Blogger Bites: Origin Of Flip That Page

Blogger BitesFor the past two months and a half, I’ve been sharing all sorts of bookish thoughts with you guys. Just a few weeks back, I also decided to tackle certain issues on the blogging process itself. This time, however, I’m giving you guys a chance to get to know a little more about the girl behind the blog– THAT’S ME! Forgive the mediocrity to this post (if applicable). I’m not much of an interesting story, but for now, I hope a little background suffices. Happy reading everyone!

Design A


1. I love reading books.

I’m a self-proclaimed book lover—nothing too astonishing, because you guys exist on this sphere of being for similar reasons. I’ve been reading all sorts of books since kindergarten, though of course my taste has evolved with me through the years. I usually read all sorts of Young Adult Fiction nowadays, in different sub-genres, though there was never really anyone else to share that sort of ardor with, which broke my ache-y breaky heart. My brother was the only exception, though he didn’t help my cause greatly at the time (he’s paying for it at the moment. See Day of Debate. Haha!)

2. My brother was a horrible vent, albeit the only one (Little sissy still wuvs you).

Before I discovered the joie de vivre that is blogging, I used to keep all of my obstinate, pragmatic opinions to myself. This of course, was hardly any source of real vindication, seeing as I am human being, and I believe in bringing my thoughts to light. As such, I decided to shimmy off to my brother next door, and tell him all about the last thing I read, which was utterly touching and just immaculate (to which, of course, he remained unresponsive). However, I couldn’t just chide for any of that– he had problems of his own after all (paperwork, presentations, pretty girls). We didn’t exactly share the same taste in books either. Henceforth, I strode back to my own room and sulked for a moment, wishing so unyieldingly for some way to tell the world about the things I felt. I lay in bed for about an hour, or three, not even blinking, staring into space and thinking/fangirling/meditating on life in general (good books do that to me). It was terrible—I NEEDED someone to talk to.


I don’t even remember getting to sleep.

 3. It was an accident that was meant to be.

I used to creep around Goodreads a lot. I would read the top reviews and laugh at the way users chronicled their experiences and expressed themselves — a little (big) part of me yearned for an opportunity to do the same. I skulked around a little more, accidentally clicking on a link to Cuddlebuggery. Annoyed at first, then completely inspired the next instant, I decided that this was the solution to everything. It came to me like an epiphany.

A few revamps, site preparations, and visits to A Bookish Heart later (which I am proud to say is a huge inspiration), Flip That Page was born!

Title Tidbits!

I actually had a few creative ideas. However, many of classmates used to tell me how weird I was for using the same expression repeatedly whenever I read a book with them: “Please flip that page.” I’m not a speed reader, though I’m a relatively fast one. Additionally, I prefer people who make an effort to keep their mouths shut when I read. Whenever I want to tell them to shut up, I do so in the politest way possible.

“Dude, shut up, flipping pages here.”


Yes, well. Uhm, no, but still.

Hence, the name 🙂


Design A


I love blogging.

 Yes it’s sometimes a hassle, and yes, it’s a potential distraction. The entire experience nonetheless, however short, has been rewarding and fruitful—I am gratified by attention this blog has been receiving in the recent weeks. At first, it seemed disengaging, since no one seemed to be around to read any of my posts. Fortunately enough, that was quick to change. I began receiving meaningful comments and compliments. By the end of the first week, I was feeling a little something like this:


You guys are the bomb diggity.

I’ve also been given the chance to meet and converse with lots of amazing people: Chiara, Eve, Kristin, Asti, Alena, Hazel, Veronica, Ariella, Annie, Eveline, and before I forget, Reem, Amy, and Paola (I will probably keep editing this if I remember other names HAHA) as well so many others.I can’t mention all of you D: Needless to say, I love what I do, and love the people I do it for (That means YOU!) So if I decide to stick around for a just a little longer, I hope you don’t mind 🙂


Design A

Now it’s your turn! I’d like to know what inspired you guys to create your own blogs! If you’re interested in telling me your own story, I urge you to comment! I enjoy reading and replying to each and every one of them 🙂



29 thoughts on “Blogger Bites: Origin Of Flip That Page

  1. I love you too! 🙂 Haha, no really, I’m so happy we virtually met 😉 Our reasons for blogging are quite similar. Almost nobody in my environment reads, so I also had to keep all my book opinions/emotions to myself. Very frustrating.. I started reviewing on Goodreads (that site was the best discovery in my whole life), until I saw most of the other reviewers had blogs, so I made one myself:) I hope you won’t quit blogging for a very long time, I really love reading your posts!

    • YAY! Thank you Eveline 😀 I still don’t understand why it never occurred to me to start a blog before, though I do thank Goodreads partly for the decision to 🙂 Love that site! And yes, I shall not quit blogging. It’s people like you who make me all giddy and happy to have come here 😀

  2. Weee, thanks for mentioning me!! <33333 I started my blog because I really just need an outlet for fangirling over books. As I was thinking of a name for my blog, I remembered that phrase "Stay Golden" and Stay Bookish immediately came to mind! I realized that that was my ultimate goal- to hold on to my love for books. 🙂

    • You’re welcome! Haha yes, its the outlet function that’s tempting XD So glad you joined the blogosphere! And nooow I get it. Stay Golden = Stay Bookish. Love it 😀 And yes I agree! A passion for reading is something I’d want to hold on to as well 🙂

  3. Awe, well I’m quite glad you made yourself a spot on the blogosphere. We’re happy to have and to know you 🙂
    Your reasons for blogging are all pretty similar to my own, but I have one more reason. A couple of years ago in one of my journalism classes, we had a freelance magazine writer come to our class to offer advice and tips for success. Near the end of her talk, she mentioned how important it is for aspiring journalists to get their name out there and have their writing seen. She said starting a blog is the best way to go about this, but to be careful: make sure the blog is something you are passionate about and can blog about regularly — no future empoyer likes reading posts that seem without life and are as irregular as someone who needs to eat Activia. So after a day of thought, I realized that a book blog was going to best thing for me. And now, a year and a half later, I’m still chugging away contentedly.
    Sure, it can be tiring at times, and often I’ll feel invisible compared to many wonderful blogs out there. But I’m still here, still writing, and still loving what I do.
    Great post!

    • Thank you so much 🙂 And thanks as well for sharing that little event with me! As a matter of fact, I do remember one of the speakers at a forum telling her audience to create a blog– it didn’t inspire me at the moment, though it seemed like an interesting premise 🙂 You’ve been blogging for quite some time now, too! I do look forward to more of your posts 😀

  4. I would mind it if you DIDN’T stick around!! Haha don’t worry, I think we’ve all had our sleepless nights thinking about books we’ve just read. I know I’ve had them even after I started blogging. I discovered goodreads and book blogs in 2011 but I never thought about making one until it was January 2013… I was super bored and wanted to do something so I just started one that I deleted after two or three months… then I made Paper Sanctuary and so far, I’ve thought about quitting only two or three times. The problem is, I get super frustrated when I can’t do something. 😀 Which atm is centered around figuring out WordPress so I can move my blog to a self-hosted WP and be done with it…

    Anyway, long comment 😀 & thanks for including me <33

    • Oh, no worries, I am def sticking around 😉 Haha yeah, its sometimes inevitable to let go of events that unfold in books– that’s one of the reasons why I love them in the first place. They have the power to make me feel things XD And I am so glad that you got bored that one day. Now I have your posts to look forward to YAY! I’ve never really thought about quitting, but I hope you get to figure WordPress out! I’m a user myself, and if its any help, let me just tell you that its super easy to navigate. And you’re welcome, Eve, everyone knows I wuv you ❤

  5. You better stick around a little longer! I absolutely love your blog, and I feel honored that you consider my blog one of your inspirations. (Also, random side note: my mom reads my blog and has clicked through to your blog during one of my recaps and has told me how much she loves your blog. Is that weird? haha.) You definitely deserve all the love you get around here. I love your unique features and the way your personality shines through your blog, you’re definitely a great addition to the blogosphere. <3<3

    • AWW thank you so much Asti!! It makes me so happy and flattered and overwhelmed at the same time to hear that ❤ I hope we can remain friends for longer! I love your blog too (if I haven't emphasized that enough), though I think Asti is a different kind of awesome altogether 😀 And no, it's not that weird that your mom likes my blog. She makes me so happy, too! It's so rewarding to know my blog is appreciated 🙂

  6. Awwww you’re to kind. I love talking to you too! I too originally started my blog with one goal in mind, to talk about the awesome books, but it has grown so much more than that and I love ever single one of my followers. ❤

  7. ASDFGJKL. I made the list of awesome people you have met. I feel all special now :3
    I loved reading this post, Jasmine, and how you created this blog. I may have to steal this post idea, and write something similar (if you don’t mind, that is!).
    I do so love your title, and I give you an A+ in creativity. ^.^
    I bet by the end of the year, you will have approximately 10000 followers, because your blog is amazing. ❤

  8. Thanks for the shout-out! I love your blog and swapping mottos on Twitter! (Also the Killer Killer, Your the Killer episode of Boy Meets World is my absolute favorite!!)

  9. I’m pretty sure we’re all happy to have you!

    It’s nice that you have a brother to vent to, and actually shares the same interest. Me and my sister are kinda like that, except she really likes reading a lot of girly books, and romance, and that isn’t my type of books. And I’m the type of person who keeps things to herself, so no venting at all.

    But book blogging has been a draining, time-consuming, wallet-digging hobby, but I love it.

    • I’m happy to be here Shannelle! 😀 The blogosphere has warmed to me, and it makes me feel all happy and fuzzy inside :3 I’ve always wanted a sister, though like you, I’m not into the really girly books either.. I’m glad though, that my bro and I can make some people laugh! And it’s fine if you keep things to yourself. I like your blog either way, though I’d love to see you open up! 🙂 And yes, agreed– it’s not quite as easy as I believed it to be, but so far the experience has been rewarding.

  10. Your blog name is so unique and now I know how you cam up with it, thanks for sharing! I created my blog partly because I began reading more and more after many years of sporadic reading. And I realized very quickly that I soon forgot the details of the books I was reading. I found goodreads to keep track of what I’d read and then through that and seeing other blogs I decided to create my own blog…pretty similar to you in that sense. And now I have a forever archive of my bookish thoughts!

    • You’re very welcome 😀 Haha yeah, goodreads was probably the thing that got me started on blogging, technically speaking 🙂 So far, the experience has been great! Fun meeting other bloggers like you 🙂 And thanks for stopping by Helen~

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