Top Ten Tuesdays: What I Avoid In Books


This is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke And The Bookish 🙂

I’m not a very fastidious reader, so I don’t have an extensive list of particulars when it comes to books. In that way, I found this week’s feature quite an onerous confrontation, which I nonetheless, tenacious blogger that I am, refused to leave incomplete (beaming with pride at the moment). However, I do think that that there are quite a few topics or genres that are ceaseless enough to leave me little more than uninterested, so in the hopes that you forgive me my sorry analysis (I dawdled on this one, because of the calculus homework that’s butterfingers at answering itself), here’s my top ten list everybody!

Have a great Tuesday! Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment 😀

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1. School Life

Given the knowledge that I’m (fundamentally) a pubescent little girl, you’d probably understand why I tend to get sent reeling at the sight of anything school related. I usually read books to liberate myself from high school and the disgruntling stress that comes with it, and to immerse myself in anything even remotely reminiscent of such would bring all my efforts to futility. And I’d rather not go around in circles, thank you.

2. Vampires vs Werewolves

I acquired an allergic reaction for this one after I got sick with the flu (which I, by the way, like to call Twilight). I don’t want to sound verbose, but I just really, honest to goodness, find this kind of thing commonplace. There used to be some magic to the idea, but now that this millennial struggle is nothing less than ubiquitous in fiction, both mutually exclusive and dependent of each other, I find it hard to stomach any more.

3. Good Girl Meets Bad Boy

Physics taught me that opposites attract– and because I’m no Coulomb or Einstein, I’m going to be a rebel and disagree. Sometimes (I’m being generous), goody two shoes characters tend to get whiny and lamentable when they get themselves idiotically involved with bad boys or jocks that use them and treat them like playthings, then act like its nothing and call it love. I’m not going to name drop, but if you find yourself face to face with books akin to this, I urge you to reconsider.

4. Child Protagonists

I’m not entirely sure what I have against this idea– its probably the fact that I’m a child no longer that I find it hard to keep myself from alienation when it comes to kiddie problems. I just find it pointless to read something I might never be able to relate to.

5. Horror

I’ll just admit it– I’m a wimp in the most pathetic way possible. I don’t even leave my comforter after lights out, for fear that the boogeyman is hiding under my bed and will probably grab me by the legs to fire and brimstone. I’m not a fan of gore or bloodshed either, mostly because the images in my head tend to become vivid and graphic the more panic-stricken I get. I want to be able to get some sleep after a good read, and horror novels will give me none of that in the next few weeks (at the very least).

6. Insta Love

I’m a romantic– therefore, instalove is arch-nemesis numero uno. I just feel robbed of any form of satisfaction without some deliciously gradual build up.

7. New Adult

I’m probably going to contradict my previous statement perplexingly, but I really don’t have it in me to find taste for books that focus mainly on the romance. The unseemly covers also unsettle me, and my mother would never approve of purchase anyway, so its pointless. Thank god I’m not making any attempts.

8. War

And I mean war in the Hitler context. I’m a big believer in happy endings, and war doesn’t exactly seem to make me feel any emotional variant of retribution. I’m not sure if its because I’m prissy when it comes to dealing with tough subjects, but I guess I just find myself really intimidated.

9. Celebrity Authors

After Modelland, which is likely the most heinous, nauseating excuse for a book that I (stupidly enough) decided to read, I in no way tried to pick up any other book by another celebrity. I’m probably closing the doors to new, promising novels (and sometimes, the guilt eats at me), but I guess I was scared enough to think more than twice about it. I’m being nitpicky, but that’s what Tyra Banks does to you. She should have just remained in Pot Ledom till kingdom come.

10. Erotica

I’m sixteen, and well aware of the fact that many people my age have more than familiarized themselves with this sort of thing. I, however, am completely uncomfortable with anything like this. I guess it’s fun or thrilling in its own way, but I’m thinking of postponing that realization till I’m done with witlessly frolicking within the confines of my childhood.

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So what do you think? If you have any opinions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to comment and tell me!



41 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesdays: What I Avoid In Books

  1. I agree with several of these, some of which made my list. I’m glad to see I’m not the only who isn’t interested in the sexed up romances; those New Adult covers are unsettling!

    • I don’t really find any sexy romance all that romantic 😀 And yeah, the covers are weird, although of course that’s not the only reason. Still, i’m glad we agree! Haha! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

    • Glad you agree! I really do get peeved by instant love. It just ruins it ALL for me D: Sometimes though, I give the author a chance if the books amazing in every other aspect. But yeah, I’d really rather not get involved with any more of that. thank you for stopping by~

    • Ah yeah, I like romance, but only if it’s more of an exciting sub-plot 🙂 Insta love is something that just grinds my gears 😦 The bad boy card is played too often, and I honestly prefer the nice, believable ones. Thanks for stopping by! 😀

  2. I just read a book with the case of #3, Dare You To by Katie McGarry. I absolutely love child protagonists but I steer clear of horror like you. I also steer clear of any NA and erotic books. Makes me feel squeamish and uncomfortable..

    • Hmm, I’ve never read Dare You To. Never really been driven to trying it out, but I guess I’ll have to look into more reviews first 🙂 I think turning 16 made me feel more adult than child, although I did love child protagonists once before, and I just don’t think I’m cut out for adult that’s not young yet. The legit adult books I know are just… eep! I feel so awkward reading the real mature ones, so no go for me 😦

  3. I agree about all the things you listed! Especially the vampires vs. werewolves bit… Twilight ruined a lot of things for a lot of people, it seems : D There was a picture on the internet of Bella, Jacob and Edward and underneath it was this: “Twilight: A girl’s choice between beastiality and necrophilia” and I couldn’t agree more xD

    As for Erotica… I’ve read fantasy books that have graphic sex and I don’t mind it… I guess I’m at the age where I ignore everything that doesn’t interest me ;D

    • Great to hear! I just really didn’t like Twilight. I’m not sure if I’m being too judgmental, considering the fact that I didn’t even give myself a chance to finish the series. I just think it set the stage for way too many over-used topics XD Ohyeaaaahh, that is like bestiality and necrophilia. HAHAHA! Well I guess when I get to your age (whatever it is) I might learn not to care about the bothersome stuff. That sounds effective. Thanks for stopping by Eve!

  4. We have a lot in common, but you also mentioned some other topics I hadn’t thought of before but completely agree with: child protagonists and school life. I guess I just naturally don’t gravitate towards those sorts of books, so I didn’t really think of them for my list. But I wouldn’t like much either. However, I’m a huge fan of books set around the war. Not war books persay, but more like Holocaust books. I love those. Great list!

    • Hmm yeah, child protagonists didn’t really occur to me until I remembered I had some books on my TBR pile that I might never get to read because I’ve outgrown them, in a sense… :O I also think I subconsciously avoid school life books, and as for war, I think they’re quite emotional and all that, but I just don’t really have the heart for tough subjects like the Holocaust. I think I’d have to explore that topic more before I start to sit well with it, although it really is heart wrenching and interesting! 🙂

  5. I’m the same age as you and OMG do school-related books turn me off! Why read about something I encounter each and everyday? High school is a crappy place to begin with, so I wouldn’t want to read about it. Plus, high school novels tend to be overdone and cliche.

    Vampires v. Werewolves are a no-no for me to. The only vampire book I read was Sookie Stackhouse, so yeah.. I’ll pass.

    I pretty much agree with everything you listed except war related books. Especially if it’s high fantasy, something about court drama and medieval politics intrigues me.

    • COOL we can relate! Yeah, high school stresses me out, and it doesn’t even help to read about it. And yeah, I’m not really found of the stories involved– there’s only so much you can do with a high school setting, after all :O I’ve never read Sookie Stackhouse, and it’s intimidating since it’s lengthy, so yeah, anything remotely related to vamps or wolves needs some serious good plot to convince me 😀 Haha! I guess I’m weird for not liking war books, but I just don’t have it in me to delve into anything serious and realistic, so I dunno. If I get to read a real good one though, I might just change my mind. Or maybe I’ll just grow up a bit more. Haha!

  6. I agree with most of these points. Great list, Jasmine 😀
    I most definitely agree with the school life one. I am not really going to pick up a book about high school. *shudder* I’ve had enough of that to last me a life time, really.

    • Thanks Chiara! 😀 I’m completely fine simply having school life to deal with on a daily basis, so never mind reading about it when I’m not actually even there. Haha! Thanks for stopping by 😉

      • Right you are 😀 It’s my ultimate dream to finish senior year XD I’m a few failing grades and/or heartbreaks away! HAHA! You’re a lucky ducky !!

      • Awww thanks Chiara! 😀 College seems like more stress, but at least most of the drama’s gone 🙂 And I’d have more time to blog (and visit yours!) Woohoo, one last year. I’m making this one count XD

      • It’s a bit different over here, but I think uni/college isn’t as bad as school. I mean, over here, you don’t have classes every day from 9-3, or whatever, like school. So there is more time to get work done. But then there’s more work, so, I guess it evens out D:
        There is more time for blogging 😀
        I hope senior year is super great! Do you have prom? ^.^

      • You know, I’ve always wanted to go to a school abroad (I’ve always wanted to go to America, or England, or wherever YOU live! Haha!) But then again, I don’t like being away from my family 😦 My school runs from 7-5 (UGH) so yeah, its pretty stressful. But at least I get to look forward to weekends! I guess I’ll just have to see whether I like college better when I get there 😀 And thank you Chiaraaa! Yes, we do have prom. Looking forward to THAT as well! How did yours go? 😀

      • I live in Australia 😀 I always wanted to do some overseas study, but now I have run out of time D: But a holiday would probably be better anyway, haha. Yes! Being away from family would suck!
        Ohmygosh! Your school days are so long! How do you survive, Jasmine?
        I definitely like uni better than school; it’s a lot more chill. 🙂
        My favourite part of prom was getting ready, haha. I loved finding a dress – I found the perfect one, and I was so happy. And I loved getting ready to go. But then the actual event sort of fell flat for me D:
        When is yours? 😀

      • OH then you have that really really cool Aussie accent that I love XD Never been to Australia, but then again, it’s nearer than both America and England, so… welcome me when I visit? Haha! I dunno, I just do whatever I can at night, then cram my homework in the mornings. It’s quite effective 😀 And I’m looking forward to uni now! I was really excited for prom last year, and it was great getting to design a dress. What I loved the most though were the prom asks– some of my guy batch mates got really creative! The event itself was nothing special, except for the last part where we just danced our heads off 😀 My next one is probably in February next year. I wanna know what it’s like in Australia 😀

      • Haha, it’s weird because I don’t even know what we sound like D: They get it all wrong in the movies -.-
        I would totally give you the VIP tour of my little part of Australia if you ever do visit!
        I just cannot imagine being at school that long. But you have a ritual, so yay!
        I’m glad you’re looking forward to it! It’s a whole new experience.
        You designed a dress! Ohmygosh, that is so awesome!
        There were zero creative asks when I was going. It was a bit disappointing actually. I was asked over the internet. THE INTERNET. D:
        My favourite part of my prom was the very end, too! Pretty much everyone had gone home, and it was just me and my closest friends dancing to the song ‘Forever Young’. It was awesome.
        February is so far away! But I suppose it will come around before you know it.
        What do you want to know? 😀

      • Hmm, its like A British Accent with a little more twang to it, I guess 😀 YAY I’d love a VIP tour! One day, when I can, I will (hope we’re still online buddies!) And yeah, I designed mine, but of course the designer still helped me with all the technical stuff. It’s fun, and really satisfying when you see the real thing. Maybe you should try kicking off all the creative asks :> The internet, huh? Well as long as the guy looks pretty damn fine on prom night, I’ll let it pass XD how was he? Haha! YAY for the end of prom! Well not cause its ending, but yeah the dancing 🙂 February is always there when I least expect it. On Australia– Well, just what its like. The people, the food, the scenery– I’ve never been outside of Asia (its getting repetitive XD)

      • I’ll have to take your word for it, haha 🙂
        We will definitely still be online buddies 😀 And I can show you all the awesome places!
        I wanted to design my dress, as well, but I was just super lucky that I found my perfect dress. I loved (still do!) it so much, and I was super happy with it on the night 😀
        He looked pretty nice, haha. And he made the night fun. And it was my first time in heels that night, and we had to walk up and down about one million stairs, and he held my hand and helped me – such a gentleman! 😛
        Hmm. Australia has a range of people, like most countries, I suppose! There is the nice ones, and the not so nice ones. We don’t actually have any iconic food! We just have the run of the mill fast food restaurants, and then we are REALLY, and I mean REALLY obsessed with sushi, haha, so you can find sushi places everywhere!
        The scenery is lovely. The rainforests are the prettiest, because the other types of forests are pretty dry, and not as aesthetically pleasing. But we need to stop cutting down lovely forests!
        I’ve never been outside of Australia! What’s Asia and the Philippines like? 😀

      • Yep, of course we will! I love blogging and the blogosphere too much to just leave it 🙂 It’s great to meet amazing people 😀 I find it hard to find any shop dress that fits me, because I’m real petite. Haha! I would’ve loved to see yours though! And AWW to your date!! Mine was just a friend, so it was hard to see him any romantic light. And I LOVE sushi! Anything Japanese, really. I love rice 😀 And I’ve always wanted to go camping in a rain forest. I mean, unless there are grizzly bears lurking around XD It just seems real fun! I really wanna come and visit, since I adore scenic places. I’ll bat my eyelashes at my parents and beg so they’ll let me (it rarely works though!). And you MUST come over! The Philippines is pretty crowded, but if you like a busy night life, and lots of really welcoming people, do come by. I’LL give the VIP tour 🙂 The food here is SMASHING. The rest of Asia is pretty urban– high rise buildings, night markets, spicy food. Otherwise, its full of temples and sacred ground. And the beaches are wonderful if you like that sort of thing. It’s a tropical country, so we revel in iced tea and ice cream 🙂

      • I love everything about blogging too much to give it up, as well! I have met so many awesome people (like you!), and I haven’t even been around two months yet!
        Petite is pretty, though! 😀 What colour was it?
        I don’t know if this will work, but, here is my dress: I was in love with it, even though it’s not technically a dress!
        Mine was a friend, too, haha.
        Sushi is so good! I’m glad we’re obsessed, because there’s a sushi pace right near my house, and it is so convenient!
        Haha, other than the snakes, there’s no real scary things that can kill you when you camp over here! Well, there’s dingoes, but they aren’t in rainforests, haha.
        Do it, Jasmine’s parents! Let your daughter see the beautiful rainforests! 😀
        Yay for VIP tour 😀 I love food, so I’m keen, haha.
        Ohmygosh, I really want to see a temple! I think it would be so calming, and beautiful. We have HEAPS of beaches here, as well!
        Have you ever been to Japan? 🙂

      • Aww that’s so cool! I guess we’ve been around for essentially the same time 🙂 And yeah, like you, there are many other bloggers that have taken the time to get to know me– it’s an endless party 🙂 And that dress looks beautiful on you!! 😀 I wasn’t able to take any pictures of me wearing the dress, so I can’t show you (and I’m camera shy HAHA) but it was a yellow sort of like the one on my header. And it’s been quite a while though, since I’ve eaten sushi, but it’s always a treat. I’m not that scared of snakes, unless they’re anacondas, and I don’t even know what a dingo is XD I’d really love to visit though (and meet you!) It’s been a 2 month long dream of mine to personally meet some of my blogger friends. The temples in Asia are amazing– they’re calm, and the art work on the walls are ancient and mind-blowingly beautiful. I’m not a swimmer, so I don’t go to beaches often, but when I do, it’s always a blast 🙂 I’ve never been to Japan, but I’ve always wanted to go. It seems like the perfect place to just splurge (confession bear: I’m an impulsive shopper. It’s a guilty pleasure :D)

      • I love it when I can have conversations with people (like this one), rather than just random comments 😀
        THANK YOU!
        Aw, no! You’ll have to show me your next one then! Yellow is such a pretty colour, but I can’t wear it because I am as pale as a sheet of paper, haha 😛
        Apparently Australia has the highest number of poisonous snakes, which is why I mentioned them! A dingo is kind of like a dog, you should google it – they are seriously adorable :3 Albeit a bit dangerous!
        I want to meet so many of my blogging friends! All my close ones live so far away 😦
        Ah, I really want to just chill in a temple and write, or something. That would be so amazing.
        I can’t swim to save myself – literally! I usually just take a walk, and look at the pretty ocean, haha.
        I am a pretty impulsive shopper, as well. And there would be so much manga/anime paraphernalia, and I would just get excited and BUY ALL THE THINGS! I wouldn’t be able to help myself. I mainly want to go because of the temples, and the cherry blossoms, though. They are such beautiful flowers!

      • Haha yeah I always like bloggers better when we get to have comprehensive discussions like this one! 😀 Yellow is my favorite color, and any other variant of it (something like orange), and I find it especially pretty coupled with aquamarine. That explains the palette I used for this blog XD Well then, maybe I’ll just buy a house in Australia and camp in my room. As in, not leave it at all until I’ve finished a whole pile of books. Haha! Just googled a dingo– its CUTE (well in puppy form :D) Yeah. I’ve always wanted to just sit down in a temple and meditate. I really like serene places 🙂 WOOHOO high five on not being able to swim! I like the view off shore though 🙂 Oh I used to collect manga too, but then I had to stop to make way for YA books. Oh yes, I’ve always wanted to see the sakura! It would be nice to take a picnic, or just a stroll. Someday, maybe 😀

      • Yes! It makes it much more fun 😀
        Yellow and blue always go together, if you ask me! I love those cute little beach houses with blue and yellow together, I think they look gorgeous!
        Totally! That’s pretty much what I do, haha. I love nature, but I love my books and my cats better. So that’s pretty much how I spend most of my time now. Oh, and blogging. I love blogging 😀
        I know, right! Some people think they’re feral animals, but I refuse to see them that way. They’re just too cute.
        Serenity is under-rated, if you ask me. I much prefer the quiet to loudness. I can be all calm and tranquil when it’s quiet.
        YAY! We can just drown when we go to the beach (Y). But seriously, I cannot swim, haha.
        Yeah, I haven’t bought much manga lately, but I have my favourite series already, so it doesn’t really matter. I get them from the library anyway 😀 I love the library. It saves me so much money.
        Yes! I want to just take a walk, and sit by them. I want a sakura tree! Have you seen Memoirs of a Geisha?

      • Aww I love yellow and blue! It’s just an adorable combination, especially in dress form 🙂 Haha I think my favorite reading spot is my bed– its like magic really, I get to revel in the comfort of it and not have to sleep and miss out within the next few minutes. Haha! I’d prefer a dingo looking tame doggy though. So I can pet it 😀 The quiet is also one of the best things about reading if you ask me. It gives me an excuse to just do something I love in peace and quiet. Yes serenity is under-rated! :O I prefer the quiet too, like you. And like you, I can’t swim for the life of me either. GO US! What’s your favorite manga series? And yeah, I don’t even know where to get sakura tree seeds. Do they sell those? XD I’ve seen Memoirs. I loved the story! I mean, I’m usually bothered by age gaps and such, but Sayuri’s relationship with the Chairman was just so pure and full of love. It was hard to judge them, really!

      • Definitely! The two colours together are just so happy, haha.
        I do love reading in bed at night, but I love reading on the couch during the day, so that i can be all warm. My bedroom is downstairs, and it’s always chilly!
        Yes! A tame dingo as a pet would be so cute 😀 If not illegal 😛
        I have to read when it is pretty much silent, unless I have music in the background, but I have to be in a certain mood to be able to read to music. I am one of those people who needs quiet to read.
        My favourite of all time is Full Moon by Arina Tanemura. It was the first manga series I ever read, and I just love it to pieces. There are other ones I love as well, but none that come close to Full Moon ^.^ Although, I love most manga by Yuu Watase, and Matsuri Hino. Do you have a favourite manga series?
        I don’t think you can, but I would love to buy them!
        I agree with you. it was so pure, and I adore that movie. The reason I asked is because they go on that picnic at that park, and there are sakuras everywhere! I just want to go to wherever that is, and spend the day there. 😀

      • Aww I’ve always wanted a downstairs bedroom 😦 It’s as if you have easy access to everything. Haha! I have no pets though, ever since the last one got lost in a thunderstorm. But I do want to adopt a new one! And yes, me too, I can only truly concentrate on a book if it’s silent, so I usually visit the library to read, not to borrow books. I’ve never heard of Full Moon, but I WILL check it out! I’ve read Yuu Watase and Matsuri Hino titles though (Fushigi Yuugi and Vampire Knight, which got me interested in them vamps HAHA), unless I matched my authors to the wrong titles XD I personally loved Vampire Knight better 🙂 Oh yeah, they did go to a picnic! Aww I have to rewatch the movie. If you do get there one day, tell me how it goes then!

      • I love having my bedroom downstairs 😀
        Aw, no D: That’s terrible! I can understand why you wouldn’t want another one too soon 😦
        I actually love reading in the library! It’s so peaceful in there ^.^
        YAY 😀 I hope you like it!
        Yes, FY, and VK are some of my favourite series. I own pretty much all the VK books. It’s awesome. Have you seen the anime?
        You should rewatch it! It’s definitely one of my favourite movies. I shall definitely let you know 😀

  7. Ooh nice list! I agree with quite a few of these, and have some on my own list (New Adult, Vampires and Werewolves). I think the only one of these that I really don’t care about is horror. I wouldn’t mind reading more horror stories. But the rest? Yeah, I would prefer not (though I wouldn’t necessarily refuse a book if they included them.) Great minds must think alike 😉

    • Thanks Asti! 🙂 Yeah, I must comment on that list! :O HAHA I guess I just have to try and convince myself that horror scenes in books actually remain in the books, instead of having to scare myself witless thinking it’ll all carry over to me XD And yeah, I don’t necessarily refuse books with any of these, though they’re outside my preferences. And great minds do think alike, if I may say so myself 😉

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