Weekly Recap (August 5 – 11)

Blog Weekly Recap

This recap was requested by a few of my readers– I’ll be telling you what went down the past week, in and out of Flip That Page, and give you a sneak peek preview of sorts on what to expect for the week to come. Happy blogging! 🙂

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I shared ten of the books I wish had sequels.

I told you guys about the origin of my blog, Flip That Page.

I put up a list of books for my imaginary English Literature class.

I reviewed Tahereh Mafi’s Shatter Me.

My brother and I held a debate on sympathetic villains.

Design A


I went through my First Quarter Periodic Exams. As usual, I cringed and felt my brain matter dissolving all through Calculus and Economics. The rest were doable, though I’m nervous.

I achieved the top marks in class for the English Exam! Think you can tell me the coverage of the entire thing? Well, you guessed it– a book. I went something like, “I know this shit. I remember this. I get this. Hell, I BLOG about this.”

For the first time this year, a guy came up to me and told me I was pretty. At random. It was weird, but it was flattering, so I said thank you and blushed non-stop. He was my first year crush. (He was taken.)

I requested a few ARC titles on NetGalley, and got approved immediately for 7 of them (3 of which got archived immediately after approval, which bummed me out. However, I was given a few hours to download shortly after, so needless to say, I’m a happy potato). Because of the deadlines and the expiration, I’ve decided to prioritize reviewing these titles 🙂 I have yet to get declined, though I’ve resigned myself to the inevitable.

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Review: Stay With Me (Elyssa Patrick) & Unravel Me (Tahereh Mafi)

Day of Debate: Tragic Endings

Blogger Bites: On Numbers And Statistics

Top Ten Tuesdays: Books With Futuristic Settings

Optional: Feature and Follow / News Post

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Anya asks us if list style reviews are easier.

Asti told us how she organized her blog with Microsoft OneNote.

Asti also shares some of her art with us.

Chiara discusses her opinions on the lack of self esteem in books.

Chiara also shares her (beautiful) new banner and button!

Eve tells us what she thinks about characters who play the sacrificial lamb.

Eve also discusses love triangles.

Eveline also (also) discusses love triangles!

Helen tells us about sharing her blog to people she knows.

Janita tells us about giving out 5 star ratings.

Jenna discusses requesting ARCs.

Laura tells us that her boyfriend is now reading!

Lauren asks us if we spread our love for a book.

Megan tells us more about the difficulty of posting negative reviews.

Mel tells us more about the hard life of a reader.

Mishma discusses new adult books.

Octavia asks us if we’re holding punches for books we review.

Paola and Alix turn 5 and show us their new blog design (plus givewaway)!

Renae tells us about owning what we read.

Stormy tells us why equating negative reviews with cyber-bullying is wrong.

Traci and her coffeemates discuss their favorite villains.

Hmm… did I miss anything? If I did, don’t hesitate to tell me so I can add it to this post.



43 thoughts on “Weekly Recap (August 5 – 11)

  1. Oh, yay! I feel so happy that I made the list 😀
    You have some awesome discussion posts up there, Jasmine, and I even found a new blog or two to follow! ^.^
    OH, and congrats on topping your English exam! I knew you were a smart cookie!
    And I know the feeling of the first time someone calls you pretty. First, you think they’re joking, and then you blush until you think your head will burst with all that blood (beautiful imagery, yes?). And he was a crush of yours! Too cute :3

    • Of course you make the list! I honest to goodness love Books For Thought! And that’s great to hear– now we’re even more similar with the blogs we follow 😀 And thank you! It was probably because it was book related. Goodness knows I completely devour anything in that format! And yeah, beautiful imagery with that crush thing. He kind of took me by surprise, just walking up to me, telling me that, the same way he talks about something normal, like the weather. And yeah he used to be a crush of mine. Now, he’s one of my closest guy friends. He’s taken though, and his girlfriend is my best friend in high school. I don’t think of him much in a romantic light because I support them, but who can blame me for feeling flattered! HAHA! thanks for stopping by Chiara :>

      • Aww, you’re making me feel so happy 😀 I’m glad you like it. I didn’t know how well it would go down, but people seem to be enjoying it, which is good 😀
        I always loved English assignments about books, or plays, or the creative writing ones. They were definitely the best!
        There’s nothing wrong with feeling flattered 😀 I think it was nice of him, though. Boys never do such nice things, haha. 😛
        You never need to thank me, Jasmine!

      • HAHA I love to make people happy! Glad you are 😀 You make me so happy too! And see, we’re similar in that aspect too– I love English a whole lot, even if I don’t necessarily get ace grades. Yeah, I found it quite nice, though random XD

      • I love making people happy, too. It’s an awesome feeling 😀
        We are pretty similar, I must say! But you topped the class, so you MUST get ace grades, silly 😛
        Random can be nice, though! If more people randomly said nice things, the world would be a better place.

      • YAY well then, I’ll say you make me happy 🙂 Woohoo I contribute to awesome feelings XD I only get ace grades in the comprehension subjects though– I suck at ones involving math D: Numbers just spin in my head. And yes it can be nice! It actually makes me feel a whole lot better when someone randomly compliments me. Totally unwarranted equals good sometimes 😀

      • YAY! Were both making each other happy, awesome 😀
        Maths is the devil’s spawn. Seriously. I can’t handle any mats or chemistry subjects. Numbers hate me 😦
        It’s nice! I remember when some boy randomly said ot me: you have amazing eyes. I, of course, immediately proceeded to crush on him for a very long time, haha. But it felt awesome 😀

      • Yup we are *virtual hug* OH I am glad you agree! I mean, it sucks that numbers hate you (hates me more, no worries), but I just thought I was alone in this world HAHA. Oh I can help you with chemistry though– Then maybe you can help me with biology? XD Awww well you do have amazing eyes :3 That is SO cute!

      • Hmm… It has got to be English. I just love discussing books XD Never took up drama… I don’t have the balls for anything that requires some form of stage presence HAHA

      • I would say English, but only the fun assignments. I hated the ones where you have to analyse ALL THE THEMES.
        I actually love performing! And I wish I had kept up drama in my senior years of high school, but I had to do all the science subjects instead 😦

      • HAHA! I don’t like any sort of analysis either! I just try to channel my inner reviewer when it’s required XD Awww that is so cool! Never knew you were like a theater kid 🙂 Have you performed for any plays? 😀 I’m not too bothered by science. Just not the sleep inducing ones with the real boring professors. Those are real pains D:

      • Analyses are BORING. Haha 😛
        I love theatre 😀 I was in FAME when I was 12, and then some random unknown ones at school, but that’s about it, haha.
        The sleep inducing ones are the worst. Too bad that’s most of mine this semester D:

      • Yeahp they are XD OH COOL I’ve watched FAME! It was amazing 😀 Random unknown is good. At least you get to do something you love! And awwww D: well then, I shall congratulate you when you get through all those subjects 😉

      • AWW is there any way for you to embrace theater again? D: Hmm. I’m right there with you. Studies = stress, sometimes. That’s why I’m looking forward to graduation, so at least I can manage my schedules better. YOU CAN DO IT CHIARA! 😀

      • I don’t know. I barely have enough time for reading and blogging D:
        I HOPE I CAN, JASMINE! I worked out that I only have approximately three days per piece of assessment for the next two and a half months. So I am a tad stressed, obviously 😛 I will just have to knuckle down, and get everything done! But at the same time, I don’t want to dismiss blogging, and I have a lot of books I need to read or review, as well D:

      • Yeah, sometimes its hard to balance school and blogging out D: But at least we manage! As long as we don’t distract ourselves unnecessarily, all is well! 😀 Hope you can finish all of your work on time, Chiara! 🙂

      • I know, right! Haha. I just don’t want my blog, or the followers to be lonleh D:
        I got my first assignment done today, woohoooo 😀
        Not doing work makes me feel guilty, even if I don’t really need to be doing it. I have no idea how I ended up with this crazy brain!

      • I just never have the time to pre-write anything D: So sometimes the blog gets lonely *sigh* but yeah, I don’t cram, but I find it so hard to do things in advanced. Haha!

      • I took a whole four hours to pre-write the posts I am talking about, haha. I just knew I had to do it, so I did!
        It’s not so hard. It got a little repetitive because of the kind of posts I was writing, but I feel good now that I know it will at least have on post per week for the next few months!

      • WOAH! Haha that is some serious time management skill XD I see. Maybe I should stop being so obsessive compulsive about immediate publication. Pre posts seem so convenient!

      • I know right. So proud of myself, haha. 😛
        They are awesome! You don’t have to worry about them; you just know they’re going to be up on your blog whenever you scheduled them to be. It’s quite a bit less stressful than immediate publication. And the chances of typos are decreased! 😀 Although I always manage to find one or two that devastate me D:

  2. Oooooh, congratulations on your English exam!! And it’s sweet a guy told you you were pretty! And I’m glad you kept your cool – I usually freak out when people try to talk to me on the street. ;D

    And congratulations on the NetGalley approvals (seems like you’re having a blast this week : D)!!! Which books did you get approved for 😕

    • Thank you Eve! Not for the first time, I’m glad I read that book XD Haha, that guy wasn’t a stranger– he was my first year crush, and he walked up to me in school (at random). I didn’t even know what to say at first. Awkwuuurd XD And yeah this week was quite fun! The one I’m currently reading was the first I asked for (and its the first EVER New Adult book I’ve read as well). There’s also The Silent Swan, Silent Echo, The Woken Gods, When The World Was Flat, and other titles I don’t quite remember (I think these were the ones I accidentally clicked on. I am prone to that). I’m excited, actually! Glad I didn’t try to request for too many of them HAHA XD

  3. Hey Jasmine…thanks for linking me up! I love the background to your blog those birds are so cute and colorful! I’m off to explore some new blogs thanks to you 🙂 There are so many great ones out there aren’t there 🙂

  4. Aww, he told you you’re pretty? So cute! And congrats on receiving top marks — that’s awesome!
    Thanks for mentioning my post 🙂

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