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Have you broken up with a series? If so, which one and why?

Yes. Why yes I have.

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1. Delirium by Lauren Oliver


Truth be told, I never really planned on reading this series in the first place. I wasn’t buying the idea of an entire society that considered love a life threatening disease, which was sad, because I’m a sucker for dystopian reads. I didn’t know what else, besides love (and the various forms it takes), had the capacity to drive and motivate the characters to act upon the current state of their society. Though in a way, I thought it was a pretty clever and unique idea. For some (or most) the mere complication of the idea was enough to justify the plot line, and maybe I’m just a natural skeptic, but I judged the book by it’s cover (albeit the back cover), and I couldn’t help it. However, I was given a copy for Christmas last year. And because I’m a book freak who thinks her time space continuum is in ruins once a particular book has remained untouched in her shelf for more than a week, I decided to try it out. Maybe I had nothing to lose. But I was still not buying it, and I still believed I would never do so.

I used to think I was always wrong. Turns out I was mistaken.

I was right! It was not for me. I get it’s appeal to many readers yes, but it progressed way too slowly for my taste. It didn’t hold enough suspense, and it didn’t make me want to come back for book two thereafter. I think I’m in the minority for my opinion on this one, but to be fair, I was excited during the first few pages. I can’t remember when I started hoping for a build up that never came, but it happened and I’m sorry that it did. Maybe next time, Lauren Oliver.

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2. Β Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter by Laurell K. Hamilton

Anita Blake

I may be a little too young for a series like this, but a lot of my friends were already familiar with this one, and I didn’t want to stay in the dark forever. I’m not sure if they’ve reached the part where things started to take the wrong turns, although I hope they didn’t remain nonplussed by the bothersome detour Anita decided to take. Shame, she was such a great character, too.

Although I’m a cheater because I didn’t exactly start with the first book, I found that I could catch on to the story even without having read the previous titles. I started with The Laughing Corpse and ended with Incubus Dreams, skipping a few books in between. At first I completely adored Anita, because she was strong, not too overbearing, yet not entirely soft spoken. She did things independently and trusted her instincts. By the time I got past volume eight or so, I was starting to notice Anita’s unbecoming tendency to bring home (or collect) different guys for one night stands. It wasn’t even the thrilling, romantic kind of adult that would have been acceptable to the more mature side of me, and it definitely wasn’t the “shy in the streets, sexy in the sheets” sort of thing either. She was all over the place and it got to my nerves.

Maybe I was too naive, too young to understand god knows why she did what she was doing (I think not!), but I got pissed because her character was falling apart. She was going down the road of devolution and I was not enjoying it. So I decided it was time to move past her and forget I even read those last few books. Not for my eyes, my ears, my anything. Way to ruin a stellar series.

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3. Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter

Okay. Please don’t judge me, resent me, anything. Hear me out just a little before you decide I’m not such a good judge of character and story line after all. This was a different scenario, because I finished The Half Blood Prince, and loved it. Harry Potter was my childhood, Daniel Radcliffe my childhood crush, and I felt nothing but admiration for J.K. when the entire franchise concluded back in ’11. This was just one of those rare cases wherein I realized I liked the movies better than the books, and I decided that I wanted to watch the finale the moment it hit the big screen. I wasn’t going to be able to do that if I had to finish the last book beforehand.

The movie adaptations were stunning, and I guess I appreciated that because I didn’t get to feel that way too often. Percy Jackson for example was horrific, and though the director for that movie worked on Harry Potter once upon a time, I still couldn’t find it in me to see the good in his version that had absolutely nothing to do with the book. Logan Lerman was the only redemption. But enough of my sidetrack- in the end, I didn’t exactly “break up” with this series because it was amazing from start to finish. I just wanted to add a third series to this post, because two seemed lonely. And three’s a charm! This was the closest to a discontinued series I had on my pile (that I actually remembered what it was about).

Now it’s your turn! What do you think of my feature? Sound off in the comments if you have something to say.



18 thoughts on “Feature and Follow Fridays (2)

  1. Gasp! You really need to finish Harry Potter! You get more inside jokes and you get to experience the full feels! I’ve always been meaning to try out Deleirium, but then again dystopian isn’t really my tjing. I couldn’t even finish The Hunger Games. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Oh my gosh Jasmine you need to finish with HP! There might be a little too much of camping in Deathly Hallows but it is good!
    Book 2 in the Delirium series is much better than Delirium but sadly Requeim I’ve heard is a bit of a let down. I’m too apprehensive to read it.

    Thanks for stopping by my FF! πŸ˜‰

    • You’re welcome! And yeah, I think I do need to. I don’t think the HP chapter of my life closes without reading that last book. Haha! I somehow thought of continuing with Pandemonium at one point but I thought against it when I saw the reviews on Requiem. Oh wellll. 😦

  3. I gave up on Anita Blake too. I read the books out of order but I don’t think that made a difference, because the storytelling was so formulaic. Dialogue-heavy plot development, followed by sex, followed by dialogue-heavy danger, followed by more sex…

    • Yes I know! It really bothered me. I mean, I love romance, and kisses, and stuff, but not when it gets too over the top. She was whining and craving all the time. I should have stopped the moment I noticed. It’s really sad. I genuinely liked that series in the beginning 😦

  4. LOL you are not alone because I didn’t finish Harry Porter either…I stopped on book 5. I was half way in and somehow I just didn’t really care how the story would go or what would happen you know. I don’t know why I lost interest but it did =/ Anyway thanks for stopping by and I follow back via email

    • You’re very welcome! Thanks for the return follow πŸ™‚ Yes well, I learned that I wasn’t alone either, and somehow that makes me feel less guilty… but I’ll try and give it another shot!

  5. You didn’t finish Harry Potter?! *Pulls out pitchfork* Ha, no. I guess it sort of makes sense if it wasn’t because of the writing or storyline or anything, but just because you wanted to experience the movies instead. Not that I felt the need to do the same, but I guess I could understand that. Even if movies aren’t always as good as books, they do have a special magic to them that can be just as exciting, especially when well-done and epic like the HP movies.

    I haven’t read Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, but maybe have heard of it? (I’m not even sure of that.) I doubt I’d try it even if I wanted to though, just because anything with vampire in the title sort of puts me off.

    Delirium? I don’t think you’re completely alone. I haven’t read it, but have seen so many hit or miss reviews about either the first book or the entire series as a whole that I decided it’s probably safe to just pass on it. *Shrug*

    Oh, and for some reason I responded to this all backwards. Huh. I’m such a weirdo πŸ˜‰

    • Yes you’re weird, but weird is good! And you’re amazing! HAHA, most people have been telling me to go and finish HP, and I will. Yes I will, I’ve found motivation to. I’m glad you get it though πŸ™‚ Anita Blake was a disappointment. Delirium was good in its own way, but I guess it just wasn’t for me. I could have been inspired to continue if Requiem received good reviews, but after a lackluster performance… oh well 😦 Thanks for stopping by Astiii! (no worries, I am pronouncing it right!)

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