real life. But I am socially awkward, warning you now. Haha!

      • I do so love the short ones, haha 😛
        It takes time, because I want to make sure I am picking the best ones!
        Well, I think you’re funny, too 😀 But I think that’s who this leg of the conversation started O.o
        I am up there with THE most socially awkward people, ever. Seriously. But once I am comfortable with someone, it’s all good, and I’m not so awkward any more 😀

      • HAHA yeah I am a bit obsessive compulsive when it comes to posts 🙂 HAHA oh, really? Well you’re actually social online, and I don’t think you’d be much different in reality. Or maybe we have different takes on awkward XD and yeah me too — I tend to stay reserved and shy at first, but after, I just blabber nonstop 😀 hope you won’t mind that!

      • Yes, oh yes, haha. I know, right! I always surprise myself at how easily I can make friends on the internet – it’s like the opposite to real life 😛
        I also chatter a lot when I am comfortable with people, and yet those who don’t know me think I am quiet – BAHAH.
        I think we will fall into chatting comfortably pretty quick, as I feel like I already know you, anyway 😀

      • Yeah me too! When I have to meet people in real life, it’s mostly awkwardness and staring at the floor. It’s not like I can just comment on them like that XD Really? Cool! You don’t seem like the quiet type though /:) People NEVER think I’m quiet! My default first impression seems to be mean girl, although I’m glad that usually changes. I like being nice, but it’s hard when people judge you immediately. It’s high school, after all HAHA. Yeah, I feel like I’ve known you for not just three months (less, I think!)

      • Haha, staring at the floor. I usually just roam my gaze around the room, or look out a window. I like windows 😛 Commenting on people would make so much sense!
        I am quiet when I’m with people I don’t know. I just sort of mill around looking pensive. Apparently I look unapproachable when I am by myself….
        YOU ARE SO NICE WHAT ARE THESE PEOPLE SEEING. Seriously, that makes no sense.
        High schoolers don’t really take the time to know you. I mean, one girl described me like this: ‘Hi, I’m Chiara, and I wear glasses’. So the only thing she gathered from me as a person is my crappy eyesight? Wow.
        I feel like I have known you for AGES. I want to go back and find the first time we ever interacted, and how polite we must have been, whereas now, it’s just like CAPS and private jokey things. It’s awesome 😀

      • Really? That would make me feel so awkward! HAHA as if staring at the floor is’t XD Yeah, I try to be quiet too. I usually get scared that I might say something they don’t like. But if we meet, I’m hoping we can adjust easily to being comfortable 😀 Yeah I totally get you. A lot of high schoolers judge you based on what you are on the outside. Only some truly want to get to know you. It’s saddening 😦 I TRY TO BE NICE :(( HAHA yes I shall make that today’s mission! I will tell you what we first said to each other, then we can both laugh and tell each other how much we’ve changed. Haha! Time flies by, yes it does XD

      • But if I look out a window, I could be seeing something fantastic! Haha.
        I think the initial meeting will be awkward (but so are every other initial meetings), but I think we’ll fall into the crazy chatty phase pretty quickly 😀
        I know, right. I only had a really small amount of people who really knew me in high school. Actually that amount hasn’t grown, hahaha.
        Oh, yay! I hope you find it 😀 I want to see how formal we were hahaha.

      • Oh right. Something more worth your time maybe XD HAHA yeah, it’s always so awkward when I meet someone for the first time. I think I’ll just randomly give you a hug and be awkward for a bit. Then I’ll ask to play 20 questions so we can fall into the super close but still getting to know you stage 😀 Yeah me too! I have a small, but tight-knit group of friends. That seems better though, than a large but distant group. A lot of people know who I am, but not many take the time to know WHO I am (if that makes sense). Yeah it will be so cool to look back (seems so long ago!)

      • Totally, haha. I mean, there are trees, and grass HAHA.
        Hugs always win. And 20 questions sounds like fun 😀
        I’d rather a few closies, as well. It seems more real that way.
        Yes, that makes sense. I was the smart prefect girl with really long hair, and people know OF me.
        Did you ever end up finding it? 😀

      • Yeah but I’ll save my questions for when we meet 😀 Closies definitely feel more real. HAHA yeah, people know you but they don’t know YOU XD It’s like a riddle but its true! It makes me sad sometimes 😦 Yes I found it! I think you looked through my TTT post, cause you told me you added one of my picks to your TBR pile, and then you thanked me XD So I said you’re welcome, then said I’d look forward to your review of the book (All Our Yesterdays. You’re currently reading it! Haha!) So yeah. That statement applies more to me now 😀

      • Woohoo 😀
        It is a little bit riddle-ish, haha. It is a bit sad. The cliques in my high school were so cut off from each other. It was like that scene in Mean Girls, where she points out all the different groups. Kind of sad.
        Oh, wow. that’s kind of weird that I am reading it now! I am liking it so far 😀
        And I can tell that conversation was so polite and courteous like most book blogging first meets, haha 😛

      • Yeah the cliques in mine too! It’s like, no one ever dares step out of their cliques, unless we shuffle sections so we’re all somewhat forced to. Yeah, it seems like a good book! I wanted to read the ARC, but sadly, Disney doesn’t accept blogger requests these days 😦 I’ll just read the finished copy then XD And yeah, we were so polite! Just “:)” at each other and stuff XD

      • Haha, the good old forced interactions 😛 There are those special few people who can drift, but they still have a clique that they really belong to.
        I got approved by the Australian publisher, and I actually squealed with happiness. I didn’t think I would get approved for a book with such a big name :O
        Awww, the polite smiley face! Hahaha

  6. Your blog is so colorful these days. I love it! I’ve thought about doing this survey but it just seems SO HARD! That’s too much work for me, sorting through all my titles like that! haha. And I love your answers! You have such a great personality. ❤

    • Thanks 🙂 I’m not much of a designer, but it’s great to see the colors come together 😀 Aww I didn’t look through my titles– I think I cheated though. I just Goodreads-ed my answers and checked if there were titles to match. HAHA! And thank you Asti~ I would’ve loved to see yours though 😀

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